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The last remaining showmance of the season will be split up tonight. Julie says that broken promises led to drama. Understatement.

Alex was in the storage room with Jason for 20 minutes while they were supposedly fighting about his unilateral decision to not use the veto on Raven. She knew before the veto meeting that he wasn’t using the veto, despite her best efforts to throw Kevin under the bus. She jokingly punches him, eats an apple as Jason is trying to wait for Matt and Raven to calm down before he emerges from the storage room. What a wuss. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone not be brave enough to stand in the truth of their game moves while HOH.

When Matt and Raven come inside from the yard, they confront Jason. He says he doesn’t remember telling Raven that he was pulling her off the block. Jason says in DR, “I 100% did not say that.” BB provides us with the receipt of him whispering that “we’ll take you right off.” Please remember in the last episode, Jason told Kevin that he told Raven he’d take her off the block and put him up. The cowardly clown allowed Kevin to walk all over him by saying, “Don’t put me on the block. Fuck that.” This is the move that’ll cost Jason the game if he makes it to final 2, which is highly unlikely.

Paul takes the opportunity to pull Raven outside and tie her in with him, Josh and Christmas. He tells her to let Matt handle Jason. They are still in the game. He comforts her and tells her not to cry. He acts like he is blindsided by Jason’s decision.

The juxtaposition is the real-world news that came from the feeds when TMZ posted footage of Jason saying ‘he’d fuck Kevin’s wife and tie up his daughters to make them watch.’ Guess who’s not winning America’s Favorite Player? This destroys any chance of friendship that Jason and Kevin have post game, and may harm Jason’s career. People have lost jobs from shit they’ve said on BB. From Jason’s description, he had over $80K in rodeo clown appearances scheduled that he cancelled to be on BB. He is missing that for a destroyed reputation and the jury stipend of $15K. Back to recapping the episode…

Matt is exploding on Jason. Finally, we see some passion from him for the game. (He’s been passionate on the feeds nightly with Raven, which I avoid at all costs. The season of grossmances!) He can’t believe or respect that Jason hid in the storage room with Alex. Alex says that she realizes that what Jason did was bad for her game. Matt calls Jason a bitch, a punk, a pussy, a coward and a liar. Jason denies telling Raven that he’d take one of them off the block. She says that he’s a liar. She tells him that he should’ve had the balls to tell them that he wasn’t taking one of them off the block. If he wanted to make a game move, he could’ve said that, and Raven would’ve expected his decision.

Matt and Raven sit at the table, and all 8 houseguests are in the kitchen. Matt says that now Kevin and Jason can admit that they were the votes against him last week. Kevin says that on his children, he swears that he voted out Mark. Kevin says that since he asked him, why doesn’t he ask everyone else. Josh and Paul say they voted for Mark. Matt asks Alex and after a long pause, she lies and says that she voted for Mark. In DR, Alex says there’s no way that she is confessing to being the other rogue vote—Jason is in this fight alone. Jason pipes up, trying to double talk, saying he won’t believe him anyway and finally admits that he voted for Matt. Raven says that he lied about that, too. Jason said he didn’t know who the 2 votes were. One thing is for sure, all the things Matt said about Jason are spot on.

Everyone is standing around the kitchen when Kevin goes outside to talk to Matt. He says that he wants to make sure that Matt knows he didn’t vote for him. The kitchen crew tells Paul to go out there and find out what Kevin is saying. He does and Kevin is saying that he’s been getting fucked over the whole game. It’s clear to Paul in that moment that what Kevin has done with each of the jury members is cozy up to them before they leave to try and drum up jury votes. He goes inside to report what Kevin is up to with jury members. Josh says he’s going to call him out.

Christmas asks Kevin if it’s hot and if he’s going swimming. He asks her if she is going swimming. She says that she can’t because of her broken foot. He asks if she is going to sit by the pool. Christmas gets pissed and asks Kevin if he’s fucking with her right now. Kevin says no; you asked me first if I was going swimming. Josh pipes up and says that Kevin is lying. Christmas says that she did ask him first. Kevin gets pissed and says he doesn’t want to stay in there with those ‘lying fuckers).’ Josh asks, “what lied about. Kevin says that he needs to quit letting people wind him up. Next, Josh asks about the $25K. He asks him to swear on his kids that he didn’t win it. Kevin gets heated at Josh, telling him not to bring up his family. Josh says that Kevin just swore on his kids an hour ago regarding the Mark vote. He tells Josh to shut the fuck up repeatedly and that he wants him the fuck out. Paul and Jason pull Kevin away from Josh as Raven reminds him that it’s just a game. In DR, Paul says that these people are taking the bait he puts out, and now Jason and Kevin are huge targets.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: On feeds, this argument was cut off as Kevin was raising a glass as though he was going to hit Josh with it, and then there was a later argument occurred between Kevin and the whole house after Kevin confided in Matt that he won the $25K. With the TMZ article, BB was VERY kind to Kevin with this edit. Kevin’s family would’ve lost their shit if both fights were shown to their full extent. Kevin’s wife is already very upset by Jason’s ‘rape comments’ as the article calls them.

After the argument, Josh goes out to the backyard with Christmas following him. He’s very upset. She gets him to sit with his back to the door so no one will see him crying. She calms him down. She tells him that she knows he has her back but he can’t have her back like that. Once he calms down, she said we learned 2 pieces of valuable information: Alex lied about her vote and Kevin did win the $25K.

The jury house shows the arrival of Elena, and she and Cody watch her eviction during the double. Elena says that selfishly, she hopes that Mark comes to jury, but she also hopes he wins. It’s a Catch 22. Mark arrives. Elena runs into his arms. The 3 of them watch Christmas’s HOH win, noting that Paul threw it to her and Jason’s veto win, allowing for a backdoor of Mark. Mark says that he should have voted her out week 1, which satisfies Cody. They don’t like seeing Mark hug everyone as he leaves the house, and he says that this jury will be vicious. Will they be bitter?

Time for the eviction: Matt thanks CBS and Big Brother. He thanks houseguests then says that Raven is 1 of the best humans he’s ever met. He gets choked up. Raven also thanks CBS and Big Brother because this is on her bucket list. She’s glad she gets to give gastroparesis a face and encourages other people to try out for the show. She thanks the houseguests for loving her as much as she loves them. She thanks Matt for being her best friend in the game and for accepting her. She says it’s going to be a lot more quiet in the house without his dorky laugh, and she can’t wait to see him after the show. Matt already has a penalty vote for intentionally breaking the Have Not rule. He is evicted unanimously. Julie says to Matt that he threw his game away for a woman he met 72 days ago. Matt thinks that her and Paul are the best players left in the game. Given the choice between cereal or Raven, he chooses Raven.

Houseguests are called to the living room. For the first time in BB history, the HOH competition is delayed due to rain. Julie asks questions with smattering of the houseguests. She asks Raven about Matt.  Julie asks Paul what the mood in the house is right now. He says strange, bizarre and gumpy.

A double eviction is coming up next Thursday.

I want to see the Kevin fights that were blocked from the feeds. From the houseguests descriptions, they were brutal, and Kevin lost his shit.


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