Survivor 28 Cagayan Blog Recap Episode 7 “Mad Treasure Hunt”


OMG! This season of Survivor just keeps getting better and better! And Woo is so much the awesome! I swear this guy has “Sole Survivor” written all over him. If he doesn’t win this season, we will all be Woo’d again by CBS. That’s a guarantee. Mark my words.

spencer_laughableReturning to camp, Spencer thinks it was a cool Tribal Council – they dodged those idols, but it was all for nothing since Kass flipped on her alliance. Spencer is not upset, but he lets Kass know that it was a bad move. In her own defense, Kass explains that she was playing with her (paranoid) gut. Yeah, Spencer is aware that Kass isn’t using her brain to play Survivor and when she tells him that he is over-strategizing – both Spencer and I laugh out loud. Kass thinks her flip is a triple win. There are no idols and she traded five old friends for five new ones. The next day, Tony is milling around camp and asks Woo if he wants to take a trip to retrieve some water; Kass suggests that Morgan complete the task and Morgan is not thrilled with the passive aggressive tactic used against her. According to Morgan, Kass is just jealous because Morgan is so young and pretty. Ugh. What a useless player. I’d totally take her to the Final Three though.

lj_triplethreatReward Challenge: The tribe will divide into two teams, race through water obstacles, drag a chest to a tower, drag the chest up to the top of the tower and solve the shrine puzzle. Up for grabs? Outback Steakhouse and dessert! So we have Kass, Tony, Trish, Woo and Tasha on the purple team; Jeremiah, Spencer, Morgan, LJ and Jefra on the orange and it is neck and neck throughout the whole challenge until puzzle building begin. For the purple team, Woo and Kass are first to start the puzzle, but LJ and Spencer are not far behind them. There are ten pieces to the puzzle and once complete, the topper is in their chest. LJ is working really quickly and soon takes the lead. Morgan is so excited! More food she doesn’t have to lift a finger to eat! Woo is starting to feel the pressure as LJ continues to place piece after piece, but once that orange chest is open, it’s all over. Orange wins reward and purple shuffles back to camp.

tony_bigstickDouble the rice! Tony says back at camp. And put some coconut in it! Tony’s pissed off that his team didn’t win the reward, but you know what they say! Kass asks if “they” are worried about Spencer more than Jeremiah; Trish tells her that she decides who goes home. Yeah, Tony agrees, Kass knows those people better than they do so she should decide who to vote for at the next Tribal Council. In a confessional, Kass is very clear that she has no alliance, she is a free agent and she is not shy about telling her tribe mates either. She’s “not a flipper”; she just wants them all to be okay for the next couple votes. Tony, the cop, is having trouble reading Kass and he’s going to prepare for the worst – Tony needs that new hidden Immunity Idol, it’s his security blanket and he’s going to try to go and find it. He doesn’t.


spencer_somethingstupidAt the reward, Spencer has thrown all table manners to the wind and doesn’t realize how gross his fingers are until he’s done eating. When he picks up his napkin, guess what he finds? A clue to the new hidden Immunity Idol! Spencer casually slips it into his pocket and when they get back to camp, he doesn’t even care that it’s pouring rain – he’s gonna go find that Idol and he slips out of the shelter and into the jungle. Tribal is approaching and time is money. After a bit, Morgan wonders out loud where Spencer has gone off to, which prompts Woo to go out and look for him. Woo is smart, he knows there was a clue dispensed at the reward and he just knows Spencer has it so he disappears into the jungle and finds a nice hiding spot within view of the only male Brain left in the game.

woo_ninjastealthmodeNinja stealth mode has been engaged! Spencer is digging through a muddy wall, but isn’t finding anything then he starts walking around the area, leaving behind his pants and the clue. Woo, of course, sees this and does a really good job of dipping out of the bushes to make it seem like he’s just out for a stroll after the rain. Spencer walks away from his pants, Woo casually walks over to them, picks them up and discovers the clue. Spencer notices and the CHASE IS ON! And LOL, Woo! Weaving through the jungle Sonic the Hedgehog style… I think Woo should be recruited for the “Nerd Army” just for that reference.

kass_backturnedSo Woo gets back to camp, out of breath and feeling victorious. He shares the clue with everyone in his alliance and a search party is formed. Spencer rallies his troops as well when he gets back to camp and the Mad Treasure Hunt begins. Even Morgan, the pillow person, is out looking for the Idol! Jeremiah says it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack; Spencer says stress is at a peak and Woo tells Kass to keep an eye on Spencer. My how the game has devolved, eh, Kass? My how Karma is a bitch, eh, Spencer? So, with Kass right there next to him, “watching his every move“, Spencer finally finds the Idol – he’s got his hand on it. As soon as Kass looks away, he slips it out of the mud and into his pocket and walks away.

