BBCAN5 Week 8 Live Feed and Episodes Recap Pt. 1


Episode 21:
Beginning from where we left off after Bruno’s eviction, houseguests are competing in the Pressed for Power HOH competition. Dillon is doing his best to get into the other houseguests’ heads by being disruptive, saying he can do this all night long, he’s bored and so on. In short, he’s being a douchebag, trying the same tactics that he used to win Buzzkilled. Big Brother sends down cold rain on the houseguests. Karen drops first. Ika drops about 20 minutes later, and Jackie starts slipping with the second round of rain. Dillon slips and lets out a loud groan. When it’s down to just William, Dre and Kevin, Kevin tells them that they will both be safe from the block for the week. William immediately drops out of the comp. Dre holds out, trying to make it look convincing for Ika and Demetres. She looks strong compared with Kevin. She says in the DR that she doesn’t want to win this HOH, but she tries to make it look convincing to Ika and Demetres. She makes it look like 1 of her weights slips, and she’s out of the comp with Kevin becoming the new HOH.

Since they were the first 3 out of the competition, Karen, Ika and Jackie are Have Nots. Jackie has a Slop Pass, so she just must sleep in the cave but can eat food. Karen has a tough time with trying to be a Have Not trying to make a pallet on the cave floor and making the houseguests laugh as she tries to get comfortable. She asks Dillon to help her with the slop, and he promises to help her get through the week.
Ika sets out to make up with Kevin and try to build an alliance between him, her and Demetres, explaining that they are shields in front of him and will work together to keep him safe next week. She asks him to let her know before nominations if they are going on the block. Ika asks Dre to put in work for her this week, not knowing that Dre has been working against her for the last few weeks.

Dre has a conversation with Kevin, with the edited version that made it into the episode making it seem like she only told Kevin that he was positioned to make a move against Ika and Demetres. On the feeds, she lays out a very truthful view of Kevin’s position in the game, telling him that Dillon is never going to get over Kevin not using the POV during William’s HOH, that Karen has been after him since the beginning of the game and that Jackie is pissed that Bruno and Kevin turned against her during Demetres’ HOH. She tells him that Kevin and William are the next big targets after Ika and Demetres. He appreciates her honesty. Kevin also knows from last week that Dre doesn’t like him because she told him straight to his face.

The houseguests are tasked with Dare or Darer by Big Brother. If they complete the dares, they will receive a pizza party with beer including the Have Nots. Demetres is tasked with cutting off an item of clothing with scissors, and he cuts off his underwear. Karen must lick whipped cream off Kevin’s face, which is hysterical because she has disliked him since week 1 and says she can still taste him when she is done. Finally, Dillon and Dre must kiss for 20 seconds. The houseguests succeed and have the pizza party.

The revolving door of houseguests that want to speak to Kevin begins. Jackie speaks to Kevin and tells him that Ika scares the shit out of her and she wants her on the block. Kevin tells Jackie that he doesn’t like how his conversations with her come back to him verbatim. Jackie says that she is just too honest sometimes. (Ha!) As she leaves, Kevin says that out of everyone left, he respects Jackie’s game the least. Karen is next, and while she doesn’t directly drop any names, she says it seems that the empire is falling, a veiled reference to Ika and Demetres. Demetres goes in and makes Kevin an appealing offer: if he is HOH next week, he will not put Kevin up as a front or backdoor target or if someone else puts Kevin on the block and if Demetres wins Veto, he will pull Kevin off the block. Kevin lets Demetres know that everybody is throwing he and Ika under the bus.

Even before nominations, when Ika learns that everyone is telling Kevin to put her and Demetres on the block, she decides to make herself into the bigger target by “Ika-fying” the house. She goes to the bedroom where Jackie and Dre are hanging out, says she just wants to talk to her friends. She tells them that she knows that they threw her under the bus to Kevin. Jackie says that she told Kevin that she thinks Ika is very manipulative. Last week, Ika and Demetres called a truce with Jackie and kept her off the block, even when the Secret POV was used. Ika tells her that she didn’t seem to feel that way last week, to which Jackie replies that she was faking it. Ika tells them that they better get her out of the house because it will be HELL if she stays. Jackie says that Ika already put her through hell the first few weeks of the game. Ika tells her that was nothing. She tells her that she goes to sleep dreaming of revenge. Next, Ika thanks Karen for throwing her under the bus, but Karen responds that she didn’t drop any names to Kevin.
Ika tells Demetres that she just made herself into a bigger target than him by creating conflict among the houseguests. He tells her to stop, but she tells him that he wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for being attached to her, and she did it to make sure he gets further in the game. Kevin denies saying that everyone threw them under the bus in front of Dre, but Ika tells him that’s not what he said earlier.

