Big Brother Season 16: Episode 36


Caleb Reynolds battles it out in Seed Saw once more on Big Brother 16 episode 36Are you feeling a little Deja Vu this episode? We wasted a week watching a game play out we knew meant nothing and now Seed Saw his happening again! But not before some dramatic strategy talk happened. Who am I kidding, it’s BB16. Derrick is ready to let his dog Cody off his chain and attack Frankie. Caleb is on board with the plan to get our pink haired competition beast out of the house and Frankie while somewhat nervous really doesn’t sense that much trouble is brewing in the Big Brother house. He would have left the nominations the same and he assumes his merry band of idiots would do the same. Little does he know that mastermind Derrick has decided it’s time to cut him loose. Everyone is doing much better this time around. Even Victoria is managing to stay on her shovel. Cody, Caleb and Frankie are all neck and neck. Big Brother sends more rain on them. The competition may be the same but they have amped it up a notch. The rain is insane! Visibly heavier than last week, and colder from the reactions of the players. Frankie starts to fall behind and last minute Cody Caleb Reynolds, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur discuss nominations on Big Brother 16 episode 36drops his seeds. This week is going to play out drastically different from last because Caleb has won HOH.  While Frankie changes the guys run into the fire room and celebrate without him. While I appreciate the game move, I hate the dirty way in which they enjoy taking out someone in their alliance. While the guys try to convince Caleb that putting Frankie on the block from the get go is how this should be done, Caleb is not so sure. Caleb would prefer to keep him off the block so that he’s not so fired up to win, and if Cody or Derrick win Veto than Frankie goes up because of a lack of option and Caleb gets off clean. Caleb’s theory is sound in my books. We sawFrankie win a BOB by himself because he had to. He has proven he doesn’t crack under pressure. Is it worth the risk to put him and have him all turnt up? This displeases King Derrick and he is now set on convincing him that Frankie is after him, even more so after Cody reveals that Caleb wants Derrick on the block because he hasn’t been there yet. Derrick points out that if he keeps Frankie off the block and he wins the Veto he could take down Victoria and then Derrick and Cody would be there together breaking their final three deal. Will Beast Mode Cowboy do what he wants to do or will he bow down to Derrick’s influence?

Zach Rance table dances with Fruite Loops on Big Brother 16 episode 36We finally get more jury action. This season would be great if the live feeds switched to the Jury house at his point. Everyone is woken up early to a chorus of Jury Holla’s for Derrick. They walk into the living room and see that there is a luxury competition today. This is the best competition ever and I want to see this every season. The house guests are sequestered in the second HOH room and given a nice breakfast and a TV screen. They get to watch as all our jury walks in the house and goes crazy. Zach is dancing on the table pouring fruit loops over his head. Christine is pouring maple syrup everywhere, Nicole is throwing clothes, Jocasta pouring hot sauce all over the clean dishes. It was amazing. I bet it felt great for them too. Meanwhile the final 5 are up there horrified since they just cleaned the house after Jeff and Jordan said it stank. Our Jury is in the backyard and in this competition they all have to find hidden knock out pucks that are hidden in the house, bring them out and eliminate another juror from the competition. Up in the HOH room each house guest has cThe jury unleash jury fury on the Big Brother 16 house on episode 36hosen a jury member to “bet” on. The last jury member standing and who ever bet on them wins $5000 dollars. Frankie picked Zach of course, Derrick picked Donny, Cody picked Nicole, Victoria picked Hayden and Caleb picked Jocasta. Christine was left out so if she won, nobody but her got $5000. The jury went crazy! Jocasta dumped out medication (a little over  the top) and dumped the trash bin out. Nobody upstairs was loving Jocasta! Victoria’s bag got ransacked and she was pissed off, No drawer was left alone. All the final 5 are thinking is OMG we have to clean this up! Jocasta found the first puck and knocked out Christine. WOW they are still hating her something fierce. Nicole got the next three and knocked out Zach, Donny and Jocasta. It’s a battle between Hayden and Nicole.  Hayden finds the puck and actually debates eliminating himself. Nicole tells him not to be stupid and he asks if he eliminates her will he get a kiss, she says yeah and for the second time show the house that yes they are together. So take that Cody! Hayden wins the luxury competition and by default so does our warrior princess Victoria. Off the jury go, and I don’t think we’ll see them again til Wednesday.

It’s back to game talk and Frankie has realized he needs to do some work before nominations.  He actually asks Derrick to leave so he can talk toCaleb Reynolds nominates Victoria Rafaeli and Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16 episode 36 Caleb alone. We all know how much Derrick loves NOT being part of any conversation the HOH is having with a house guest. While they are talking he is just staring at the memory wall, you can see every second that ticks by is killing him more and more. Frankie tells Caleb that h has never put him up, he has been loyal to him. He points out that  Derrick and Cody could unite against them. Did Frankie’s arguments have any sway? Nope! Derrick got his way AGAIN. Victoria and Frankie are on the block with Caleb giving Frankie a song and dance about how valuable pawns are and even pulls out a chess piece from his pocket.  Is Frankie buying it? I don’t think so. Will he fight like hell in the Veto? Yes because he always does!  I know my opinion is not the popular one, but I want Frankie to win Veto and pull himself off. I want to see Derrick react to things not going his way for once. You can say how brilliant his game is and yes, he is a master manipulator. We can’t forget that THIS IS WHAT HE DOES FOR A LIVING. If he couldn’t manipulate these people I’d then he wouldn’t be a great undercover cop. The fun is watching him manipulate situations that he didn’t create. Watching him get himself off the block or out of an eviction is what makes you a great player. I am sure Derrick will be back for an all-star season and I want to see what he can do with people’s whose skill level is on par or better than his! Who would you like to see walk out the door on Tuesday? Like I don’t know already!

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