Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 19


SabrinaI think its safe to say that this has been one of the craziest weeks in Big Brother history. From just the regular drama of the house unfolding, to secret powers to secret missions. We were not left thinking that his has been a boring week. I don’t even know where to start. We left off with Jon putting up the Gremlins for eviction. Naturally Sabrina and Rachelle are not happy that Jon rejected their deal. Sabrina thinks that Jon has made a HUGE mistake because anyone but Neda is going to be gunning for him next week. Jon reveals that the potential for a back door move is there. Arlie thinks that the Goof Troop is alive and well, not knowing that Neda wants Jon to turn him. Allison is just trying to figure out her place in the house.

adel uses powerThis episode moves pretty fast with so much to cover.  We go right into the POV, where are first drama of the night unfolds.  Sabrina, Rachelle and Jon pick Arlie, Allison and Neda. You would think that is it, we are done but NO!  Adel stands up and pulls out his crinkled but valid secret power. Remember Adel is allowed to replace one veto player with himself at any time. Adel uses  his power and takes Allison out of the  POV so he can play himself. He does this because he isn’t sure that Allison, if she won, wouldn’t use it and force a Sloppy Second as a  replacementeone  nominee It is at this point that Allison realized she at the bottom of this alliance. Allison is regretting her flip on the First 5.  She finds Sabrina and Rachelle in the bedroom and takes the chance to try to rekindle their alliance. Sabrina and Rachelle are receptive. Neda and Jon revisit the Arlie situation. Neda has had nedaArlie’s number from the beginning. His closeness to Jon and the fact that Arlie is a super fan of the show concern her. She hammers Jon about putting him up if Veto is used. Jon starts to realized that sometimes you are only given one chance to take out a big player and if you need to take it if that chance arises.  Score for Neda. Sometimes it’s not the loudest player you need to look out for, it’s the quiet one that sits back and observes and has strong social connections. Neda is a perfect case in point.

adels challengeMarsha the Moose is back, and she is as feisty as ever. She corners Adel in the Diary Room Hallway and gives him a three-part mission. First he has to convince someone to work out with him for 10 minutes, second he has to get one person to cry, and third he has to get a girl to agree to go on a fun date with him. Adel thinks he has this task in the bag, and he might have if Big Brother wasn’t sabotaging him. While Adel is talking with Marsha Big Brother calls the rest into the pantry and give them a mission of their own.  They are tasked with making sure that Adel fails  his mission. Poor Adel he tries so hard.  First he tries to get Sabrina to go on a date with him but she flat-out rejects him. He set his sights on Jon as his work out buddy and Jon just kept blowing him off, so Adel tries to work on date night. Heather turned him down, Neda turned him down. Adel is freaking out and tries to make Sabrina cry. Easy enough task right. The girl will cry if the wind blows the wrong way. Not this time. Sabrina has his number and refuses to cry.  Allison gives him a glimmer of hope, and agrees to go on a date with him………….tomorrow. Adel is giving it all he has and then you hear, Adel please go the diary room. Looking defeated Adel learns he failed his mission and turns on Marsha the Moose. He even threatens to rip that antlers off her antlers. You better hope Peter doesn’t hear that part or you Adel have some explaining to do on the sideshow! Adel has to reveal to the house he has failed his task and after he does Jon pulls out his card and lets Adel know that they succeeded in their task of making him fail his.  Hilarious! These are the things that make Big Brother Canada stand out from the crowd.

adel sabsFor succeeding in making Adel fail they have been rewarded with a forced date night. Everyone is dressed up and Adel reveals that they will be handcuffed  to a partner and they have to feed each other all night long. Our pairs are Rachelle/Allison, Arlie/Neda, Jon/Heather and Adel/Sabrina.  No cuffmance will ever rival that of Talla and Liza though. They walk out to the pool area where there is champagne and wine (chocolate milk for Adel) and Fondue. Hilarity ensues as they try to feed each other and help each other drink. We find out that Heather can out drink Jon. As he put it, she’s a keg. It was really nice to see them all kick back and have some fun. It’s been a stressful few weeks and they all deserved this.  Unfortunately the happy atmosphere didn’t last long. What wasn’t shown tonight allison eatingwas the emotional breakdown that Allison ended up having later that night. It was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve had to watch. When the feeds came back up after the party Allison was in tears. First she was talking with Arlie in the HOH bathroom and no one could figure out why. Then she made her way by herself to the main bedroom bawling her eyes out. She wanted to go home, she knew she was going to be backdoored at the veto ceremony, and she just didn’t care anymore.   Neda and Heather find her in the middle of her breakdown and try to figure out what is going on. Allison isn’t revealing much but she did put Arlie and his game on blast. Confirming to Neda what Neda has already suspected. Allison’s breakdown went on for  quite a while, when finally Allison was called into the Diary Room. Heather and Neda cleaned her up and away she went. This is what will most likely lead to the demise of Arlie Shaban in the Big Brother game.

