Spoiler Alert- Big Brother Canada Season 2: Adel and Kyle Go Crazy


crazyadel.jpgThis weekend so much drama went down in the Big Brother Canada house I don’t even know where to begin. If you don’t want spoilers I suggest you close the blog now!  So this weekend on the feeds we have seen a huge emergence of a Kyle/Adel alliance. They are two peas in a pod never far from each other.  Big Brother made the house go through some team building exercises and while sitting on the couch in front of everyone the two are whispering back and forth exposing themselves. It did not go unnoticed.  Fast forward to Sunday night.  Sabrina, Heather and Andrew are in the bathroom Sabrina is giving Andrew a pedicure.  She is talking about how Adel referred to floaters needing a life vest, some will float others will sink. A dig at Sabrina’s weight.  Adel was also in the bedroom mooing at Sabrina calling her a cow. Now Sabrina and Kyle are supposed to be in a sub alliance, and Kyle did tell Adel to take it easy.  Sabrina also feels that DR has somehow clued Kyle in to the fact that he will be going home this week.  Cue Kyle and Adel into the bathroom. At this point Sarah and Jon are there. They boys start running their mouth about how they want HoH and Kyle is saying he wants to play but can’t since he’s going home.  Adel is accusing Sabrina and Andrew of slandering his name.  He thinks Sabrina is making derogatory remarks about his religion and sexuality. They are denying all of this. Sarah tells Adel that he is making himself look bad, that he is just mad he has played the game badly and with the wrong people. Adel’s only comeback is no problem bro, no problem.  He says he’d never attack a woman, he has no problem with anyone. He had a misunderstanding with  Sabrina but it was over right away.  Andrew told Kyle had he not overtly gone after Jon and Kenny he would have been safe.  Kyle knows he is going home and throws out that Jon and Kenny are going after Andrew.  Jon takes offence, but really why? The kids is just blowing smoke because he knows he’s done.  Adel keeps hammering home the fact that Sabrina is attacking his sexuality and religion. and that because of that Big Brother made some new rules.  Feeds go down!

The feeds have been patchy all weekend, partly because the POV was played (which Kenny won) and mostly because these house guests can’t crysabrina.jpgcontrol their mouths.  The feeds come back up, and Sabrina is melting down in the storage room over Adel’s comments about her weight.  Somewhere in that feed black out he must have said she was going home soon, maybe by Paul’s hand because she was  pretty angry with Paul.  Sabrina will only let Rachelle stay with her,  no one else can come in.  Paul goes upstairs and sits in the bedroom wondering what the hell just happened and Kyle and Adel bust in giving him the finger, telling him he’s a liar and a backstabber.  Paul is shell shocked and keeps asking what happened. He went down for cereal and Sabrina lost it on him. They say Paul threw them under the bus. They just keep saying the same things over and over. Paul is a liar, Paul is a backstabber. Kyle and Adel think they are being targeted because of their alliance with Paul.  Adel thinks that Big Brother needs to do something because Jon told Kyle to meet him in Halifax, and that is a physical threat. These two are trying to go out like Willie Hantz but they aren’t scary enough.  Adel is threating to pound anyone who says anything bad about him. Kyle is just egging on Adel’s crazy rants and Paul is about to have a heart attack on the bed because he can’t figure out what the hell just happened.   Stay tuned to see what happens now that Kenny has won the POV.  Neda will most likely be taken off the block and Kyle will replace her. The crazy will come out in full force once Kyle is up for eviction.

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