King of the Nerds 3 Blog Recap Episode 4: Do They Choose Wisely… Or Poorly


1_nerdheatThis week in Nerdvana… There is much rejoicing about Todd’s departure from the game; Heather and Lily, specifically, are relieved that he isn’t around to “hulk out” anymore. Colby notes that as soon as Todd felt backed into a corner he lashed out and Jonathan remarks that if that’s how you handle those kinds of situations Nerdvana may not be a good place for you. To honor Todd, Lily places his “horcrux” with the others; after each Nerd Off, the remaining players have taken an item from the Nerd Off to represent the fallen nerds. Todd’s is the snake from the Myth and Match competition – like Voldemort! – Love it!

2_jazzhandsCalling all nerds! It’s time for the Nerd Wa… What’s this? Where are Curtis and Bobby? Why is there a big speaker set up in their place? Before too many questions can be asked, “Talk Nerdy to Me”, one of Nerd Anthems from season one begins to play and out of a tree pops season one competitor, Ivan! Then Josh from season one appears from behind a hedge, then Brian from season two joins them followed by Chris, Genevieve, Mary Kate, Xander and Zack! Heather doesn’t know if she should be scared seeing Zack or not! lol After the song ends, Curtis and Bobby take their places. It’s time for another Nerd Anthem Nerd War! Each team will write, produce and perform and original song with the help of a professional producer and choreographer. Three judges will pick the winner of the Nerd War based on music, lyrics, choreography and how each anthem celebrates nerd culture and they have 24 hours to work on it.

3_nerdboyfriendAs Curtis, Bobby and the “Elder Nerds” reconvene with the dancing, the teams mad dash back into Nerdvana and get to work. House Hooloovoo decides to put a big emphasis on comedy since that was a big factor in Team SMASH winning the cosplay Nerd War. Ben really wants to work in a reference to Jar Jar Binks… In the Team SMASH war room, Colby suggests they do a rap and has the idea of focusing on what gives nerds “swagger”. After he shares some sample lyrics with the group, it is clear that Colby is the best person to take the lead on the writing. It’s quite a role reversal! Heather and Jonathan are natural leaders, but Colby has a rap background… Probably because he’s Scottish

4_pizzatimeAfter the songs are written, both groups meet with their own pair of producers to record them, but just as they are getting into the groove Curtis steps in to announce that it is now time to place some product – It’s Little Caesars Hot-n-Ready pizza time! I was wondering when they’d show up… Raychelle stakes a claim on all the crazy bread – she’s crazy for crazy bread! Buuut… She isn’t so crazy about Lily. After the pizza break, the teams get back in the groove to record their songs and Raychelle is, again, feeling that Lily is being all Lily telling her to sing this way and do it that way. When Raychelle takes a break, Ben jumps on damage control, but Raychelle is just taking a break – she’s good! She just needed a little break… from Lily! *wink*

5_channelingrachelThe next day it’s time to work on choreography, which, as Heather explains, will be difficult to remember since they don’t have enough time to let the moves become embedded into their subconscious memory – They will have to retain everything in their conscious memories. Team SMASH seems to be retaining just fine, though; Colby’s lyrics are really helping apparently.  On the House Hooloovoo side of things, we learn that both Raychelle and Kaitlin have had some dancing experience, but all Ben knows how to do is dance like a white person, which involves a lot of shuffling and small arm movements. Ha! Kaitlin is very happy that Hooloovoo’s choreographer is integrating a lot of simple, repetitive movements and she’s totally okay with crawling on the ground between Ben’s legs during the routine. The blue team is really feeling the pressure, especially those Hooloovooians that are in the Secret Six alliance; if Team Smash wins, one of the Secret Six is definitely going into the Nerd Off, which is not cool with Raychelle. They HAVE to win.

6_ignoreheatherTo the auditorium, which is, honestly, about half full, but the audience includes nerds from seasons one and two! Judging this week’s Nerd War are Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, Grammy nominated song writer Lisa Loeb and “how can you not know who he is” Moby. Team SMASH is up first and I love love love that Ori is wearing a fez. It’s great. And so is their rap! Moby is less than impressed, though, and when their performance is done Moby is not shy about questioning their choice of lyrics and singles out Ori since he claims to have read Hamlet in Klingon. Heather jumps to his defense; nerds don’t need to prove their “cred” and she doesn’t think that Moby’s questions are appropriate. Whoa, Heather. Whoa. I’m not sure that being so outspoken with the judges is a good idea and Moby agrees so Jonathan steps in to shut her up then House Hooloovoo takes the stage.  And they totally blow Team SMASH out of the water. Even though Moby has a dose of criticism for them too, Hooloovoo wins this Nerd War by a unanimous vote from the judges and they are all getting Turtle Beach gaming headsets!

