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Episode 15:
Big Brother treats us with the drama that went down with Neda during the double eviction and with her game up until she was sent to jury. She led the charge to send home Dallas, Cassandra and Gary. We see the progressive fractures within The 6. She pressured Sindy not to put her on the block. She told her to put up Karen so that Dillon would go home. When she sees that is not working, she outs The 6 to Dre. Ika already told Dre about the alliance earlier that day, although she positioned it in a way that made it sound like she had been protecting Dre and William, which is actually true.

We see the extended version of what went down in the pantry during the commercial breaks. Sindy says in her DR that this is her opportunity to take Neda out. Both Sindy and Ika felt that Neda’s ego was off the charts during her immunity. Back to the pantry, Neda tells Bruno that she is going to blow up the alliance to the whole house. What a selfish move! What about Sindy, Bruno and Kevin after you do that? During the votes, Neda continuously tried to blow up Ika’s game with Dre and William, saying that Ika came back and told The 6 everything that Dre and William said about them. Demetres tells Neda that she didn’t even last an hour after her immunity was up as he goes in to vote. After it’s revealed that Neda has been evicted, Dre tells Neda that she believes what she said. Ika has some work to do to rebuild trust in that relationship. After the double, Ika tells Dre to pretend that she’s pissed at her.

Next, it’s time for the edited version of Buzzkilled. It’s a mental endurance competition. With how it was hyped on Twitter and on the live show, you probably thought you were in for an intense endurance competition. Instead, the houseguests are standing behind podiums with buzzers on top. If you stayed up and watched the competition aired live on the feeds, you know Big Brother had to do some work to make the competition seem more exciting than it really was. They edited out most Dillon’s begging. (And the constant heavy mouth breathing).

Dillon’s tactic at first was to be as annoying as possible. Demetres was falling for it. He started doing squats and calf raises to pass the time. When the siren goes off, Demetres is the first one eliminated. Big Brother placed all the houseguests on slop all day on Thursday, so the first incentive they provide is Chinese takeout and beer. Most of the houseguests aren’t falling for it, but Dillon runs back and forth to the table and engulfs 7 spring rolls and chugs a beer. He looks like a seal eating a fish. William and Kevin both grabbed one spring roll each. When the buzzer goes off, Karen is eliminated. Too bad she didn’t get anything to eat! Next, Big Brother hides 6 Have cards throughout the house. When the next siren sounds, Ika is eliminated. She, Sindy, Karen and Demetres get the first 4 cards. William runs to get a card and makes it back to his buzzer. Dre waits for the siren, buzzes in and runs to get the last Have card. Jackie was eliminated during that round, and still ended up a Have Not with Bruno and Kevin.

Once Dre returns to her podium, only she, William, Kevin, Bruno and Dillon are left in the competition. Then the #DillonHasANiece begging starts and goes on and on incessantly for those of us that watched the comp on live feeds. Dillon states that his targets will be Demetres, Ika and Sindy. Those targets are enough to get Bruno and Kevin on board since they want Ika and Demetres out of the house. Next, Big Brother hides $2K throughout the house, and Bruno, William, Dre and Kevin go to hunt for the cash while Dillon stays at his podium. Even though those 4 were being worn down by #DillonHasANiece begging, Dre and William weren’t keen on Dillon’s named targets, so they have yet to accept the deal. Emily went out on William’s HOH when Kevin didn’t use the POV, and Dre has no trust in either Kevin or Bruno.

The siren sounds as Bruno, Kevin, Dre and William were searching for the cash. Bruno comes back to his podium and buzzes in, which makes Dre mistrustful of the proposed deal. She and William buzz in, and Kevin is eliminated. Dre says she wants a new deal. Kevin is worried that he is no longer included in the deal. She gets Dillon to agree to allow her to have input in his nominations. Then, she, William and Bruno agree to the deal and sit down. Ika asks Dre if she is sure she wants to quit the comp.

Next, Big Brother hides a Safety card in the house. Dre, William and Bruno go to search for it. William finds it. On the live competition, those 3 started to do Rock, Paper, Scissors, but Big Brother shut it down because since William found the card, he is the one with Safety for the week. Dillon wins the competition by default by begging for it. It was disappointing on live feeds because it had been hyped on Twitter and during the live show. It lasted from about 10:30 p.m. until well past 4 a.m. The prizes were getting progressively better, and there were still 3 rounds to go when Dillon got the houseguests to drop out. We’ll never know what other prizes or incentives were going to be offered, and this was certainly not what production had in mind as the end of this competition. Dillon kept picking up his microphone and telling Big Brother to hurry up and sound the buzzer repeatedly. Who the hell made him have any say in production? I’m shocked they didn’t shut him down. The edited version was better because we didn’t have to listen to Dillon’s #HeavyMouthBreathing. It sounds like he snores when he is awake.

After the HOH comp, Ika asks Dre why she dropped out. Dre says that she assumed that Bruno has Ika’s back. Ika tells Dre that he doesn’t have her back; he’s with Sindy because she’s the more obedient than Ika. She says that Bruno will keep Sindy off the block. Dre says she’ll be able to talk Dillon into keeping Ika off the block.

