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chatting house guestsSo when we last saw the house guests Ika had just won HoH and Allison was introduced to the house. A lot has happened since then, I don’t even know where to start. The game talk is fast and furious, so let me try to condense it all for you! When Ika was announced as HoH I didn’t know what to think. She has fought with pretty much everyone in the house. Ika is a strong personality though, so I thought “Hey, maybe she won’t be a sheep, maybe she will play her game and not the First Five’s game.”  Kenny and Andrew immediately felt threatened by Ika’s win, and their guard dog Sabrina was at her as soon as the challenge was over telling her that the targets this week are Paul and Adel. Ika goes into the diary room and complains about Sabrina’s tactics saying “Ika only listens to Ika” I have hope for this HoH after all.

The moment the back door is open and everyone gets feasts their eyes on Allison, the judgements start.  Hello junior high, how I’ve missed you!  Not! These are some catty girls. Remember this, it is the theme of the week. Ika is bashing Allison’s hair and her clothes mulitple times. Grow up Ika, you are one of the older people in the house and a mother, I expect more from you! Sabrina is loving the fact that she is here, it’s another girl to compete for the boy talkboys attention after all. Andrew is suspect of her, as is everyone butThat is natural, but the boys are much more accepting of our new arrival. Heather is actually happy about Allison’s arrival which is refreshing. I am becoming more on board team Heather every day. The surprising twist in this is that Kenny and Allison have mutual friends back home in Newfoundland, and have actually met a few times.  Neda is loving the arrival of Allison soley because it is making all the other girls freak out. I have high hopes for Neda. Arisa comes on the the TV screens 30 minutes after the episode is aired and tells everyone that Allison has immunity for 1 week and she won’t be eligable to girl talkplay in the PoV. I am totally on board with this. It would be brutal to throw that poor girl in to the lions and not give her a hot minute to make some kind of connections with the players.  After this announcement Kenny, Andrew and Arlie high tail it out to  the hot tub. Kenny’s mind is about to explode and he can’t even tell his alliance why.  He is terrified that Allison is going to out him to his house guests which would break all the trust he has worked so hard to build. The boys decided to get Allison on their side, and Andrew is going to send his guard dog Sabrina after her to make that happen. The girls hatch their own plan to be nice to her, keep her away from the boys but to not tell her anything either.

Big Brother decides to give the house guests a party to welcome Allison. We all know how much alcohol is coveted in the Big Brother house, so they waste no time going at it. Allison is happy because she really wants these guys to loosen up and spill the beans on what is going on. Allison is totally a guys girl, someone drops some beer on the floor (alcohol abuse as we call it here in Canada) so down Allison goes and licks it up off the floor.  Andrew then and sabkenkiss.jpgthere proposes marriage! Kenny is using the lost inhibitions to his advantage too. It is no secret that Sabrina has a crush on him.  He asks Sabrina if he can have the rest of her beer and her response was only if you make out with me.  So he puts his face out there and the first kiss of BBCAN2 happens.  She giggles like a school girl and her and Allison run off to the bathroom.  Oh Sabrina, if you only knew what we knew! In the hot tub area Kenny confesses to the boys that it was a totally calculated move. Ika’s HoH room is revealed and everyone gushes over how cute her kids are how pretty Ika looks in her pictures. For once I’d love to hear someone say “wow that is one ugly kid” just once.  She reads her letter from her baby daddy and starts to cry, everyone is crying. Sarah is sobbing, because she wants a letter from her kids. She excuses herself from the room so she doesn’t  steal Ika’s moment. She breaks down in the bathroom. Andrew comforts her and tells her that the next H0H will be hers so she can get a letter.

Ika is now holding court in the HoH room.  Adel is trying to convince her he’s not a threat. He is making valid points that Kenny, Andrew, Jon and Arlie to some degree are the big dogs in the house.  Jon is injured so really that leaves Kenny and Andrew as the top competition threats in this game. The big move at this point would be to get them out. Ika sees the validity but says it’s  easy to make a big move on someone else’s HoH. My hope for Ika’s HoH is starting to fade. Kenny and Andrew are pretty certain they will be going up on the block and are trying to figure out the best way to deal with it.  Sabrina is doing Andrews biding with Ika, trying to deflect from the First Five Alliance and putting it in Ika’s head that the boys will gun after her if she puts them up. Sabrina is still shamelessly flirting with Kenny, this time in the hot tub. She is asking him what his ideal woman is, and is so happy when Kenny basically describes her.  Oh I can’t wait for her to find out he’s gay.  Please let it be on a live show please.

