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Demetres won the 3-part ParticipACTION HOH comp with it coming down to him verses Bruno in round 3. Apparently, he won by just a few seconds. The night before the eviction, Kevin and Bruno realized they were in a bad spot with 5 people in the middle feeling comfortable and feeding them information about Ika and Demetres and vice versa. During the competition, Bruno told Ika that they needed to press reset as this is a new week.

Dre and Dillon spent a lot of time with Demetres and Ika, lulling them into a final 4. However, Dre is also running around the house saying to Jackie, William and Dillon that they may need to target Ika and Demetres next week. Karen already wants to get all the vets out. During Demetres 3rd HOH room reveal, Dillon commented that he is a comp beast in front of all the houseguests. Dre and Dillon are playing the middle, which is the same thing that Dre is pissed at Ika and Demetres for doing. Only in Ika and Demetres’ case, they have never told houseguests to target her and William. Dillon and Demetres shook on a final 4 deal after Demetres won last week’s POV.
Kevin and Bruno make a good pitch to Ika and Demetres. They explain that the 5 newbies are sitting in the middle of the house feeling totally safe while feeding both Ika and Demetres and Kevin and Bruno information about each other to make them go after each other. Since Demetres can’t play in the next HOH, the numbers make sense the way Kevin and Bruno explain it. Earlier in the day, Karen made a flippant comment about newbies verses vets and the vets not being entitled to play again verses newbies. Ika said, “I’m a vet.” Karen backtracked saying that she didn’t include Ika in that since they’ve had a good relationship since the beginning of the game, but those comments stuck with Ika. She and Dre discussed Karen’s paranoia and creating it within other players in the game. They say if something happens with nominations, Karen should be the backdoor option.

Jackie is furious that Kevin and Bruno spoke to Ika and Demetres without her being since they formed an alliance called “The Peasants” last week with the purpose of taking down Queen Ika. Kevin and Bruno didn’t share that information with Ika and Demetres, but they did tell them that Jackie came to them right after calling a truce and told them about it, saying that she wouldn’t honor it. She says she will put them up if she wins the next HOH. Ika told Jackie that she will see by their actions that they are honoring the truce and they expect the same from her next week. Jackie promised she wouldn’t go back on her word with them if they don’t put her up this week. She cried on command. Again.

Even though they gave a good pitch, Demetres is in a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t position. He nominates Bruno and Kevin. They are set on Kevin going home at first.

Dre is saying that she couldn’t be the one to put up Ika and Demetres and doesn’t know if next week is the right time. Meanwhile, she is continuing to hang around with Demetres and Ika and is constantly reassured by Ika that the 3 of them are who matters most to her in the game. She trusts them 100% and will protect them. There were videos from home, and Dillon’s family said something about Karen. Dre and Ika think that this will have weight with him and that Karen and Dillon are getting closer, pulling him away from their final 4 deal. They wonder if they should try to get Karen out this week to make sure Dillon sticks with them.

For the POV comp, the players are: Demetres, Bruno, Kevin, Ika, Dre and William. The comp was 100 minutes in heaven and houseguests had to try to count to 100 minutes while Angels dropped things like bunnies and rats on them while they lay in coffins. William wins the POV. So, William has 2 POVs he can use this week, with one of them being the Secret POV that he found in the Black Hole.

Of course, William wants to use the POV on Kevin, but Dre, Demetres and Ika don’t want him to use it so that they can send Bruno out the door. Ika tells Kevin that she, William and Dre will vote to keep him in the house and Demetres can break the tie to send Bruno out. They make a deal with Kevin that they would like to build trust with him and all promise their votes to him in exchange for William not using the POV. They obviously didn’t know about the Secret POV, but they soon found out at the POV Ceremony. Kevin promises that he won’t put any of them up if he wins Thursday’s HOH comp.

During the ceremony, William sticks with not using the POV that he won, but he does use the Secret POV to pull Kevin off the block. This was a risky move for William, as he could’ve been the replacement nominee. With no time to prepare, Demetres is forced to name a replacement nominee. It’s Karen because he believes that Bruno will go home if he is sitting next to her.

Karen loses her shit on most of the houseguests. She yells at Jackie, thinking she is the one that found the Secret POV. She is angry at Demetres and Ika for putting her on the block. She is snapping at Dre. She believes that everyone has formed an alliance to get her out this week. If she keeps acting like this, she may be leaving on Thursday. Although the plan is to evict Bruno, Karen’s paranoia is more intense than any that I’ve seen on Big Brother. She literally believes that she is going on the block every week. At least she’s not complacent, that is until Demetres is forced to pick a replacement nom. Then she lays in the bed telling everyone she knows she is going home. Houseguests are second guessing keeping her because she is already defeated and saying she doesn’t trust anyone, except for Dillon. He tells her that she should chill out and stop going off on people. She says to Dre that this is basically like an instant eviction because she didn’t get to fight for POV. Dre tells her that she has 3 days to campaign. Karen continues to insist that she knows she’s going home on Thursday. This pisses Dre off, especially because Karen has been dropping Dre’s name to Dillon, asking if he can truly trust her.

Certainly, Kevin and Bruno will try to save Bruno from eviction, and there are some opportunities to pull votes with Karen rubbing many of the houseguests the wrong way. If Kevin can pull William in to vote for Bruno, it takes only 4 votes to stay this week or 3 with Demetres as the tie-breaker. There is a lot of game left to be played this week.

Dre spoke with Dillon on Monday night saying that they should move forward with the final 4 that they have with Demetres and Ika. Dre is sitting in the best spot in the house right now as she has the 4 with Ika, Demetres and Dillon and she has the newly formed 5 with Kevin, William, Ika, and Demetres. She seems to have changed her mind about going after Ika and Demetres in the short term. Most houseguests want to go after Jackie, Karen and Kevin in the next 3 evictions. Dre’s name hasn’t even been mentioned as a target, except by Kevin and Bruno. The targets may change as the houseguests scramble to align since Kevin is staying. If Karen doesn’t lessen the paranoia and anger, Bruno may stay this week. #TeamFunFeeds is seeing Karen on the block.

Monday night, Demetres was given a punishment by William during the POV. I think it involved having to take an ice bath and then took him out of the HOH room to sleep in a cave dressed as a bear until Thursday. Tuesday night, Dre, Demetres, Ika and Dillon sit down for a chat at Demetres’ cave. Ika informs Dillon that they need to get Kevin out next because he is a snake. She says that they will have to nominate William next to Kevin so that William doesn’t pull Kevin off of the block if he wins the veto. Ika explains that Kevin has told her that he will likely put up Dillon and Karen. Ika said she told Dre about it, and that they wanted to fill him in so that the 4 of them can move forward together.

Afterwards, Dre pulls Dillon into the pantry and says that she knows that what Ika is saying about putting William and Kevin on the block is true, but she also thinks that Ika may have embellished what Kevin said. She says that she’s not sure if she can put either pair on the block herself, but she might have to if she wins HOH. Dillon tells her to sleep on it, and they can decide what needs to be done on Wednesday. He tells her that she keeps flip-flopping. Feeds have been off the chain with Dre firmly riding her spot in the middle and considering putting up her two closest allies. Wednesday will be an interesting day as neither Bruno nor Karen have been campaigned, but Bruno said that he has something up his sleeve. Expect Wednesday and Thursday morning to be more #TeamFunFeeds as the drama continues to unfold.

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