Big Brother Season 16: Episode 19


Caleb Reynolds tells Zach Rance he is worse off than him in Big Brother 16This has been a sad week in the Big Brother community. First off we have had to listen on Nicole in the DR way more the any of us wanted and we are all ready to dig our ear drums out with rusty shiv, then Zach was put on the block and then this episode happened. Thankfully Caleb and Victoria provided a bit of comic relief or I’d have been institutionalized.  Last we saw Caleb and Victoria signed up for three punishments. Caleb is turned into Bitch Mode Crybaby yet again. He doesn’t want to shave his head, he won’t be able to deal with two weeks on slop and OMG I have to be chained to Victoria for 48 hours is the record that just won’t stop playing. I will allow him to whine about being chained to Victoria. That is worse the water boarding. Guantanamo Bay should consider using that as their torture or choice. He has the nerve to tell Zach that even though he is safe and Zach is in danger of going home, his punishments put him in a worse situation then Zach. Is this guy delusional? Wait…we know the answer to this, yes he is. Nicole is still adamant that Frankie is her real target  and that she wants the Veto used. At this point we still have some hope that Zach may be spared. Just win the veto Zach, just win the Veto!

Victoria Rafaeli shaves Caleb Reynolds head on Big Brother 16 episode 19Caleb Reynolds and Victoria Rafaeli are serving their Adam and Eve punishment on Big Brother 16 Episode 19Caleb is still bitching about his hair when he and Victoria get called into the DR. We all know what that means.  Adam and Eve are revealed after a lot of bickering about lotion and whether Eve had glitter on her face. Caleb is adamantly declaring he is not spending the next 48 hours in the bathroom. What emerges from the bathroom is quite the site. The two of them decked out in bikinis covered in leaves and they are attached by vines. OMG  this is gonna be a great 48 hours. He is still whining about the head shaving when they are called into the DR to retrieve the clippers. I’s only been a few hours and Adam and Eve are losing their leaves. I wonder what these suits are going to look like in 48 hours? Victoria happily takes them to Caleb’s head.  Now if we thought he looked like a stalker before, does ever look like one now. Now that all that is said and done he just continually whines about being on slop. Well dude, you should have taken the manure bath, or no HOH. This was your choice you fruit-loop-dingus-busta-fooligan!

Christine Brechte tells Nicole Franzel lies on Big Brother 16 episode 19The edit this week is a little crazy for all you non feed watchers. They have it that Christine is the mastermind of the demise of Zach. While yes she wants him out because he nominated her, Derrick was really the brains and pull behind what put all Zach fans into the process of working through the seven stages of grief. Christine is insecure with her relationship with Nicole because Nicole is getting deeper into her showmance with Hayden. Sometimes it’s really hard to be able to pin point the exact moment a persons game goes to hell but Christine (I love her still but OMG) made it glaringly obvious. She decided to try to Nicole Franzel confronts Hayden Voss about the lies on Big Brother 16 episode 19break up Haycole by telling Nicole that Hayden and Victoria made out. Are we in 7th grade people? She also asked Nicole to put up Derrick or Cody as a replacement nominee to ensure Zach leaves. It’s obvious that Christine either underestimated Nicole’s intelligence and BS meter or she didn’t realize just how close Nicole and Hayden were. Nicole firstly realizes it’s a bunch of BS and goes right to Hayden for confirmation of such BS. Then Nicole goes and tells Cody about Christine’s request who then goes and tells Derrick. Right there….that is the nail in Christine’s coffin. King Pin Derrick now sees you as a threat, your days are numbered. But all through this Nicole still wants Frankie out! This was a painful bit of Big Brother for me to watch. I have been a Christine fan since day 1. I still love her, she’s quirky, she’s funny and she knows this game way better than she is now playing it. She was sitting in a good position and she blew it because of a bit of paranoia. What do you think of Christine’s game play?

Zach Rance has a Zach Attack of evil proportions on Big Brother 16 episode 19It’s time to play BB Comics. This Veto is essential for Zach to win to stay in the game. The Detonators have turned against him and he doesn’t even know it. Caleb, Christine and Victoria were picked by Nicole, Zach and Jocasta. Zach is pretty confident that he can take this challenge.  This veto had the feeds down for hours. Feedsters were starting to twitch, some were entering rehab, it was a crazy Saturday night. It had us all wondering what the heck was the challenge? We got our answer. It was a timed challenge and VICTORIA was playing in it!  One at a time they had to zip line past the BB Studio window and look at the wall of comic books. Take in the details and recreate the wall using the comics provided. Thank God they were given a 35 minute time limit or Victoria would still be doing that challenge! Caleb said he would take a prescription to Amber’s comic book! A  prescription? You need one buddy, but the cure to you is not Zach Rance realizes his game is over on Big Brother 16 episode 19a comic book! Victoria didn’t even finish before the time ran out. My heart broke for Zach. He had is wall done hit his buzzer and no it’s not right. He’d  go back and look not seeing his mistake and Zach had a Zach Attack we have yet to see. He was cussing production, saying it was right, he was throwing things and even broke something as he tossed a comic book off to the side. It was heart breaking to watch, and I just kept thinking about how his mom and dad must have been just aching  for their boy. With one last pass of the zip line, he realized he had Donny and Victoria reversed, he switched them up hit his buzzer and collapsed dejectedly on the drop mat. Zach has realized his game is over at that moment. He asked to be put on the block, he choked in the BOTB comp and now he lost the veto are his list of regrets this week and we Zach fans all went and put on our black veils to sit shiva for him.

Christine won the power of Veto with a time of 11 minutes and 50 seconds, only a 30 second lead over Nicole. What a difference this game would have taken if  Nicole had won veto! Zach’s last-ditch effort was to try to mend fences with Christine who to his face would say things are good but behind his back has no intentions of helping him. Her only decision is do I take Jocasta down and risk another Detonator going on the block or just leave things as they are. Ultimately she decides to leave nominations the same and I along with all the other Zach fans light candles and hold vigils in his honor. Can Zach get himself out of this jam in less than 24 hours or is he packing his bags?

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