King of the Nerds 3 Blog Recap Episode 8: The Nerdtastic Finale


0_nerdvanaThis week in Nerdvana… Things are going to be a little different this week because I am writing my blogs differently now, more nicely, not so WTF. Dark days are over in the land of Kansas and I am definitely somewhere over the rainbow now. lol I’ve been traveling through space and time in a blue box with a Doctor Who and I’ve learned some things about myself and my purpose in life. I started writing these blogs for a reason and IT IS the season of reason, NOW; let’s talk about the reality show.

1_slimerI really hope that guy, Ohboy, kept watching King of the Nerds through to the end and I hope he is still reading my blogs because… lol The show totally proved the point I was trying to make in my response to his criticism of both the show and my blog and me. ME! You all KNOW me… lol If you have no idea what I’m talking about… Read this and the comment, Ohboy left me, then read my response at the end of this one… Go on then… Do it now if you don’t know what I’m blabbering on about. Those links will open in new windows so I’ll be right here waiting when you finish. DONE? Okay, let’s go… I was right, wasn’t I? If Ohboy is reading, buddy, you are going to HAVE to admit it now: That sexism you saw in the show was all in your mind, ALL in YOUR mind, because of YOUR perception of the world and YOUR place in it. Get your mind right, Ohboy and stop hating yourself and your place in the world. Own up to who you are and be awesome because I bet you are awesome, Ohboy, I really do! I get angry too because of how the world can be perceived right now, but oh boy, things are going to get better. They get better all the time. (And… Let THIS be a lesson… Don’t come after me all full of hate or I will throw on my halo; don’t ruffle my feathers because I fight with true love as my weapon and she can be a pointy arrow).

I’m not married. I don’t have kids. I’ve never chased that life. I’m 36 and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I know a thing or two about men and women and relationships and true love; it doesn’t seem like it based on data, but I do. 😉 I really do. Let me tell you something about True Love and how it relates to this season of King of the Nerds… Oh, if only people would realize they are just Future Survivors Lost living on island and if they would only look to the King of the Nerds, stop running the Race and stop worrying about Big Brother… #Truth #Wisdom #NerdsRule #NerdArmy #NerdStrong! lol I hope everyone is enjoying this new voice of mine. I like to speak in it when I write now sometimes… I might sound a little Luna, but I do bring good love. 😉 xoxox

2_allstarmaterialSo… True Love shows it’s self in many faces and many forms. Love has no real identity. Men love Men as brothers and as fathers and sons and friends. Women love Women as sisters and as mothers and daughters and friends. There are many ways for us to share love and affection with each other. Nerds are smart people, they know more than the average Joe Schmo because we study and we study hard to learn the things we want to learn. Nerds study without bias or preference or expectation of the truth they are searching for; we study openly with a love of learning in our hearts. WE ARE NERDS! WE ARE HERE! NOW STAND UP AND CHEER! #SaveNerdvana. Save the World! We can all be heroes, loves, and guess! You are the hero of your own minds – You think therefore you are so think happy thoughts and “Tinkerbell” will sprinkle her fairy dust on you so you can fly yourself to Never Neverland, which is actually Always and Forever Land because you will forever be happy when you find yourself there. 😉 I’m there, baby! I am Peter Pan! lol

3_levelsI am only metaphorically speaking of course, but seriously, though… What did we learn about love and relationships between men and women this week? Scientifically speaking, we all honestly love each other regardless of sexual identity – It is NORMAL. When you know who you are and who and what you are attracted to on all levels, you are much more free inside. And I do mean ALL of your levels and there are many levels. LEVELS, Jerry, LEVELS! lol 😉 The science was roughly touched upon; I can’t speak of it much because I have not studied love scientifically, but I have studied it in other ways. If you feel love for someone show it and embrace it on all levels if your love is true and returned to you nicely on all levels in the same way. 😉 How many times do people have to keep repeating the Golden Rule before they start living it? For real! Come on people now. Smile on your brothers… AND SISTERS! Speaking of brothers and sisters, let’s talk about all this “sexism” and who won the King of the Nerds.

