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It has been a FABULOUS week to be a Big Brother fan… and we never get to say that! After a straight month of Shelli and Clay running the game (either from the HOH room or by controlling the HOH), they are both on the block! Head of Household James held all the power this week after winning the POV. He left the nominees the same and now either Clay or Shelli will be leaving. But the point is… they are finally being split up! Read on to get the full scoop on the sixth eviction of the summer!

Clay and Shelli cry in bed after the veto meeting #BB17Of course, we begin with the fallout from the veto meeting. Liz is glad that the other pair (Clelli) is on the block instead of her and her twin. James is confident that his crew is on board with getting Shelli (the actual threat) out of the house this week. Meanwhile, Clay and Mommy Shelli are snuggled up in the bed crying and holding a candlelight vigil for the death of their 2-month-long love affair… or whatever you wanna call it. Vanessa is flying high on “that stuff” again (kidding… calm down) and is going to try and get everyone to see that Shelli should be kept and Clay should be sent out this week. James talks with Austin out in the backyard and tells him that ClayAustin, Vanessa and Liz in the backyard #BB17 and Shelli told him that Austin was responsible for the wonky votes and that Austin told Liz to put him up during her short reign as HOH. Austin talks to Liz and Vanessa later on and tells them about his convo with James. He adds that James told him about their alliance (he didn’t actually). He’s telling her this in order to make him and Vanessa as tight as possible moving forward in the game. Vanessa, unable to keep her mouth shut, runs with this tidbit of information straight to Shelli, who of course denies the whole thing. Shelli runs to the rest of the alliance and tries to clear the air with them because she wants to continue working with them.

A meeting of the minds in the HOH room #BB17There’s a big meeting in the HOH room discussing the eviction votes. All James wants is for them to get Shelli out this week. However, Austin and Vanessa want to campaign to get everyone to keep Shelli this week. James says there is “nothing more wrathful than the scornful of a woman” (LOL WUT)… translation being that he thinks Shelli will turn into a vengeful mega threat once her boy toy Clay is sent packing this week. Jackie and James talk alone after everyone else leaves and Jackie says that she doesn’t like that Vanessa is campaigning to keep Shelli and that Austin seems to be on board with that as well. Jackie isn’t stupid, y’all! She knows what’s up and she doesn’t like it.

BB16 final two Derrick and Cody discuss #BB17 and their lives after Big BrotherLast season’s winner and runner-up, Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore, meet up to discuss this season of the show and their lives since then. They’ve remained close friends since the end of the season. Derrick took his winnings to take his family on vacation and get a college fund started for his little girl. Cody, on the other hand, has gone back to his modeling career. Derrick seems to be rooting for James this season since he isn’t afraid to make the big moves and get threats out. They also cannot believe that the guys this season are wiling to give up their whole game and be evicted for the girls. Cody seems to think that Becky is still pretty hot even though she took a train to the face. But the only important thing about this segment is that we got to see Cody and his brother shirtless again!! *drools*

Clay Honeycutt is the sixth person evicted from the #BB17 houseIt is time for the live vote and eviction. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for as Clelli is finally being split up. They both give their final pleas to the houseguests which really aren’t pleas at all… they give the usual shoutouts to their family and proclaim their love for one another, blah blah blah. One by one, everyone files in to the diary room to cast their votes to evict. No surprise, this was a unanimous vote to evict Clay. By a vote of 9-0, Clay is the sixth person to leave the Big Brother house. When Julie announces the vote, Clay and Shelli spend what seems like an eternity hugging and sobbing and he even sniffs her hair (extensions) and it’s really gag-inducing. He finally gets to steppin’ and walks out to the stage to be interviewed by the Chenbot. As his picture fades to black and white, Shelli is standing at the memory wall sobbing Evictee Clay Honeycutt is interviewed by Julie Chen #BB17hysterically as though a firing squad was lined up outside to execute Clay as soon as he walked out. Julie says that he must really love Shelli to sacrifice a half-million dollars. He says that this is her dream and that he is okay with leaving to give her the shot to win. Julie says that he’s only known her for 50 days and asks if he thinks this is really the real deal between the two of them. Secretly, we all know that Julie is also thinking that he’s an idiot for giving up like this. I was living for the lowkey shade she threw at him in this interview. What I was not living for is the fact that Clay implied that Meg was a whore in the house when he obviously didn’t have any complaints when he was in the bathroom feelin’ up on them titties. But I digress… the point is is that Clay is finally gone and a power duo in the house has been split up. Props to James for having the balls to make the big move this week!

"Midway Mayhem" #HOH competition #BB17Once again, we are getting another endurance Head of Household competition! This is the all-too-familiar slippery slope, fill-up-the-bucket-with-liquid challenge that carries over to the live feeds. But before they begin, Julie congratulates them because from this point forward, every evictee will become a member of the jury. But she hints that just because they get evicted, doesn’t necessarily mean they are out of the game. That’s right, there’s probably going to be another jury competition between four of the jurors to get back into the game. Let’s start a prayer circle that if Vanessa or Shelli get the boot, they won’t be coming back! The name of the HOH competition is “Midway Mayhem.” They are supposed to fill up the funnel with as much liquid as possible "Midway Mayhem" #HOH competition #BB17and fill up their gas tanks. As it fills, three balls will rise to the top. They have a decision to choose either a “Never Not” pass, $5000 or the HOH. It is possible for someone to win all three prizes, but as soon as the HOH is claimed, the game will end. We will find out in the next episode who wins the HOH! Julie also announces to us that next Thursday will be the first LIVE DOUBLE EVICTION of the summer! Those are always tense but fun to watch as a whole week of gameplay unfolds in one hour!

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