We get to see that #DillonHasANiece as he ugly cries. In his defense, he and his mom share custody of her because his sister has a drug problem. That makes him a standup guy. As the houseguests begin to make their rounds to Dillon, Ika and Demetres’ goal is to keep from being nominated together. As Demetres is speaking with Dillon, Jackie opens the door on them. They both say that she is super sketchy. Demetres says that if he makes it through this week, they can press reset and work together. Dillon indicates that he will likely nominate Jackie next to Demetres and that Jackie will be his target. Dre tells Dillon that Ika is her girl, but Demetres can go because then it would just be her and Ika. She doesn’t like Jackie and is fine with him nominating those two.

During the nomination ceremony, Dillon follows through with nominating Demetres and Jackie. He tells Demetres that he called him out in Week 1 and nominated him in Week 2. He tells Jackie that she is two-faced, and he doesn’t trust her. He befriended her when she was at her lowest point in the game. He says that every person that has gotten close to her has gone home, including Emily. Jackie is dumbfounded, but none of the other houseguests are surprised by Dillon’s assessment.

Episode 16:
Jackie speaks with Dillon after the nomination ceremony. He tells her that he knows that she threw he and Emily’s names out to William during his HOH. He doesn’t trust her. She lies and says that she didn’t throw their names out. He tells her that everyone that she gets close to leaves, including Emily. Jackie is equivalent to cats at nursing homes that go to patients’ rooms when they are about to die.

For the Out of Orbit POV comp, the players are Dillon, Jackie, Demetres, Ika, William and Sindy with Dre as the host. This is a physical and mental endurance comp with each player needing to get their orange ball to make a rotation around their circular track and catch the ball 300 times. If the ball drops, their counters reset to 0. Dillon lost his shit during the comp when he dropped the ball repeatedly, yelling and angrily throwing his ball, which frightened William. Both Kevin and Bruno are shocked by his reaction to frustration since he’s a pro athlete. Demetres wins the POV.

After the comp, Sindy made some comments to Dillon about having a higher score than him. She is being shady with an S, asking if Ika would be the replacement nom and if she would have been his other option. She is being fake towards him, and he sees straight through her. Clearly, he doesn’t react well to underperforming in a competition. He figured out a new way to express his frustration: make Sindy the replacement nominee and this week’s new target.

Dillon announces that the houseguests must clean the Odyssey from top to bottom. Really this is just a rouse to send one lucky houseguest on a scavenger hunt. William is the lucky houseguest that finds the clue. He is then led around the house to find other clues. Finally, he has to hit the blue star in the pantry. Once he does, a robotic arm comes out and gives him his final clue: go to the forbidden zone and he will find a secret power. He enters the Odyssey’s black hole and then he finds a Secret Power of Veto that can be used this week or next week. William decides he will save it for next week.

After the POV Ceremony when Sindy is named the replacement nominee, she spends 2 days trashing Ika and Demetres to William and then to Dre. She doesn’t even campaign to Demetres or Ika. She tells William and Dre that Kevin didn’t use the POV on Dillon because Ika told him about the plan to backdoor Bruno during William’s HOH. This further erodes Dre’s trust in Ika.

Houseguests are given an opportunity to earn an advantage in the upcoming HOH competition with a Participaction challenge, which encourages Canadians to exercise. The first one to reach 1,500 steps on their Fitbit wins. The houseguests begin taking steps, running, doing jumping jacks and Karen is shown taking a bathroom break during the competition. She says that she is 53 years old woman, so when she needs pee, she can’t wait. She wins the advantage.

Sindy was evicted by a vote of 6 to 1 with Kevin giving her a sympathy vote. Incidentally, she blindsided Jordan in Season 3 and then joined him in jury the following week. Obviously, the same thing happened with Neda. It was also her birthday on Thursday.

Feeds update: Sindy talks with Ika and Demetres on eviction day, but can’t manage to pull Kevin, Bruno, Ika and Demetres together to promise they won’t target each other and can work together as a group of 5. Sindy exposes Jackie’s ‘truce’ with Ika and Demetres was fake and that she will put them up if she wins HOH, which leads to Ika confronting Jackie who cries (on command) that she only partnered up with Kevin and Bruno because they were in the cave together. Unfortunately for Sindy, she spoke with Demetres and Ika too late to do anything about their votes. If she’d spoken to them a day earlier, she would’ve stayed over Jackie because they could’ve changed the target. She only needed to remain true to the 5 remaining members of The 6, but she went the shady route by spilling tea about Ika to Dre and William.

The Participation HOH comp begins with houseguest having to transfer 150 rocks over sets of stairs. Karen only must transfer 75 rocks since she won the advantage. The HOH will be played in 3 parts with only 4 houseguests advancing to Part 2. Please come back and check out my spoiler blog early next week to learn who wins the HOH, nominations, POV and POV ceremony results. The ceremony is sure to be interesting with William’s black hole secret Veto power in play.

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