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Julie tells us that using the hex or not using the hex is tugging on Jessica and has caused one of the most dramatic weeks in BB history.

Paul speaks to Jessica about the fact that Cody wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the house to take out Jessica and Raven. She tells Paul that what she would need to not use the hex are 2 weeks of not going on the block and Alex to be sent out next week. Paul tells her that he can make the first thing happen for sure, but it depends on who wins HOH to make the second happen. She tells him to talk to people to see if he can make it happen.

Jessica goes to Matt to ask him a bout what Cody said early in the game about her. Matt says that it’s irrelevant now, which confirms that Paul wasn’t lying. Jessica then goes to Cody and asks him if it’s true that he wanted to keep Jason and Alex in the game to take her and Raven out. He lies claiming he never said that. We are shown the footage of him telling Matt this on Day 13. Such a douchebag. He gets pissed off and storms away from Jessica because she questioned his loyalty.

Paul tells everyone Jessica’s terms for not using the hex, including Kevin, Jason, Alex and Josh. Paul says that they’ll make the deal, but then say, ‘fuck off’ next week. Alex says in DR that she already knew Jessica wants her out because she’s your typical insecure, jealous mean girl and she knows Alex is a better competitor than her.

Jessica goes to talk to Cody, who tells her that he is done with the game and the damage is done. Jessica hasn’t told him about the deal yet because she hasn’t decided what to do. Not using the hex will seal Cody’s fate and using it will seal hers. Jessica, girl, don’t throw your game away for a climate change denier that makes fun of transgender people. It’s not a good look, and you’re all about how you represent your family and your job. Right? I’m sure all the sex you’ve had on live feeds really makes them proud. Anyway…

Paul gathers Christmas, Elena, Mark, Matt and Raven in HOH to make the deal with Jessica. She tells them her terms for not using the hex: 2 weeks not going on the block and Alex going out next. Everyone agrees to her terms, and they make the deal. Side note: Mark and Elena are the only ones that don’t know that Alex isn’t going out next. Everyone else is in on the plan to dupe Jessica. Paul thinks he may have just pulled off his best BB move ever.

At the veto meeting, when it’s time for the speeches, Jason is up first. He asks that Paul use the veto on him “because there is a person that doesn’t have a good personality, doesn’t like people and generally doesn’t participate; and then there’s another 1 that is caught in the middle. He wants to be pulled off the block so he can be a vote against the target so it frees up the middle person so she has room to work as well.” Way to go, Jason; I was starting to wonder when his balls were goingJessica’s stupid speech: “World peace.” Cody says he has no speech. Paul deadpan says, “Well, that’s shocking.” Good one, Paul. Love him or hate him, Paul makes great TV. Paul uses the veto on Jason. Jessica is pissed that Jason went off on Cody. Boo freaking hoo. Jason wasn’t part of your deal, so he had every right to go off on Cody. (Paul promised Jessica that he wouldn’t go off on Cody during the veto meeting.)

Raven is talking to Jason and Kevin about whether Jessica is going to use her hex or not. Jason makes a gesture with his hand to indicate that Jessica is around the corner. Jess sees this, and pulls Raven into the bedroom to tell her that when she walks into a room and sees someone make a gesture, it makes Raven look sketchy. Yep, Raven, you and your big mouth just ruined all of Paul’s work. Jess doesn’t feel good about stabbing someone in the back when things seem sketchy. Raven then tries to speak to Jessica and Cody to clear it up. She explains that she was talking about the veto and how it’s made and that’s what Jason was explaining. They weren’t talking about Jessica. Jessica doesn’t believe her. Cody then asks Raven why she doesn’t talk to him. She tells him that he is the target of the entire house and that if she associates with him, that will put a target on her back.

Raven lets Paul know that Jessica is pissed at her, so Paul goes to speak with Jessica. Cody walks in because God forbid, Jessica speak with another man without him present. Very Mike Pence of him. Jessica tells Paul that he is playing a psychological game, and she is using the hex because Cody is the only person that she trusts. She says in DR, “Sorry Paul. You can’t control me, and I’m not here to play along with whatever you dictate. If you want to play this game and you want an enemy, I’m right here.” Paul says in DR now it’s time to bring the chaos since Jessica is going back on her word. Paul lets everyone know that Jessica is using the hex because she’s standing up for what she thinks is right, which is keeping a bully in the house.

Paul, Alex and Josh put on tutus and Paul tells Josh to turn it up to a 30. Josh starts doing his circus song and dancing outside the APSR where Cody and Jessica are. At first, Jessica is throwing the plastic fruit at Josh and laughing. Josh then starts egging Cody on and everyone is gathered in the kitchen asking Jessica and Cody to come out and have ‘fun’ with them. Josh says Cody can’t talk because he has a muzzle on; he is grimacing, on the verge of exploding.

Jess comes out of the APSR, and #CatFight erupts between Alex, Jessica and Raven. Paul was trying to ask game related questions, but this went sideways fast. Alex asks why Jessica wanted her to go out next week as part of her deal not to use the hex. Jessica responds that Alex nominated her. Alex tells her that EVERYBODY wanted her on the block, but she came up with a plan to keep Jessica safe, and she was with Dominique leaving in a 10-0 vote. Alex asks her about her cat ears, which Jessica stole and hid underneath the couch the first week. Jessica lied during Alex’s HOH, blaming Raven. She also said that Raven poured out Alex’s Coca Cola, when Jessica was guilty. Raven explodes on Jessica for lying about her to Alex, stating that she had gone to bat for Jessica until she learned Jessica lied about her to Alex. It gets so heated that Cody comes out of the APSR, grabs Jessica and takes her outside to the hammock. Everyone follows them outside, where many houseguests continue yelling at Jessica and Cody. