Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 5


kenny wins pov It’s eviction night and we have so much to get  through tonight. It’s going to be crazy ride so  buckle up everyone.  We start off where we left off last night, watching the end of the PoV  ceremony.  I am happy to report that Kenny  took it home.  It was getting close between  Kenny and Andrew. I am so happy Kenny won.  I love smart game players and  Kenny’s head is  in this game full force.  After  the win he talks  to Andrew and cements their  plan to pull  down Neda and put up Kyle. They  confirm  that yes, Kyle will be the one leaving the Big Brother Canada house this week.  A plan I WAS on board with, but more on that later!  We head into the nomination ceremony where Neda and Paul give their speeches to Kenny. Neda promises Kenny she’ll make him slop cookies if he saves her. Really!  Slop cookies!  Who wants those, except for maybe Rachelle who seems to actually like slop.  Paul stands up and says that he knows actions have consequences, he is on the block for a reason and he accepts his fate. No shocking outcomes here, Kenny pulls down Neda and replaces him with Kyle.  Everyone hugs, Paul tries to be the bigger man and shake Andrew’s hand but Andrew wants no part of  Paul.

scott as contessaWe are brought into the war room where  we are given a in-depth look on the transformation of Scott to Contessa. Contessa is Scott’s drag alter ego and his release from the stress of the work world. She is what he is most proud of in his life, and she should be.   I watched quite a bit of this on the feeds and oh Mylanta (as Scott would say) that is a job and a half.  My  deepest respect for all those drag queens out there.  I would not have the patience to spend that much time on my face and my outfit and the wigs.  Scott looks pretty good as a women, I’ll give him that. Nate’s face was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen during that whole thing.  1 Girl, 1 Guido, 1 Gay really needs to be a show that makes the airwaves. It would be hilarious.

Back in the house Jon and Neda are talking in the bedroom about Andrew.  Neither of them care for Andrew and want to get him out. Jon is in the boy alliance but not in the First Five, so he really does need to make a move.  They are discussing how none of the girls liked him the first week but the minute he was in the HoH they were in his lap and in his bed.  It’s no secret how much I love my goofy newfie, I find him hilarious. Every show he has a line that cracks jon in bed me up. This episode it’s about  Andrew and sums everything  up perfectly when Neda calls  him a tool and he replies  “He’s not a tool, he’s a full  box of tools, he’s a tool box”  Jon when you get out of this  house I NEED to talk to you  please I’m begging!  I am also  really liking Neda and her  style of game. It’s a quiet one of sitting back and watching.  Everyone sees the big loud mouths going on and thinks their game is amazing  but to sit back, listen and not run your mouth  takes a control that deserves recognition too.  Neda tells Jon that Sabrina is smart, they need to watch her.  Sabrina uses her talents as game. All the hair styling, make up parties, and pedicures are all part of a very smart strategy as well.  Jon and Neda really want to keep Kyle if only just to take out Andrew.

We come to the part of the show that I am going to call “The Transformation of Kyle”  I have not liked Kyle from the moment I read his bio, I have like kyle and adelaspects of Kyle but it was always  overshadowed by him being a jerk.  We watch as he decided  that he was going to pray with Adel. It was probably one of the nicest moments between two people I have ever seen.  I liked watching the interaction between the two of them.  Then we see the Live with Paul Show where the three of them sit on the deck and pretend they are on a talk show saying what you SHOULDN’T do. For an unlikely threesome they are so funny  together. Some things you should do for future reference  are don’t call someone a racist, don’t be a motivational speaker and don’t be over 30.   Sarah has decided that she feels bad for Kyle because all week he has been avoided like the plague.  Everyone is on the deck and Kyle is on one side alone so Sarah goes to sit with him. They talk about his job and he does reveal a side of Kyle that I wish we had seen earlier. He is actually a nice guy deep down and he has me totally on Team Kyle now.

kyleIn a  9-1 vote Kyle is evicted from the Big Brother House.  Adel was the only one to vote to keep Kyle. I’m sure for Adel it was a hard decision to choose between to friends. Earlier in the week Kyle had said he was going to call out everyone in the house on his way out. Kyle took the high road, gave everyone hugs and left quietly, checking his hair in the mirrors before he opened the door.  Arisa talks to him in front of the house, where he says he had an amazing experience, that religion, skin color, sexuality don’t matter, we are all flesh and blood.  Paul and Adel will be his brothers for life, and I believe him. Where was this Kyle 2 weeks ago? That is the Kyle I would have loved to see play this game.

ikaNext up is the HoH competition called BB Tabloid. Arisa will give them statements from the last 4 challenges and they need to decided if it’s a fact or a rumor, because we Canadians just can’t have a True or False option can we? Paul is out question 1.  Adel isn’t too far behind him and once Adel  is gone Sabrina is in her cubicle making signs of the cross, thanking God.  The most shocking moment is the end when Ika is crowned HoH.  I honestly don’t know where her head is at. She has fought with so many people that anyone could really be her target. It will be in interesting week that is for sure.

Now for the moment we have all been waiting for. We are brought into the War Room to find out who Canada has voted into the house.  Canada you did me proud, I am happy to report that Allison is in the Big Brother Canada house. She has some rules though. She is not allowed to tell anyone about the War Allison Room, and she can’t say that she has been  watching them for the last week. If she  does she is evicted immediately. She is  allowed to make up whatever story she  want as to why she is late in the game, but  they have her only 5 minutes to figure  that out. The secret service guy walks her  up what seemed like the stairway to  heaven  and opens the door.  As a  superfan she is in awe. I loved it. All we  hear is wow, omg, so pretty. You can tell  her dreams have come true. She passes  the kitchen and exclaims what a messy  place! She sits in every chair she can. It  was absolutely adorable. Then the door opens  and she gets to see her house mates in person for the first time. How hard would it be not to shout KENNY! when that beard is the first thing you see?   She plays it like she thought she was the first one in. Brilliant Allison! Canada is going to love her, they boys are going to love her. I am totally sure the girls are going to be jealous of her. She is going to have some work to do with them to gain their trust. This will be in interesting week to watch play out on the feeds that is for sure and I can’t wait!

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