Big Brother Canada Season 2: Episode 16


OBVIOUSLY.jpgHeather is HOH and has decided not to waste her week. She has targeted Kenny and for the second week in a row the First 5 has to work for their spot in the house. Kenny has had a revelation. Sit down everybody, he has realized being on the block sucks, that you aren’t safe! Imagine that.  The house is now divided into “The Gremlins” and “The Outsiders”. Allison is floating in the middle and each side is realizing the importance of Allison in the game. While Arlie is on “The Outsiders” side of the house, he is still keeping up appearances with the First 5, but most importantly he’s trying to keep his allegiance to Sarah. Sarah is doing the same thing. She knows she may need a back up in case Kenny is gone come Thursday. Arlie has noticed over the last few days how close Sarah and Kenny have gotten. Since Kenny came out to Sarah their relationship has taken on a closeness of a new level. Sarah feels she can now show more affection to him without her husband feeling jealous and Kenny is loving getting the hugs he has so needed this whole game. Allison  had figured Allison Dishesout the First 5 while Andrew was in the house without knowing there was a name to it. She  knows that she has now stepped into Andrew’s spot as a vote but is on the bottom in terms of importance. Allison decided to share this information with Heather, who acts like a sponge and just soaks up all the intel that Allison is offering. Heather reassured Allison that she is just a pawn and that she is going to be totally fine. Heather at this point can’t explain why because she can’t reveal the fact that Arlie has come over to their side. Heather then relays all the information Allison has revealed to the rest of the group. The First 5 are pretty sure that Allison can be swayed from their group. Both sides are leaning pretty heavily on Allison for her loyalty.

It is  time for the POV pick. For Heather’s nominations to stay the same it is crucial that this goes to her favor. Heather picks Arlie. He didn’t want to be picked because if he wins he will have to reveal his defection to the other side. Like every competition Arlie will throw it. Allison picks Sabrina, another  awful pick for The Outsiders. Kenny picks Rachelle. This could not have been a more devastating POV pick for the outsiders. Heather is carrying the weight of this competition on her shoulders and she knows it. Heather chooses Jon to host the POV competition. Sarah and Kenny are happy about the picks, the only thing better would have been if Sarah had been chosen herself.

gold rushOur POV challenges is based on the show Yukon Gold. The players have to dig in the dirt and fill pails of dirt. Bring the dirt to a sifting station to reveal small gold tiles. Some tiles have letters, some are blank. They need to gather as many as they can and make the longest word possible in 20 minutes.. This is the challenge that Jeff spelled “technotronics” and to this day has never  been able to live it down.  No one seems to be having any problems with this challenge except for Allison. The poor girl can’t find a vowel to save her life. Ironic since she is really trying to save her life in this game. The buzzer sounds. All Allison could muster up was ironically the word cry. Hey, it is something and it was spelled right. Maybe everyone else pulls a Jeff. Rachelle spells the word crest, and knocks out Allison. Sabrina spells the word shocks and is in the lead. Then Arlie is up next. In true fashion of just how nasty these house guests are he spells farting. Not bad for trying to throw it, 7 letters is pretty respectable. Kenny reveals his word and it is shocking. He is now in the lead. Heather confidently lifts her lid and reveals her own 8 letter word. Wishfull. Poor Heather pulled the Jeff of the season and spelled her word wrong.  Kenny wins Veto! 

celebrate.jpgAs soon as Kenny is announced the winner, Sarah squeals with delight and runs over to Kenny and gives him a HUGE hug. Arlie sees this and now realizes that Sarah is dead to him in this game. She has just hammered the nail in her coffin. She has lost Arlie’s trust and is now Jon and Arlie’s target for replacement nomination. While Jon and Arlie are deciding who will be Heather’s replacement Kenny has decided to talk with Heather. He needs to secure Sarah’s place before he pulls himself off the block. Kenny makes three fatal errors. First, he pitches Jon. As Heather says, do you not realize that I am working with him. Second he promises Heather safety for 1 week. Heather knows this is not a deal worth making. One week is absolutely useless. Third, he asks her to promise not to put up Sarah.  Oh Kenny, you just revealed your kenny negotiates#1 person in the game. Heather has been so totally under estimated in this house. They see the blonde hair and the cute voice and think there is nothing between her ears. Even her own alliance things they need to make her nomination decisions for her. Well she makes her own mind up based on her conversation with Kenny. Sarah needs to be the replacement nominee. Imagine the surprise and happiness when she goes back to the boys with her plan.