7_mwahhahahahaReturning to Nerdvana, Kaitlin is very happy that she won’t be sent to the Nerd Off this week and the rest of Hooloovoo is relieved as well. In the Team SMASH bedroom, Amanda is trying to come up with a good Moby dick joke. Heather lets us know that if the Secret Six sticks to their plan, Ori and Colby will be voted into the Nerd Off and she’s pretty sad about it because Colby did a really good job in the Nerd War and he doesn’t deserve to “go out like that”. Later that night Hooloovoo is discussing their vote. In Ben eye’s, Amanda, Heather and Jonathan are safe because they are in the Secret Six and he’s pretty set on voting Colby into the Nerd Off. Kaitlin, though, is leaning in the Amanda direction, but Ben makes an attempt to reel her in saying they need to do with Colby what Team SMASH did to her. Buuut… Kaitlin has noticed that Ben, Lily and Amanda are pretty tight; she’s not sure if it’s an alliance thing or if it’s just an “oh Ben is so cute” thing. Uh oh!

8_bustabustLater, totally out of no where, Kaitlin finds Jonathan to voice her suspicion that Ben, Lily and Amanda have an alliance and that she would like to form one with him, Colby and Raychelle because she thinks they would play a more fair and fun game. Jonathan LOVES this. If Ori loses the Nerd Off, he will have an alliance with everyone in the house, he still gets to be in the Secret Six and he will stick with them right up until the moment that he needs to stab them in the back. Before they part ways for the evening, Jonathan and Kaitlin make loose plans for the next round of game play. If Hooloovoo loses, Kaitlin is going to push for Ben or Lily to be put into the Nerd Off and if Team SMASH loses, he’s going to push his group to vote for Heather. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! The next morning, Amanda lets Ori know that her vote will be for him then Ori has a little chat with Colby who thinks that Heather and Amanda will pretty decide who goes to this Nerd Off. Ori asks Colby if he thinks they can swing Jonathan to vote with them to send one of the girls to the Nerd Off instead and Colby wishes him luck with that. Alone with Jonathan, Ori asks Jonathan how open he is to the idea of voting for Heather. It’s an intriguing and difficult suggestion for Jonathan that could both work in his favor or against him. Having a weak player like Ori going up against him in the final Nerd Off is ideal, but he’s not sure if he’s ready to crumble the Secret Six just yet.

9_shesnakeTo the Throne Room! After the obligatory Throne of Games wind scene, Curtis and Bobby get right to the votes. House Hooloovoo has unanimously voted to send Colby into the Nerd Off and Team SMASH has unanimously voted to send Ori. Wait. What? Ori voted for himself! Because it was the honorable thing to do?! He didn’t want to upset anyone on his team by throwing a vote their way and he’s a pacifist so… Yeah. Ori voted himself into the Nerd Off. Before the selected pair bend a knee, Bobby points out at a man will again be going home this week, which sparks a little thought in Jonathan. His plans require keeping the ladies around, but… What if the women have a sub-alliance and their plans do not include him? I think you might be onto something there, Jonathan… So, Colby and Ori bend a knee then Curtis explains the Nerd Off, which is called Indiana Bones and the Temple of Nerds. Ten historical icons have gone missing and it’s up to Colby and Ori to find them.

10_oriisatoolWell isn’t this just the perfect Nerd Off for Colby the History teacher? He’s pretty confident because this is his wheelhouse, but he is also apprehensive because of Ori’s performance in the first Nerd Off. Ori is a lot less confident. Colby is a History teacher and a Jeopardy master, but he’s not going to give up on himself; when the teams return to Nerdvana he jumps right into studying. He just wishes Colby could help him! Ori has Ben, Lily, Raychelle and Kaitlin helping him, though. Hooloovoo really wants him to win. Ori causes chaos within Team SMASH and Colby is a real big threat to take the crown. Not only is Colby really smart, but he’s super creative too. Like Kaitlin, Colby is a force to be reckoned with and House Hooloovoo is hoping some reckoning gets done in the upcoming Nerd Off and that Ori will be the one doing the reckoning.