WipedOut.jpgBig Brother Bottle Service is our PoV competition. Taken straight out of BB US’s play book.  There are 4 teams of 3, one person crushes grapes in a giant tub with a spout. One fills a wine glass and brings it to the other who dumps it into a giant wine carafe. The first to be able to pull their cork out wins. Oh yeah  the floor is full of vaseline to make it slipper. Can you say BBQ Sauce challenge from BB15!  Our teams are  Andrew, Neda, Sarah as the white team. Sabrina, Heather, Rachel as the red team. Adel, Kenny, Arlie as the green team and  Paul, Jon, Allison as the black team.  The only one having an issue in this challenge is Paul. Shocker! The guy can’t keep on his feet, so he decideds to slide on his butt across the floor. He is full of wine, he’s full of vaseline, and now his belly along with Jon and Allison’s will be full of slop!  Green comes in first, followed by white and red.  Allison says she is not that mad about it but she is going to pretend she is. Paul is freaking out over having to eat slop and and some point even threatens to eat some cake. Adel talks him down.  I really do love the Paul/Adel relationship. Paul can be funny, its too bad he’s playing such an awful game.

Ika holds a girls meeting in the bathroom without Heather.  The mean girls club doesn’t like Heather and Ika wants to put her up against Paul. Every day that Ika is HoH her resolve to do something big gets smaller and smaller. Neda is so frustrated she can’t get them to see the boys are the bigger targets right nom talknow. Poor Neda doesn’t know about the First Five Alliance so any time you mention that in front of Sabrina she is going to tell Andrew. Heather busts in on the meeting so the girls switch their talk to Paul. Ika says she doesn’t trust Heather because of what Sabrina has said about her.  I can’t even deal with Sabrina, she runs around that house spewing lies to anyone that will listen. Heather knows she is on the outside, she realizes there is a clique. Heather isn’t as dumb as everyone thinks she is. I don’t think it’s by chance that she pops into rooms at just the right moment.  Anyone else having Andy flashbacks? Ika then holds an all girls meeting in the HoH but excludes Allison, who is taking advantage of that and is just chilling with Kenny and Andrew.  Not a smart move on the girls behalf I’d say, but Sabrina will deal with the consequences of that another day. Ika asks for volunteers to be a pawn, another sign she has gone and lost her mind. Sarah says no, people think I am the ring leader already and  Neda says no, she’s been the pawn already. Heather also says no because she heard talk from the boys last week about sending her home.  Rachelle and Sabrina say no with no excuse. It makes Ika mad but does she do anything about it. Absolutely not! At this point I have resolved myself to the fact that Ika is all talk. She talks a good game in the diary room then she steps out and becomes  Sabrina and Sarah’s lapdog.

paulheath.jpgWe are sent into Ika’s HoH deliberations. She has three options, Kenny the strong physical and social player, Paul the sellout  and Heather who she feels plays it too safe and she wants to light a fire under her.  The ceremony begins and  our nominations for week three are Paul because she has no trust in him, and Heather who she assures in front of everyone is just a pawn. If that wasn’t the kiss of death, I don’t know what is.  Poor Heather, I feel your days are numbered.

So what do I think of this week you may ask? I love everything about her. She is brilliant at playing this game. Her entrance strategy was so smartly done, she is asking questions so they tell her things she knows happened, she is aligning with the power alliance even though that wasn’t her plan.  She can go far in this game and I can’t wait to watch her more.  Ika disappointed me.  I wanted her to be strong and do her own thing, whatever that was. I am so tired of this “Do what the house wants mentality” Do you what you want! There is a lot of money on the line girl. Heather has been growing on me day by day. I hate how the other girls bash her constantly. Sarah, Ika and Sabrina are the main offenders, and I expect more from a 32-year old mother then to stoop to a high school mentality. Then there is Sabrina. She has a good strategy but her execution could use some work. She needs to stop the lies. She has spun such a web her demise will be epic when people start talking without her around. She has made real connections though and that will get her far in the game. I think she is a good person but this game has brought out a side that I don’t like.

I know that some of you have been asking about live feed action and why I am not covering it in my blogs.  Not everyone wants to be spoiled so I keep these spoiler free. I do watch the feeds when time allows me to and tweet out what I see, but if you want a play by play Rob Has a Podcast Big Brother expert Brian Lynch does amazing play by play action you can follow him on twitter here. We do have a forum page on this site and will love to talk spoilers there.

Do you want to hear what actual Big Brother players think about what is going on? Check out Spencer and McCrae’s video recap here. Don’t forget to thumbs up their video and subscribe to their channel!  You can catch Big Brother Canada every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night at 9pm on Slice. Canada it’s not a channel in your normal cable package so call your cable provider to  add it on!  Lastly don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you think.


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