4_gratzjon1Congratulations, Jonathan! You are the first actual “King” of the Nerds! lol I am very happy for you and everyone else from this season. The #NerdArmy knows who I am, some of you do too, but if you are reading my blogs just now… I have been rooting for all of you for a year now! lol It’s true! It’s true! Last year at this time Kayla and I raised a #NerdArmy to make sure that you all got to play and look at that: We made it a reality, Kayla. We knew we did, but wasn’t it sooo great to really SEE IT??? Kayla and I and the #NerdArmy along with the Knights Nerdvana were not the sole reason that you got to play this year, but man… Everyone who watches the show, auditioned to be on it, the people working on it and dedicated to the cause… We all deserve a pat on the back for showing some resolve last spring! Calling ALL NERDS. Round of applause!

Nerds… NErds.. NERds. NERDS! NERDS! NERDS NERDS NERDS! lol So, I mean, Ohboy… Still think the show is sexist? Still think I am a man-hater? I have not proven you wrong, oh no, oh boy, I didn’t. The King of the Nerds has shown you the truth; the sexism was your own perception. It was. It was. It was.  Now let me lay down some more truth that I have discovered…

5_bunchofweirdosBoys will be boys, but men will be men and they clash sides every now and again. Guys want to be men so badly, but they are still wooden boys who only play with toys, putting on a puppet show as they are dangled by a false idea of what a man is in real life. Wooden boys want to be real men and real men don’t tell lies and you know when guys are lying, ladies… Because boys will be boys and they will become men when they are visited by the Blue Fairy that is actually a wish granted for their True Blue Heart’s desire and it is always to become a real man with a man or a woman in some way or another and then more. Who cares what love is, with, who and why? As long as love is True Blue through and through –  it doesn’t matter! lol I think we all know what Dr. Suess says about matter… 😉 I have always loved Dr. Suess so I’ll remind you: “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” We are all just Nerds in Nerdvana who want to get along and have fun.

6_itsallgoodaslongasitisloveLadies… I’m sure that you are cheering, YOU GO GIRL! YOU GO! About boys/guys/men what you said is sooooooooo true. Yup! It is. They won’t like to hear it, but sometimes we ladies have to say things to hurt people we love since we are strong enough to say it when we really really really love them… Girls are always little in their minds, much like boys. We always know what we want to be when we are little in our minds, which are so fresh and new. Girls and boys are not much different – We just want to play and dream and love life. We always know what we want to learn most about when we are kids. We all have intuition and IT IS A BLESSING. Listen to your hearts, ladies and gentlemen, they tell you what paths to follow. No matter what you keep fighting for your right to be whoever and whatever you are. YOU GO GIRL! (Just calm down about it…) YOU GO BOY (Just be nice about it)! 😉 Just remember what boys are like if you like them and if you like girls… Well… You know how WE are, ladies. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned who knows not of true love… Know yourself and just be PEACE INSIDE, LADIES and Gentlemen… One Love. We are all just Nerds in Nerdvana who want to get along and have fun. And it’s not really boys and girls that we are talking about… We are talking about male and female feelings that are inside our hearts and minds and we are all kinds of crazy mixes of male and female feelings. 😉

7_NerdLoveI think I’ve made good enough points to wrap this up for now. Season three is over. I want to see season four. I’ve been busy moving things around and out of my way so I couldn’t pay attention as much as I would have liked… Any word on a renewal yet? lol Yup! I’ve been thinking ahead… AND let me be very clear on this right here and now. If we have to raise the #NerdArmy, we can and we will do it. We have more numbers now! Fighting is so exhausting, though so let’s just try to make this easy…TBS: You’ve seen what the #NerdArmy can do in small numbers, but now we have many more. Just keep that in your minds when you make decisions because we are #NerdStrong and the #NerdArmy will take up arms to fight. Do you really want to be bombarded with memes and tweets and letters? Again? There will be more this time if you don’t say #YesOnKotN! #YesOnKotN #YESONKOTN! (But still #NoOn15) 😉 #SaveNerdvana #SaveTheWorld.

8_yupdothatAgain, MUCH LOVE to everyone involved in this season; cast, crew, co-hosts… We won’t talk about the obvious; just keep on hangin’ on, loves. Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs and clicks the Star and Arrows on my Tweets. I appreciate all of the support, even when people are not being “supportive”… 😉 If you like Survivor… If you like The Amazing Race… If you like Hell’s KitchenBravo! If you like reality TV and if you like to laugh and make light of the world’s problems, stick with me and with Your Reality Recaps. We know about the reality show and we like to make fun it it. 😉 PEACE! … One Love. Melissa Out. ::drops mic, turns, walks off stage waving:: See you all next year…


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  1. Not entirely sure what I just read. I was expecting a recap of the episode, like the previous ones. Oh well, I agree, love is awesome and nerds rule.

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