spencertasha_concentrateImmunity Challenge: This one is all about endurance and balance; classic individual Immunity Challenge to set up at this point in the game to see how badly people want that necklace. In this challenge, each person must stand on a narrow, wooden beam and balance a block between their head and another beam above them. Before even a half an hour has passed, Kass, Jeremiah, Trish and Tony are out of the running. At the twenty-five minute mark, Jeff starts distracting everyone, bringing attention to the bugs swarming around them as they try to concentrate and focus. Shut up, Jeff! And blah blah blah, after an hour and a half, it’s down to just Tasha and Spencer…

Now, to address some of the Tweets I sent out last night during the show… Spencer should have thrown this Immunity to Tasha; he has an Idol of his own and at this point in the game, you don’t really want the label that comes with winning individual Immunity, especially if you have a hidden Idol already. If he lets Tasha win, she’ll have Immunity and he can play his Idol and possibly send the person they want out of the game, putting the numbers back on his side. Kass has proven that she’s a flipper, she’s told us she’s a free agent, so it is not out of the realm of possibility to get the Brains back in a voting block together. What do I know, though, right? Spencer wins immunity and everyone heads back to camp for the scramble before Tribal.

kass_noidolTony chalks Spencer’s win up to desperation and asks Kass if she thinks “they” have an idol – she says no, she doesn’t think they do. *smirk* Tasha’s name is brought up in the conversation of a possible target, but Tony thinks they should vote for the person least likely to have an idol and that person is Morgan. “They” won’t share an Idol with her – she’s useless, she doesn’t deserve to be in the game and people don’t like her. Everyone kind of agrees that this is a good plan A, but just in case there is some crazy nonsense again at Tribal, they agree that Tasha is the backup target. The only problem they face is Spencer and the Idol – if he found it and if he wants to use it.

kass_flipflopperOn the other side of the spectrum, talk is of voting for Kass or Tony. Tony could do something stupid at Tribal if they target him and maybe Kass is the one person on the island crazy enough to help them eliminate him. Spencer knows they need someone willing to flip so he can use the Idol successfully, (see what I mean about not winning that immunity and playing the Idol for someone else? Spencer gets it… Sort of…). So Spencer walks off to have a little chat with Kass. Would she consider voting with them? Kass reiterates that she is a free agent with no alliance and that she will seriously consider Spencer’s proposal. Tony’s name is brought up and Spencer makes good points. Kass doesn’t want to sit next to Tony in the end; he’s charming. Morgan is annoying, but she is not a threat – Morgan is luggage and a million dollars is a mighty hefty carrot to tangle in front of someone’s face. Kass loves “trial by ambush”, she says. Kass loves blindsides, she says. We’ll see what happens at Tribal, though.

morgan_sittinprettyTribal Council: After getting settled, Tony is the first person Jeff addresses: massive power shift, eh? Kass is quick to point out that SHE was the wind that blew through that last Tribal Council; she got chewed out, she got the cold shoulder from everyone who felt betrayed. Spencer admits that he did feel betrayed, that he got a little riled and out of hand, but he does respect big moves and he apologizes. Slick Spencer! Morgan’s uselessness is brought up and she admits that her cuteness has always worked to her advantage and boys are easily swayed into pampering her. She knows she’s not a threat and that people don’t like her – she’s not getting any jury votes. Trish agrees and says she could add to that list of Morgan’s faults and weaknesses.

tony_coconutsAt this point, Jefra starts talking about the alliance and that there’s no one on the bottom, which proves how little Jefra knows the game of Survivor. Tony says something on the subject of someone being on the bottom of the alliance, but I was typing notes so fast I didn’t catch it and it doesn’t matter. Jeff’s response is that Kass is unpredictable and Trish agrees that yeah, Kass could flip again, but her alliance has faith. Kass, AGAIN, points out that she has no alliance, no alliance was made and she doesn’t mind beating her friends when she goes to Vegas. Time to vote! As much as she talked about loving ambushing and blindsides, Chaos Kass isn’t much for chaos this episode and Morgan is voted out of the game. She should have went with the others to vote out Tony! He’s gonna Tyson up this game if they don’t get rid of him! And if he’s targeting my Woo next week… Oh man. I’m gonna be so mad if he goes home.

So! Next week! Same bat time, same bat channel. Survivor airs on CBS at 8/7c. You can recap every episode via our Your Reality Recaps video recaps (I’m in a couple!) and my blog. I also write about The Amazing Race and as always, check out my King of the Nerds blogs if you’ve never heard of the show so you’re ready for season three if TBS decides to renew it. There is also loads more awesome reality show content here so surf around when you’re done reading and see what else tickles your reality TV fancy.


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