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Hello Your Reality Recaps Fans!  My name is Rachel and I am the new blogger for the YRR team.  I am going to be covering #CBBUK all season!  So banish those New Year blues, get finding your snack of choice because guess what fellow Reality TV lovers? We are in for an absolute treat.  Our treat comes in the shape of a cracking line up for the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother.

I actually think the January series’ of CBB is far better than the summer series.  Let me outline my proof.

January 2014 – we were treated to an absolute corker of a series courtesy of the likes of Lee Ryan and his love triangle, Luisa Zissman just being Luisa and Jim Davidson becoming some sort of national treasure by winning the show.  It was a series of kick offs, fun, romance and those awkward moments you have to find a cushion to hide behind.

Fast forward a few months to August 2014 and we experienced, what I regard as a mediocre series.  We had Gary Busey and a conflicted audience opinion of whether he was being bullied or he was just being an arse, we had James Jordan of Strictly Come Dancing fame DEFINITELY being an arse and the potential showmance of Lauren Goodger and Ricci from Geordie Shore.  It certainly didn’t have the same impact as the January 2014 series.

This time last year CBB really did deliver.  Even if there were more than a handful of times it became rather uncomfortable viewing.  Thanks given to Perez Hilton for that I think.  It seriously was explosive and a topic of conversation for many an office throughout the land.  Perhaps the juries out as to whether Katie Price really earned her reported £500,000 fee, one thing is for certain; I can’t imagine the bosses over at CBB HQ were disappointed with the overall performance of the series.

I can’t comment on CBB August 2015, because I didn’t watch anymore than a small handful of episodes.  It was so dull.  I know it’s rare for a viewer to recognise every single contestant, but even a Reality TV lover such as myself struggled.  Thus, I had to give up after the first few days and admit defeat.

So, with you guys now persuaded that the Winter series of CBB is always the best, why don’t we take a look at who we are more than likely on the periphery of becoming obsessed with over the next few weeks.

First up we have a rather raunchy Russian dancer from Strictly Come Dancing….

Kristina Rihanoff


Now, I’m a huge Strictly fan, so while I’m familiar with Kristina’s talents, I’m less familiar with Kristina the personality.  Aside from what I have read in the Sunday rags on a seemingly weekly basis regarding her private life.  I have a feeling, Kristina will do well, there are a lot of big personalities this series (as you will soon find out) and my initial thoughts are that Kristina will be quite a sweet housemate with a potential for being quite reserved.  Hoping to maybe change the public opinion of her being a ‘home wrecker’ (let’s always remember there’s 2 sides to every story shall we?).

Daniella Westbrook


Now, rumour has it, Daniella was due to step inside the (arguably) most famous house in the country in a previous series but didn’t pass the mental assesments beforehand.  I predict Daniella will do well in this series, providing she keeps a level head.  The British public like to see previous underdogs do well and as we know from Daniella’s well documented drug battles, she has been seen as an underdog in the past.  I can see her being a friend to the other housemates and may become quite popular both inside the house and on the outside too.

Jonathan Cheban


There were rumours that Kourtney Kardashian’s on/off boyfriend was going to be entering the house this year but it seems we’ll have to make do with Kim Kardashian’s BFF instead.  I’m a long time Keeping Up With The Kardashian fan so I’m well versed with Jonathan’s existence.  Am I a fan?  Ummm, I’m keeping an impartial opinion here.  I think he has the potential to be rather bitchy and quite opinionated, I’m wondering if he may think he’s a cut above the rest of his counterparts because of his ‘A-List’ connections.  I hear Jonathan has been gagged from talking about Kanye West, North & Saint West and Caitlyn Jenner, so let’s hope he has at least something to talk about without worrying about being on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Nancy Dell’olio


Famous for being former England manager; Sven Goran Erikkson’s other half.  Over a decade ago.  Nancy has carved herself a rather successful media career off the back of the fall out from his affair with former CBB winner Ulrika Jonsson.  Will she do well in CBB?  Something tells me she’ll be quite a hard character to like, I’m not quite sure why, I can imagine she’ll be quite a confrontational housemate who doesn’t shy away from an argument and that my friends, will make very entertaining TV indeed.