clue2.jpgThings in the Big Brother house are always the same, so when flowers showed up the house the house guests were naturally curious. Everyone seems to look in them, only Allison find a secret clue. It’s a scavenger hunt! To find her second clue she must make a splash. She knows she needs to go the POOL. She gets out there and there are pucks on the bottom. She has to get to those without causing a scene.  After a while she figures out how and grabs her second clue. It tells her to go somewhere hot, where you are cold.  HOT TUB AREA.  She manages to sneak up there alone and production reveals a clue to her in the mirror. It’s a riddle almostthere.jpgabout the SLATS ON THE WALL BY THE STAIRS. Allison realized right away that this must be a door to her secret room. This last one takes her a while to figure out. She has to fiddle with the slats without being noticed. I was watching this on the feeds and it did take her quite a bit of time. She had to fend off questions. Luckily she could use her sadness of Andrew being gone as an excuse to just want to be alone.  She goes back out to the hot tub and begs production to reveal the clue one more time so she can really get the wording straight. They oblige her, and she goes back to her wall. Finally get gets it and the door opens up. Allison is back where it all started, THE WAR ROOM!  She seems strangely comforted secret veto.about being back in her little room. Arisa comes on the screens and reveals the last clue. Allison figures out she needs to tap the heating vent on the floor three times and up pops The Secret Power of Veto. The Veto comes with rules though. IT can be used in the next three nominations. It can be used after the regular power of veto is used, and if she tells anyone about her power it will lead to her instant eviction. Allison now has 3 rules that can lead to her being instantly evicted from the house. The two she originally went in with and now this one. I would be freaking out!.

Arlie decided to have a chat with Kenny. He wants to plant some seeds of doubt about Sabrina. He wants Kenny to be open to the possibility that Sabrina could flip and vote out Sarah if she ends up on the block this week. Kenny doesn’t bite, and is now sure that Arlie has flipped. Arlie now knows that this is the vote that will reveal his defection to The Outsiders. Kenny tells Sabrina and Sarah. Sarah has suspected this for some time now but she is trying to keep emotional wreck Sabrina calm til after the veto ceremony.

Kenny goes into to veto deliberations. He knows he is pulling himself off. He’d be stupid not to but he is thinking about all the replacement nominations. Sabrina could possible go up. Her and Heather have had a rocky relationship since the demise of the all girls alliance. Sarah is his other possibility. He knows that  Heather will want to break up the power couple. Kenny hates Heather and will gun for her next week if Sarah goes up as a replacement nomination. While Kenny is deliberating, Allison is having her own secret deliberations in her mind. Does she use her secret veto or sarahblock.jpgdoes she trust in what Heather has told her? She doesn’t want to end up going home with a secret Veto. Marcellus didn’t use the veto on himself Season 6 and hasn’t lived that down yet. The veto ceremony begins and Kenny takes himself off the block of course.  Heather wastes no time in naming  Sarah as her replacement nomination. She needs to weaken Kenny. Sarah knows that Arlie is her only hope to stay. Allison sits on the couch, secret veto safely tucked away. Hopefully she doesn’t regret that decision. There is still a lot of game left to play before Thursday.

Check out my breaking news story. Some crazy, nasty stuff went down this week. Can’t watch the feeds but really need to know what is happening follow Brian Lynch on twitter. His play by plays keeps me in the loop when real life gets in the way of Big Brother. Ever wonder what Big Brother Alumni think of  what is going on. This week Spencer, McCrae and Judd talk about all that happened in the last few weeks. Check out their video, we love hearing what they have to say.

What a crazy few days it has been since nominations.  Do you agree with Heather’s decisions? Do you think Arlie is becoming to confident?  Is Big Brother rigging the game in Allison’s favor? Comment below and let me know what you think!


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