On the feeds, Kevin had a much tougher time deciding who to nominate than was shown in this episode. He was laying out scenarios with Oreo’s, and realized that the other houseguests were getting a free ride if he nominates Ika and Demetres. He even went to them 5 minutes before nominations and let them know that he realizes he needs them both in the game to get further IF he can trust them moving forward.
Kevin considers Dre, Jackie, Demetres and Ika as nominees, but ultimately decides to make the house happy instead of making the best game move and nominates Demetres and Ika.

Episode 22:
Players are picked for the POV competition: Kevin, Ika, Demetres, Dillon, Jackie and Dre. During picking the veto players, when Ika pulls Jackie’s chip, she drops it in the floor and stomps on it. Jackie flicks her hair at Ika. Dre says that she knows that she’s been trying to get the vets out, but seeing Ika on the block breaks her heart, and she feels like it’s best for her game if Ika stays. She sees Ika in the bathroom and hugs her as she is crying.

For the Toyota 86 POV Challenge, it’s a timed individual competition. Players need to remember facts from the Paquette’s brothers video played for them a couple of weeks ago. They also had to remember facts that they learned at the beginning of the game from cards hidden throughout the car.

Each player must complete 3 tasks. First, they must read from a teleprompter doing a commercial in the car with multiple choice options that they must correctly guess. Second, they must put facts from the video in order in which they were mentioned. Finally, they must complete a large round puzzle. Ika had the slowest time, and Demetres won the POV and a test drive of the car with the juror of his choice. Kevin celebrates in the HOH room that he perfectly threw that competition and that Demetres now looks like a bigger threat than him going into next week. What a sneaky, snaky player. Dre told Ika that if Demetres is a gentleman, he will use the POV on her. Otherwise, she’s afraid that Ika will be voted out. Ika says no he shouldn’t use the POV on her. He earned it.

The houseguests are given a party. The Have Nots are able to eat with a spread of burgers, pizza and beer. Lots and lots of beer. Everyone is dancing, and Kevin lays a big kiss on William in the hot tub. Dillon catches Ika and Demetres kissing. He asks Demetres for a kiss, which he eventually give him. Dillon kisses everyone, and when he asks Jackie for a kiss, Jackie says she wants to kiss Ika. They kiss.

The next day, Ika starts singing “Oh, Canada.” She then tells us in the DR that she is Jamaican, but that her mother came to Canada to work to save money to bring Ika to Canada while Ika remained in Jamaica with her grandmother. She says immigrants make Canada a great country because they often leave their own children to care for other people’s children and take cleaning jobs. She tearfully explains her patriotism for Canada and how proud she was to get her citizenship. She loves the opportunities, education and success that being Canadian has given her. She and Karen bond of their shared experience of getting their Canadian citizenship and no longer feeling like guests in the country. It was nice to see the softer side of Ika.

Dre says to Demetres that he needs to save Ika with the veto just prior to the ceremony. Ika didn’t have anything to do with that conversation, and it sketched Demetres out about Dre. She said she thought it would be easier to rally votes for Demetres, but Demetres is not a fool. She tells him that Dillon is more likely to keep him over Ika. He has the most comp wins of the season and sees that Dre is trying to manipulate him.

Karen says that she needs make sure that “Kevin Robert Martin” doesn’t put her up as a replacement nominee. She doesn’t trust him and has wanted him out the whole game. He asks that he no longer be blacklisted, and she says that lines of communication and negotiations are open. She tells him that Jackie is Flip Flop Floaterville.

Demetres uses the POV on himself, and Jackie is named the replacement nominee. Cue the on-demand tears. It’s her 4th time on the block. Boo freakin’ hoo, Jackie. Your tears don’t work on the houseguests or the audience anymore. We see your game, and nobody likes it.

On the episode, it was made to look like Ika really wanted Demetres to use the veto on her, but on the feeds it was clear that she wanted him to use it on himself. I think the producers wanted a storyline to include in this episode with Ika’s DR about having Demetres use the veto to save her.

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