BBCAN5 Week 8 Live Feed Updates and Recap Part 2


Before we get to the triple eviction, it’s important to note that there was a #DreExposedParty on Wednesday night before the eviction that was trending on Twitter. Dillon became sketched out by Dre because Dre flip-flopped all week about keeping Ika. Dre became infuriated when William told her that Ika said that Dre would target Kevin, which is the truth. Dre didn’t want William to know that was her plan, so she went to Dillon and told him she is voting Ika out. Dre then came into the blue bedroom and she and William began speaking French in front of Dillon. Dillon asked them to speak in English, and they told him they needed 5 minutes. Dillon, Karen, Demetres and Ika then met in the kitchen and compared notes on Dre. They realized that she has been manipulating all of them, and Karen and Dillon promise that they are keeping Ika. They decide that Dre needs to go as soon as possible, but that they need to act like nothing is wrong for the time being. William is freaking out because he wants to vote with Karen and Dillon. Dre says she’s voting Ika out even if it is 4 to 1. Ika is stunned by the revelations because she has been so close to Dre from Day 1 of the game, and she had no idea that Dre was playing her.

Episode 23:

Jackie campaigns to Dre, but Dre tells her that she didn’t know they would be in this position. She says in DR that even though she has been campaigning to get the vets out, she thinks that keeping Ika is best for her game.

Ika campaigns to William, promising not to put him on the block. Ika is frustrated because she and Demetres have kept William and Dre safe from the beginning of the game, and now she can’t even get his vote!? She jumps up and down on the DR chair, saying “Give me your vote.” The studio audience laughs.

Bruno arrives to jury, and Sindy is pissed at him. She told Neda that Bruno didn’t tell her not to put Neda on the block. Bruno says he came upstairs and told her not to do it. He knew that she came to jury and blamed him to make peace with Neda. After some time, the three are roasting marshmallows and Sindy says her is burnt like their games.

Next, we see Sindy and Demetres test drive of the Toyota 86. She says there is some bitterness with everyone on the same playing field. She tells him that the jury sees him as Ika’s lapdog, but he’s doing great with comp wins, but wants to know what he’s done that seems like his decision and not Ika’s. When he returns to the house, he’s in a mood, but he’s not allowed to tell anyone about the conversation with Sindy. Ika can tell something is wrong, and he round-about says that he needs to make sure that he is making game decisions.

Time for the first eviction:

Jackie says that it was clear just a few days ago that the queen and her soldier needed to be split up. Now’s your chance. Take it. Ika’s speech is lit. She says when you take a shot at the baddest bitch in the house, you better make sure you hit because when I shoot, I hit my target. She points to Dre and the crowd goes wild. Jackie is evicted 4 to 1 with Dre voting against Ika. Jackie says to give her 1 week Ika-free, then get that bitch out. Arisa asks Jackie what that was about and Jackie starts fake crying because she’s the perpetual victim. So glad ‘Flip Flop Floaterville’ is gone!

Arisa alerts the houseguests that tonight is a Triple Eviction, and Kevin freaks out since that’s how he left in Season 3. He can’t play in the HOH just like last time.

The HOH competition is Real News vs. Fake News regarding past competitions. In only 4 questions, Demetres wins his 6th competition of the season. Ika and Demetres discuss nominations and William and Dre are obviously going up. Kevin joins them and says that they are going to final 3 as Business Partners. Ika and Demetres say they can’t put up Dillon and Karen after their talk last night. She says they do control the votes, though. She asks what he wants to do. He decides to put Kevin up with Dre and William.

The Veto competition is Off the Blocks. Houseguests must run an obstacle course and find blocks to fit in their toy block holder. The blocks coincide with houseguests that got off the block with vetoes. Kevin wins the veto and tells Demetres that he screwed up his game by nominating him. During the commercial break, Kevin pulls Karen in the pantry and tells her about the Business Partners and says that they can control the votes and save Dillon. Karen is upset because she loves William, but she wants to save Dillon. She agrees with Kevin. He says that he will target Demetres and Ika in the final 5 HOH.

When feeds come on after the show, we see that Kevin won the Final 5 HOH, which had questions about the speeches that houseguests made throughout the season. Kevin had those memorized. He tells Dillon he is in a good spot because he is leaving him off the block. When Kevin is called to the DR, Karen, Dillon, Demetres and Ika say that this was their ideal final 4 and it sucks that one of them will be leaving. Ika and Demetres know that they will be going on the block.

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