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Sorry for the delay on this recap, yous guys! Big Brother is quickly wrapping up and I’ve been crazy swamped with real life! But here I am to update you on week eleven before we start the next to the last week of season 17! Meg and James were sent out week 10 in the double eviction episode and now someone else is about to become HOH and send another houseguest packing! I’m going to keep this fairly brief with just comp results and results of the nomination and veto ceremonies so this doesn’t get too long and drawn out! Read on to find out more…

As I said, allies Meg and James were both sent to the jury house and the battle for Head of Household is Steve wins the "Starting Lineup" #HOH comp #BB17underway once again to determine who will have the power this week to send out another houseguest. The houseguests all head to the backyard for the HOH competition. In “Starting Lineup,” the players are shown a rapid succession of baseball trading cards on the screen featuring evicted houseguests. They must determine which houseguest is not featured in the lineup and then quickly assemble a puzzle of that houseguest’s face and buzz in. The slowest to buzz in correctly in each round is eliminated. Vanessa is eliminated in the first round. Austin is knocked out of the second round, followed by Julia in the third round. It all comes down to Johnny Mac and Steve and John almost has this comp won, but he throws it to his boy Steve and lets him win because he feels a sense of security this week. There you have it: Steve is your new Head of Household for week 11!

Steve nominates Austin and Liz for eviction #BB17As Head of Household, Steve must nominate two houseguests for eviction this week. Everyone gathers around the dining room table as he announces his choices. He has decided to make a big move and he nominates Austin and Liz for eviction! Although, I wouldn’t really say this qualifies as that big of a move since the options are limited at this point in the game. But still, it’s nice to finally see the gruesome twosome finally feel the heat for a little while! Anyway, Steve tells them that this is nothing personal but it is the best move for his game. Liz starts getting all teary-eyed and walks out of the ceremony to go cry in the bedroom. LOL!

It’s now time for Wednesday’s episode and the Power of Veto competition! At this point, everyone plays in the comp since there are only six players remaining in the house. They all head out to the backyard wearing tutus in every color of the rainbow and see that they will be doing that “bowling” comp from season 14. And "Bowlerina" #POV comp #BB17who is hosting this comp? None other than Mr. Pectacular himself, Jesse Godderz from seasons 10 and 11! I’m afraid we will never see the end of this guy on Big Brother. LOL! The object of “Bowlerina” is for two players to face off at once and grab a handle and spin around 15 times. Once they do this, the gate on their bowling lane will lower and they have 15 seconds to knock down as many of their four pins as possible before the gate raises back up and they have to repeat the process. This is a knockout comp, so there is some strategy involved in picking whom to face off against. Up first is Liz versus Steve. and she knocks him out first. Next is Julia and Vanessa convinces her to challenge Austin. Unfortunately for Julia, this doesn’t work out in her favor as Austin knocks her out. Next is Vanessa against Austin and he knocks her out of the game as well. Finally, Johnny Mac faces off with Austin and he is knocked out as well. This means that Austin has won the Power of Veto!

Steve nominates Julia as the replacement nominee #BB17Now, it’s time for the veto meeting. Of course Austin will be using the veto to save himself. He’d be a big dumb gorilla if he didn’t, right? Wait a minute, he’s still a big dumb gorilla… but that’s beside the point. Steve now is faced with the decision of whom to nominate for eviction. He decides to name Julia as the replacement, and now either she or her twin Liz will be sent to the jury house! Finally, the triple threat is coming to an end as well as the Twin Twist.

Julia is evicted and sent to the jury house #BB17Finally, we move on to Thursday’s episode for the next live vote and eviction! No matter who gets evicted, the Twin Twist is finally over and a triple threat is gone. However, if these houseguests were smart, they would get rid of Liz because: a) she’s a comp threat, b) she’s got a twin, and c) she’s in a dirty, disgusting “fingermance” with Austin. She’s protected from all angles! Will they be that smart? Of course not. The houseguests unanimously vote to evict Julia. With a vote of 3-0, Julia walks out of the house to join the Big Brother jury! She must mistake this for RuPaul’s Drag Race, because she walks out of the house and sashays and shantes down the “runway” instead of walking right over to Julie right away. LOL!

"Under the Rainbow" #HOH comp #BB17The final five houseguests begin the next HOH competition called “Under the Rainbow.” This is the egg competition where they have to maneuver ten eggs through the wire and to the holders on the other side. Each houseguest is under a rainbow-colored arch and they have to grab an egg, work it over the top of the arch and down to the other side to the holder. The first one to get all 10 eggs in place will be the next HOH. There is also a special luxury space that will earn one houseguest a special trip out of the house! I’m going to do a little foreshadowing and say that this comp is geared toward someone with great fingers… and only a couple of people in the house fit that description, so… yeah.

What are your thoughts on this week? Who do you want to win the game and who do you think WILL win? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @vince1187.

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