11_boulderdashTo the Nerd Off! Dressed in leather jackets and fedoras and followed by their fellow nerds, Ori and Colby take their places in front of Curtis and Bobby and they further explain the Nerd Off. The ten historical icon idols are located in burlap sacks, to retrieve them, the boys must run up a hill to grab a whip, out run a bolder, disarm a henchman, pull a dagger out of cauldron, which they will use to cut the rope then they must arrange the icon idols in order of birth date. On go, the Nerd Off begins and Ori takes an early lead; Amanda is very, very impressed with his whip skills. When he gets to his cauldron Ori sees that getting this dagger is not going to be as easy as he thought because there are live snakes guarding it. I mean, duh. How do you NOT have snakes in an Indiana Jones challenge? After the snakes are revealed, Colby has caught up to Ori and quickly grabs his dagger and makes for the burlap sacks. Ori’s not far behind him, though, and both guys get started on putting their icon idols in order pretty much at the same time.

12_byebyeOriAnd it’s back and forth and back and forth with these two! Ori rings in that he’s done, but he’s wrong, then Colby rings in that he’s done, but he’s wrong and blah blah blah blah blah. Finally, though, Colby rings in with the correct order and Ori’s quest for the crown has ended. Next week we should be in for a lot of fun and fireworks as Nerdvana will have its first Game Night and if we are to believe Jonathan, the Secret Six will crumble. And there are tears, folks, and group hugs; Amanda doesn’t want to vote anyone into the Nerd Off! What does THAT mean?! Guess we’ll have to wait and see next week!

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  1. The whole season was ruined from the get-go with the anti-male alliance. I mean, some of those males deserve to be there, and to be voted off just because they are born with different genitalia, come on.
    It’s sexist and really unfair. This show needs a rehaul. Do away with votes and send in the people responsible for losing a challenge, not vote them off simply because they are the opposite gender.
    It seems equality is not on the women’s mind, just flat out sexism.
    This show is no longer fun to watch.
    And I just want to point out, the guys aren’t voting due to sexism, they vote for who deserves it. The show has gone downhill.

    Funny, the author of this article is ok with sexism. I assume you hate men yourself.

    • Melissa Corley

      Oh boy indeed… The girl alliance was/is absolutely NOT an “anti-male” alliance. If you perceive it that way, that is your perception, but it was not mine. Amanda, Lily, Raychelle and Heather were afraid the boys would band together to vote THEM out so they formed their foursome to keep themselves safe. NOT because they are “anti-boy” Amanda is married; Lily has a crush on Ben. If they were “anti-boy” Amanda wouldn’t be married to a man and Lily would not have a crush on Ben. The girls alliance is not sexist. I’m really sorry you perceive it that way, ohboy. Why do you see the girls alliance to be sexist? I think a lot of people would agree with me that’s it not.

      Second: How do you suggest the contestants determine who is responsible for losing a challenge every week? Just because they aren’t voting the way you would vote if you were in Nerdvana does not make them “wrong” and you “right”; nor does it mean that your way is “wrong” and their way is “right”. You should apply and try to get on season four, then you can play the way you want to play.

      This IS the author of the article responding and I do not hate men. I love men. Most of my close friends are men. I rarely get along with women as well as I get along with men. That is a fact.

      If you don’t like the show anymore, you don’t have to watch it, but there is absolutely no reason to bring sexism and equality into a discussion about this show. If anything, this show promotes equality for all. I am absolutely not okay with sexism against women OR against men.

      I hope you are able to deal with your anger issues, ohboy, because you have some. If you think you are being treated unfairly because you are male, I’m really sorry. That really sucks. I know men DO get treated unfairly sometimes, but it just doesn’t happen as often as it does with women, homosexuals and people of other races. I’m also sorry, but the men on King of the Nerds this year are not the victims of sexism and inequality. YOU are making this an issue, not the people on the show or the people responsible for the show.

      Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂 Every hit counts and I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinions. If you ever need to talk about anything, hit me up on Twitter. If you follow, I will follow back and we can talk in DMs. I will listen. Much love, ohboy! I’m really not a man-hater. 🙂 Stay nerdy.

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