It’s time for the Veto Competition. It’s a Ramada Inn sponsored, vacation themed challenglow crawle. They all have a huge pile of clothes where they have to find 10 red Ramada T-shirts. One by one they need take them under a low crawl obstacle then throw them into a suitcase. They can’t touch the zippers of the suitcase at all or if they miss they have to get the shirt go back under the low crawl, touch their starting stairs, go back under the low crawl and try again. The first with 10 shirts in their zipped up suitcase  to hit their buzzer wins not only POV but 200,000 Windermere Reward Points good for flights and hotels.  Everyone starts off finding a shirt and throwing it. Only Jojon winsn uses the strategy of finding all the shirts then start throwing. Arlie sees Jon’s strategy and starts doing it that way as well.  This competition is really between Arlie and Jon. The girls fall behind pretty quickly even though Neda had a strong start. Jon gets 9 shirts pretty easily then realizes  he didn’t find all 10 shirts. This gives Arlie a chance to catch up. Arlie gets to 7 and has a hard time trying to sink his shots.  Jon finds his last shirt and after a couple of mis-throws sinks his 10th shirt, zips his suitcase and hits his buzzer.  Jon as won his second power of Veto of the season.

Jon’s performance in the POV has concerned Arlie. He didn’t realize just how well-rounded a player Jon actually was. Neda and Jon decided to meet with the Gremlins to figure out if he wants to use his veto this week. Sabrina and Rachelle swear on all their familythat if they are saved this week that they will never put them up. They essentially form a final 4 deal in that moment. Jon discusses the plan with Heather and Neda before he makes his final decision. powwowHeather wants Arlie gone and tells them before they even bring up their plan. She knows he has a strong social, mental and physical game that she can’t compete with.  Jon decided then that  Arlie will go up on the block. The girls then pull Allison aside and let her know the plan. Allison is shocked at the turn but plays along with it. In her mind she realized that she is not only on the bottom of this alliance but she really isn’t even in it. Lucky for her she has her secret Veto and can flip this game is a second.

Jon goes into his Veto deliberations.  Rachelle is a physical threat and easily swayed and  that would be why he’d want to get rid of her. Sabrina is manipulative and can influence anybody which is why she should leave and Arlie is just too smart  and hard to beat. Arlie is also a very unsafe game move at this point.   The ceremony starts and the air is thick. Allison has her secret veto in the back of her pants waiting to be used.  Jon honors his deal with The Gremlins and Rachelle comes down.  The Goof Troop is now brought to an end as Arlie is put up on the block. If that wasn’t shocking enough before Jon can end the Veto Ceremony Allison whips out her secret veto and uses it to take down Sabrina. Sabrina is beyond shocked. She is crying and hugging Allison. Jon looks like he’s been punched in the allison saves sabs.stomach. He now needs to name a fourth nominee.  He chooses Adel.  What a week this has been. It went from the chill week of gett
ing rid of Sabrina to two members of his alliance being put on the block.  Every one is in shock. Arlie believes this to be either a brilliant game move or one that will lead to Jon’s demise. Allison now has  Sabrina’s trust. The real question is Will she stay with the final 4 deal she made or flip and go with Allison?

I have never been a fan of Sabrina, but I have to give credit where credit is due. That girl can sell ice to an Eskimo.  She has managed to maneuver her way out of three evictions, and that can’t go unnoticed.  If she makes it to the final two she can very well take home the $100 000, and it would be well deserved. There aren’t too many people left in that house that have done as much work to deserve it. I can’t wait til tonight’s episode. It’s going to be dramatic. I really don’t want Arlie to go. I’ve enjoyed watching his gameplay but I am not optimistic. Anything can happen though. Big Brother has taught us to expect the unexpected.  Comment below and let me know what you think of all the craziness and  who you think should go home tonight.


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