RuPaul’s Drag Race Ep. 8 “Conjoined Queens” Recap


RuPaul's Drag RaceWe begin this episode after the elimination of Max after his dreadful Snatch Game performance last week. (For a full recap of that episode, click here) The queens are not happy with RuPaul’s announcement that an eliminated queen will be returning to the competition this week. AND SO. ARE. WE. It’s just not fair that they get over a month without having to perform in challenges and then come back on an even footing! But let’s not get me started on that. 

RuPaul's Drag RaceRuPaul's Drag RaceRu enters the werk room with a special guest: season four Miss Congeniality LATRICE ROYALE!! If you don’t know who Latrice is, you need to go back and watch season four of Drag Race and get educated, hunty. Ru and Latrice introduce this week’s mini-challenge: “Orange is the New Drag” – the queens have to drag up their orange prison jumpsuits! This waRuPaul's Drag Races a funny little segment to watch. If you’re looking for ratchet prison skanks, look no further!  Up first is Ginger Minj aka “Wide Receiver” who is RuPaul's Drag Racedoing hard time for burning bush! Next we have Kennedy Davenport aka “Ho ‘N’ Good Stuff” complete with ashy knees. Pearl aka “Lil’ Bitch” is the prison nail tech. She does toes too! Miss Fame aka “Bam Bam” aka “Sad Eyes” aka “Pinky” aka “Sad Pink Eyes” smuggled weave bond inside a cake! Next is Katya aka “Olga” and her favorite prison activity is having gingivitis and is doing 30 years for RuPaul's Drag Racesmuggling geese out of the Ukraine. Next is Violet Chachki aka “Princess,” who is a crack dealer. Finally, we have Jaidynn Diore Fierce aka “Slutisha,” who is serving 20 years for selling “something for sale.” Ru announces the winner of the mini-challenge: Kennedy Davenport!

As promised, RuPaul tells the queens that someone is in fact returning to the competition, but who? The door opens and out comes Trixie Mattel! But wait a minute, that’s not it… here comes Tempest! What? All of the eliminated queens return to the werk room and Ru says RuPaul's Drag Racewhich one stays depends on the maxi-challenge. For this challenge, each of the seven remaining queens is paired with one of the eliminated ones. They will have to make their partners over so that they are conjoined twins! The eliminated queen from the winning duo in this challenge will return to the competition. As the winner of the mini-challenge, Kennedy gets to assign all the pairs. She picks Jasmine Masters as her partner. Ginger’s partner is Sasha Belle; Pearl is paired with Trixie Mattel; Miss Fame will be working with Kandy Ho; Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis are paired; Violet and Max will be twins; and finally, Jaidynn gets paired with Tempest Dujour.

The queens set to work on their designs for the runway. Ginger is not happy about a queen getting a month-long vacation and getting to return to the competition. He is also concerned because this is a sewing challenge and neither he nor Sasha knows how to sew. Meanwhile, as Ru makes his rounds checking on all the pairs, he asks Miss Fame “How’s your head?” OMG, Fame is still not getting this joke! Can we just go ahead and have her sashay away?

As makeup is being applied, Tempest tells his story of how he was made to go through conversion therapy as a kid to “turn” him straight. It was sad to hear how he had to go through that, but Tempest is glad that it didn’t break him and that if he can use his experiences to help a kid out, then it’s worth it. Meanwhile, Trixie has a back story of her own: he was taken from his home at the age of 15 due to abuse. He also reveals the story behind his drag name. Whenever he was being too sensitive or too feminine growing up, his stepfather would call him a trixie. He took a word that used to be so negative and hurtful and made it his drag name and now it is something he is proud of.

Time for the main stage and the duos hit the runway with their conjoined twin concepts! Up first are RuPaul's Drag RaceMiss Fame and Kandy Ho, who are joined at the hip. Next are Tempest and Jaidynn, who are the oddest looking duo with the big difference in height. They are joined together with Tempest behind Jaidynn. Kennedy and Jasmine come out and they look great together, although their conjoined look could have went a little bit further. Pearl and Trixie are next with their look: Pearl is the pretty twin and Trixie is the ugly one. Violet and Max come out and they are just joined together with a corset. Ginger and Sasha come out and they are joined together at the titties, attempting to serve some “Peggy Bundy” realness. Katya and Kasha come out joined at the vagina.

RuPaul's Drag RaceTime for the judges’ critiques and up first are Miss Fame and Kandy. They had the weakest conjoined look out of all the pairs. Once again, Ru asks Miss Fame “How’s your head?” She finally replies with “I haven’t had any complaints.” You guys. She finally got the joke! It was so painful watching her week after week not get that joke. Jaidynn and Tempest’s look was cute, but a little too basic for Michelle’s liking. Pearl and Trixie really impressed the judges, but Michelle said that Trixie stole some of the spotlight from Pearl. Ginger and Sasha get a pretty harsh critique. Their idea was good, but the execution was poor. Michelle even notices some glue on Ginger’s boob. The winners of this challenge are Pearl and Trixie, which means Trixie Mattel now rejoins the competition!

RuPaul's Drag RaceOn the other hand, the bottom two pairs are Jaidynn and Tempest… and Ginger and Sasha! All of America gasps and clutches their pearls knowing that the beloved glamour toad Ginger Minj is, for the first time, at risk of going home. The two conjoined duos must now lip sync for their lives! They perform to Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Let me just say that Ginger and Sasha TORE IT UP with this performance! They really went all out with this lip sync—falling to the floor, whipping out a pair of scissors and giving themselves a “mastectomy.” They are now dancing on the stage with their real titties out, pounding the stage with their vaginas. Ginger and Sasha stole this show and this is probably one of the best lip syncs ever on Drag Race. No surprise, and what a relief, Ginger is safe from elimination and Jaidynn is the next to sashay away from the competition.

What did you think of this episode? Are you glad Trixie came back? What are your thoughts on eliminated queens getting a chance to come back? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and on Twitter!

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