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As one could probably predict, Josh has a serious case of HOHitis. He’s excited to have power to send one of these meatballs home and tears up at the thought of getting a letter from home. He’s excited that Julie said Meatball during the live show. Elena immediately goes to him after the HOH comp asking not to go on the block. Um, week before last, you voted Josh out. Paranoid much?

Josh and Mark made up prior to the HOH competition with Josh telling Mark that he’s not trying to provoke him to the point that Mark hits him. That’s a coward move on Josh’s part so he won’t beat pans at him anymore. That was mature of Josh, but Mark really should have given him an apology for almost bashing his head with a pan and throwing pickle juice and hot sauce in his eyes. Really, Mark is the bully towards Josh.

Jessica and Cody aren’t happy that Josh won HOH. No shit. Jessica has been a bitch to Josh all season. Jessica says in DR that it’s still her and Cody verses the whole house. She’s irritated at all of the houseguests. Yep, you’ve tossed your game for a climate change denying, Trump supporting, aggressive hot-head that nobody wants to be around. Enjoy being the house’s new target, Jessica. As promised, using your hex means you are next.

Paul points out that Mark and Elena aren’t too happy about Josh’s HOH win. Shortly after, Mark walks into the room. Then, Alex walks in, not realizing Mark is in the room, and says to Josh that Mark and Elena aren’t happy that he won HOH. #Oops In DR, Alex says, “Oh, hey, Mark. Insert foot in mouth.” The group points out that Mark is sitting right there. Alex then pulls Mark into the rose room, where she tells him that it’s time for him to pick a side. She says that it’s obvious that Mark wanted Cody or Jessica to win HOH. He’s been playing both sides, which Mark confirms in DR that he’s been flip flopping. Yes, Mark. We’ve all seen that on live feeds.

Paul is giving Josh advice about his HOH, saying that they need to take out Cody or Jessica this week. Christmas is pissed that Paul is giving Josh advice because it’s Josh’s HOH. On live feeds, Christmas clearly wants to be in control of Josh’s HOH. She is getting on other houseguests’ nerves. She is overly assertive and is driving people crazy with her bossiness. She is trying to be Josh’s #1 ally and is trying to drive a wedge between Josh and Paul.

Elena pulls Josh in the Storage Room and tells him that she wanted to win HOH. Josh points out that Elena and Mark voted against him during Jessica’s HOH. She explains that she was told the whole house was voting Josh out and wasn’t privy to conversations that Josh was staying. Josh isn’t buying it; he says in DR that maybe if it was so easy to vote him out that maybe it’ll be easy for him to put her on the block. Josh tells Elena that he hopes he can shake it off.

Josh tells Paul and Christmas that he wants to send Elena out. Paul can’t understand why he’d do that verses Cody and Jessica. Paul pushes the target back onto Jessica. Christmas tells Josh not to do everything that Paul says. Elena comes to the HOH room and asks if they need to have any other game-related conversations. In DR, Josh says he’s decided that Elena is his target this week.

Christmas and Josh are talking and he tells her that he wants Elena out. Christmas says in DR that Paul has had a hand in every HOH, except for Jessica and Cody’s. Christmas continues to throw Paul under the bus to Josh, telling him that Paul thinks this is his HOH room, too. She tells him to lock his door. Christmas wants to be the one to control Josh and his HOH, although she says she doesn’t want to see Josh railroaded. (She wants to be the one to railroad him.) She tells Josh not to bounce his ideas off of anyone else (besides her).

For the Temptation Competition, everyone except Christmas chooses to compete. Jessica tells Cody that if 1 of them can win safety and one of them can win veto, they’ll survive another week. The competition is Strangest Things and is a haunted house themed competition that take place in compete darkness. If you watched BBOTT, it’s a higher budget version of The Haunting of Clementine O’Grady. There are zombies and creepy characters in all the rooms to scare the houseguests. The goal is to unscramble circled letters within messages on the mirrors throughout the house, and match an item that they must put in a box. They are looking for a heart that’s in a jar in the have not room. In the end, Cody beats Alex’s time by 5 seconds to earn safety and Jessica forfeited by not doing the competition claiming she was too scared. So, Cody is safe and Jessica is the 3rd nominee. This was their plan in hopes that they both compete in the Veto competition.

Josh is putting Mark and Elena on the block. Paul tells him to tell them both they are going up as pawns and that Jessica is the target. Mark is calm, cool and collected about being a pawn. Elena, on the other hand, is absolutely not. Elena pushes back at Josh, saying that Paul and Alex are both better competitors, so she doesn’t agree with his logic of putting her on the block. Josh calls Paul up to the HOH room. Elena denies that she said to put up Paul or Alex. She’s extremely defensive, and it’s clear to Paul that she is lying about not mentioning him going on the block. Josh says that if she wants to lie, she is going on the block. Josh is pissed, and Paul looks confused by Elena’s erratic behavior.

Josh nominates Mark and Elena. He jokes with Mark that he’s trying to be part of ‘La Familia,’ but he’ll always be a meatball. Then he says, “Now down to business. Jessica, you decided to play Cody’s game and targeted me. I’m out for revenge and now, everybody knows I’m gunning for you.” She says, “Oh my God. I forgot it was the Josh show.” He responds that it is and winks at her. In DR, Josh says to get the Oscar ready because little does the house know that he wants Elena out this week. Will the house go along with his wishes? Doubtfully.


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