Big Brother Season 16: Episode 22 Blog Recap


When we left off on Sunday, Frankie told us he as going to make his big reveal. Big Brother has certainly done well at dragging this scenario out, it’s been almost a week since Frankie actually did it and now we finally get to see it! After the BOTB competition Zach calls out Frankie for throwing him under the bus. Frankie admits Yes he told Nicole and Christine to put up the detonators. Yes he’s a liar, but you’re playing Big Brother, of course you’re lying. Derrick comes in and shut down the argument. He wants them to do this behind closed doors so the girls can’t hear. I think Derrick is just too afraid anything detrimental to his game is going to be aired and he doesn’t want to have to clean up any messes regarding his own lying since he has everyone believing that he Frankie Grande reveals he is Ariana Grande's sister on Big Brother 16 episode 22is Captain Honesty and is playing a flawless game. They all run into the fire room and after making sure the camera’s are set just so and he has the spotlight Frankie’s big moment comes. “I have been lying this whole game, I am not who you think I am. My name is Frankie J Grande and I am a YouTube personality and social media mogul. I came into this house with 1.5 million followers AND my sister is mega mega pop star Ariana Grande” He also says he’s playing this game for charity to build schools in Africa. Screw you Frankie! He said all this in such a dramatic fashion you’d think he was in the running for an Oscar! Derrick is so impressed he thought her name was Amanda Grande, Caleb just wants to meet Justin Bieber and Zach thinks his game reveal is all strategy. How no one caught the clue of Derrick saying “Most of us are who we say we are” is baffling! They are so consumed by Frankie no one is really listening. Apparently that speech was an apology but I don’t know about you but  I never heard I’m sorry come from his mouth. After his dramatic reveal to the boys, he Nicole Franzel and Victoria Rafaeli react to Frankie revealing his is Ariana Grande's brotherbrings the girls out of the bathroom into the living room, again making sure the cameras are all set up just right and with the same dramatic flair repeats exactly the same speech to them. Ugh. Up til now I have loved Frankie for his entertainment value but even for me this was just way too much. The girls seem to care a bit more. Victoria’s reaction was priceless! You could actually see the process of her understanding what just came out of Frankie’s mouth. Nicole was really excited and Christine just didn’t give a crap. Nicole totally lost me when she told Frankie she never would have nominated him if she knew that Ariana was his sister.  She is now too concerned that her teeny bopper fans will dislike her then actually playing the game. Derrick is now doing Victoria-sitting as she is crying and is telling her that she shouldn’t treat him any different, he reveals to us that she is back up Final 2 next to Cody. The hardest part of the episode was Zach crying in the DR because he thinks there is no chance of him or anyone really winning this game. How can you compete with the brother of a pop star competing for charity. Give him fan favorite, give him  the 500000 why is he wasting his time. Zach is expressing the sentiment of everyone in that house but what they don’t know is the back lash that Frankie is receiving from us the viewer. There is always a chance. They decided the winner of this game not us. It’s time to band together and get him out. Hopefully next week Frankie gets his walking papers and the game can start for real! I think Frankie jumped the gun on this reveal. There was no point to it once he was safe. That is an ace you keep in your pocket until you’re back is against the wall. Plus I don’t think it got the reaction that Frankie really wanted. What was your reaction to Frankie coming out, was it too soon or do you think it helped his game?


everyone's favorite veto competition OTEV on Big Brother 16 episode 22It’s time for the Veto competition and it’s OTEV! I believe I called this on Saturday night during my show with Cleo people! It is early for Otev but it’s a fan favorite and everyone is excited. Derrick, Caleb and Nicole were picked to play against Christine, Zach and Donny. They walk out into the backyard and this year’s Otev is a particularly ornery penguin voiced by Gilbert Godfrey. Otev will give them a clue to a house guests names they need to slide down the waterfall search the island for a drink with the right name and climb back up and grab a rock. Last one up with no rock is out. Otev was pretty bitter in all his clues making me wonder if he was taking over for Zingbot. The first clue as Brittany-sour Zach Rance wins power of veto on Big Brother 16 episode 22and Donny was the last one up the waterfall. Caleb had a nice fall up the waterfall and Nicole did painful looking face plant into her rock. Jocasta-kaze eliminated Nicole on the next round and Devin and Devin took out Christine. Paola-colada or Payola Colada as Caleb would say was Derricks downfall and we are left with Caleb and Zach. Zach asks Caleb to take his time. He says you’re safe anyways you don’t need this, just take your time. Caleb says nothing but tells us he’s done with throwing competitions. It doesn’t matter and quite ironic that Amber-ita is Caleb’s downfall. It’s Amber’s last little gift to us. ZACH WINS THE POWER OF VETO.  I hope Christine does something good with this opportunity. Who else is happy that Zach Attack’s will continue for one more week? 

Zach Rance's plan backfired as Derrick Levasseur calls him out on Big Brother 16 episode 22Zach is now allowing Frankie to think that Zankie is really back together but realizes he needs a new alliance. He goes to Victoria who has no one and tells her all about the Bomb Squad and the Detonators highlighting Derrick’s involvement in both those alliances.  She feels betrayed by Derrick and goes to talk to Nicole about it. Zach realizes that talking to Victoria might not have been the smartest idea so he tells her that she needs to be quiet because if Derrick finds out  they will become targets. He then goes to Derrick and tells him that Nicole spilled the beans about the Detonators to Victoria. The cop in Derrick tells him something isn’t right and he confronts the two girls. They of course deny it because they are telling the truth, then tell him it was Zach. Derrick calls Zach upstairs and he quickly comes clean but not before Victoria actually stood up for herself. It’s the most we’ve heard Victoria speak about something other than hair or make up in 40+ days. So now the girls think Zach is a liar, Nicole is happy with Derrick because he believed her and Victoria feels guilty for betraying Zach, all good things in Derricks eyes and he can sleep well knowing he has gone back to being King of the Big Brother Castle.

The Detonators decided that Nicole should be the replacement nominee and go to Christine with the idea. They tell her that Nicole is blabbing everything she tells her to the house and that she would have put up Christine as a replacement if the roles were reversed. The only way for Christine to prove she isn’t working with Nicole is to put her on the block. This leaves Christine in a difficult spot. Does she betray friendship and put up Nicole or betray and alliance? Ultimately she allows Derrick to run her game and with a pretty great speech about taking the knife out of her back and returning it to the original owner she puts Nicole the Queen of the HoH up next to Donny the King of  the Veto.  I am OK with letting Nicole leave the game this week. Who do you guys want to see as the next member of the jury?

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