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Shelli and Vanessa are nominated for eviction and one of them will be leaving the house and joining the jury. Plus, it’s the first DOUBLE EVICTION of the summer and a second houseguest will be headed to the jury house as well! Read on for all the details and I apologize in advance but I am a little PISSED at what went down, so… yeah.

These double eviction episodes are always fast-paced and we don’t always get a whole lot of backstory but we got a whole ten minutes or so of some of the drama that went down prior to the episode. Shelli plans to lay low after the POV meeting in order to keep the target on her as small as possible. Becky thinks she only needs four votes to get rid of Vanessa this week (James, Jackie, Meg and John plus her tiebreaker vote). While she is correct in theory, she should try and get MORE people on board with her in case one or more of her votes go the wrong way. But they didn’t teach Becky that in her retail management training. Meanwhile, psycho Vanessa just cannot fathom how Becky would go back on her word that she would not nominate Vanessa for eviction. Becky imitates Vanessa by pointing fingers #BB17Vanessa runs out to confront Becky in the backyard and tells her those were harsh words she said about her in the veto meeting. Becky isn’t one to stand for Vanessa’s bullsh*t and tells Vanessa that she was FORCED into agreeing to not nominate her. Vanessa tries to shirk responsibility for forcing them to promise not to evict her, and Becky ends the conversation right there. Good for Becky! I may not give Becky a whole lot of credit normally, but at least she doesn’t take crap from a psycho! Vanessa tries to get Steve to promise not to evict her and she gets pissed when he acts all sketchy about it. I swear, that woman has some major nerve to think everyone owes her the world! I can’t stand her!! UGH!!

It is time for the first live vote and eviction of the evening. Julie comes on the screen and tells the houseguests that tonight is double eviction night and that two of them will be joining the jury. Of course, they already suspected this because this show is that predictable. But I digress. She also reminds them that just Shelli is evicted and becomes the first member of the jury #BB17because they get evicted doesn’t mean they will stay out of the game. Shelli gives her final plea to the houseguests and gives a birthday shoutout to Jason! She also shouts out her family and of course Clay… typical Shelli crap for the most part. Then, it’s Vanessa’s turn… she stands up and gives a very long-winded soliloquy and I’m not too sure what all was said because I can’t stand listening to her, but the word “ethereal” was used. I’d rather headbutt a table saw than listen to her yammer on and on. (Have you figured out that I’m not personally a fan of hers?!) Everyone goes to the diary room one by one to cast their votes to evict. With a unanimous vote of 8-0 Shelli is the one evicted and the first member of the jury! Shelli leaves the house for a quick Shelli is interviewed by Julie after being evicted #BB17interview with the Chenbot. She admits that Vanessa is a good player and that she should never have felt safe in the house. She admits to feeling a little betrayed by Vanessa as well. Like Clay, Shelli doesn’t want to say she “loves” him yet. Leave it to Chenbot to ask the hard-hitting questions like “Do you love each other?” Fine journalist she is. Heh. Shelli says that if she gets back in the game she will likely align with Johnny Mac and Steve. Maybe Shelli getting back in the game may not be such a bad thing! Anything is better than Vanessa dominating all summer!

"Getting Loopy" #HOH #BB17It is time for a quick Head of Household competition! The houseguests were shown clips on the memory wall of various things that have happened in the house and they have to study every single detail because Steve wins #HOH during the #DoubleEviction #BB17they will be quizzed on these loops. “Getting Loopy” is a true-or-false competition and anyone who answers incorrectly is eliminated, obviously. After apparently trying to throw the competition, Steve wins HOH and will be responsible for immediately nominating two houseguests for eviction.

Steve nominates Meg and Jackie for eviction #BB17 #DoubleEvictionJulie calls all of the houseguests to the living room for Steve’s live nominations. With him being such an awkward loner in the house, no one knows what he is about to do. He names Jackie and Meg as the nominees for eviction. He says it’s nothing personal and he loves them all. Save it, Steve! You’re just letting Vanessa, Austin and the twins steamroll this whole damn game! Wake up and start paying attention! It’s probably too late, anyway. I hope you get evicted soon! (I’m a little mad, as you can see.)

"Slippery Slope" #POV #BB17It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. Everyone heads out to the backyard to a winter wonderland scene where Julie explains the rules of “Slippery Slope.” The six players (Steve, Meg, Jackie, John, James and Vanessa) have to roll their balls down a slope and get them into one of three holes. The first person to get all three balls into each of the holes will win the veto. There is a catch, though. You have to sink them in numerical order or you will be eliminated. Johnny Mac makes quick work of it and John wins the #POV in the #DoubleEviction #BB17buzzes in. THANK GOD something went right in this episode! At least my boy is safe from the double eviction! Everyone heads inside where NORMALLY there is quick game talk and strategy between the HOH and the POV holder. But not Steve! He’s so standoffish and weird that he apparently doesn’t vocalize his replacement nominee choice to John. John decides to not use the POV and to freeze the nominations because he isn’t sure what Steve’s plans are. Either Jackie or Meg will be leaving now. Cut to another commercial break where we see Steve walk out of the living room whining about how he needs a minute and can’t speak coherently. Uh, Steve you haven’t spoken coherently all week, to be quite honest. Plus, you have no right to be nervous! You aren’t the one about to be evicted!

Jackie is evicted and the second member of the jury #BB17It is time for the second live vote and eviction. Everyone casts their votes to evict in the diary room. The only vote to save Jackie came from Becky. Everyone else voted to evict her and by a vote of 6-1, Jackie is evicted and will be joining Shelli in the jury house! The game just got way more boring now that the minorities just lost yet another number! Mark my words, Vanessa or one of those twins will end up winning this whole game! The numbers just don’t seem to line up for anyone else to win at this point. I’m still pulling for Johnny Mac to win it all, but it’s seeming more and more impossible that it will happen! These fools better wake up and get Vanessa OUT!!

What were YOUR thoughts on this double eviction? You know MY thoughts! Comment below or tweet me @vince1187! We will be bitching about this one for a while!

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