King of the Nerds 2 Post-Season Interview w/ Jack Hou via “On The Block” w/ Spencer & McCrae


No blue screens of death this time, but these technical difficulties when I get “On The Block” with Spencer and McCrae… It’s just so weird! This time there were just some minor sound issues on Spencer’s end and Jack had a little trouble staying online with us; and the “zombies” in the hallway… We all had fun, though and you should watch the whole hour! Nice try dodging the Kelsey questions, Jack… 😉

And because I need a place to put this… The 5th Nerd Army Briefing with Kayla & the Senior Officers. Both videos are actually very relevant to the Nerd Army’s push to help @KOTNcasting so watch them both if you want to apply to be on season three – if the show gets picked up, because TBS still hasn’t given season three the stamp of approval. May the Fourth be with you!


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