Stephanie Davis


Former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie was in the media a fair bit last Summer for apparently being sacked from the Channel 4 soap, the reason reported was her fondness of the booze, alledgedly turning up on set pissed right up.  If this is the case, and that’s a big if, we could be in for some drunken shenanigans; or on the other hand, she could be looking to change public perception and will go the other way.  And that could be very dull indeed.

Megan McKenna


This series’ probable pin up.  Megan was in the most recent series of Ex On The Beach, a programme that I watched a bit of and I have to say I quite liked her.  I can also recall her featuring in an episode of TOWIE back in the day.  To be fair, it was a blink and you’ll miss it appearance but she was in it nonetheless.  I think it’ll be her looks that will gain her most publicity, you know the bikini shots in the tabloids and the like, however, don’t be surprised if she’s involved in a row at some point, feisty one she is!  I also predict a possible showmance with another housemate.

Darren Day


Someone who doesn’t need much of an introduction, we’re all pretty well versed with his back story.  More engagements than I’ve had spray tans, the bloke’s love life has far superseded any talent he may have.  The ‘cad’ of the late nineties/early noughties has probably calmed down a fair bit, so much so, I imagine him to be something of a peacemaker when it comes to confrontations in the house.  He’ll be desperate to change public perception so will keep a low profile I reckon.

Craig Maloney


Ask this former X Factor contestant who he’s doing it for and he’ll more than likely say his Nan.  Who remembers X Factor 2012?  Cringe or what.  He popped up on Loose Women a few weeks ago, for reasons I wasn’t entirely sure of.  Until today.  He obviously wanted to stay as relevant as possible just in time for CBB. I think he’ll be quite an emotional housemate and could find the experience quite difficult.

Angie Bowie


A woman who is probably most well known for that surname of hers as her husband is none other than music icon David Bowie.  Alas, I don’t know a lot about Our Ange, but I’m a huge fan of her ex’s.

Jeremy McConnell


Former Mr Ireland will definitely be looking raise his profile with CBB, as I’ve never heard of him, have you?  I’m going to put this out there now and suggest a possible flirtation showmance between him and a female housemate.  Maybe Megan, seeing as I’ve heard they’re with the same management team.  I can just see the OK mag front cover!

Tiffany Pollard


No, me neither.  I’m afraid I have no prior knowledge of Our Tiff.  But a small amount of research tells me she may be the housemate to watch for a bit of drama.

John Partridge


I used to have a right old crush on Christian in Eastenders.  I think John will be a very fun, up for a laugh housemate but not one to shy away from speaking his mind.  I think John will be very popular amongst his fellow housemates and potentially a favourite for the public too.

Winston McKenzie


Former UKIP spokesman Winston, may find himself rubbing up other housemates the wrong way, his political persuasion could cause a few debates and may cost him votes.   I can see Winston and John having a fall out at some point.  Perhaps of Perez Hilton proportions!

David Gest


What a signing.  Big Brother have hit the jackpot with this one I think.  Liza Minelli’s former husband will be name dropping left right and centre, while regaling his housemates with his stories.  However, there could be a potential for him not mucking in with the tasks and general housework, I can see him relying on others to look after him and keep him accustomed to the lifestyle he enjoys on the outside.   Certainly an entertaining housemate for sure.

Scotty T


This is the winner of CBB, mark my words.  I absolutely adore Scotty T, he is without a shadow of doubt, the funniest Geordie Shore cast member, bar none.  He literally doesn’t give one and will be up for a laugh 24/7.  He had the potential to be a tad hot headed in the Geordie Shore house, but I expect him to keep his cool and rely on his humour to win him (even more) fans.  Because Scott is used to house sharing for the cameras I think this will lend itself well to his stay in the Big Brother gaffe.

Gemma Collins


If I’m honest, I’m not the biggest fan of “GC”, allow me to refer you to a previous blog of minefrom last Summer which will tell you all I think about the former TOWIE cast member.  This one would have an argument with her shadow, so you can be sure she won’t shy away from a good old Big Brother ding dong.  I can’t see her changing public perception but then stranger things have happened.  She won’t change my opinion of her and you can bet your house on that.

My Early Predictions

Top 3

3. Daniella Westbrook

2. John Partridge

1. Scotty T

First for eviction

Winston McKenzie


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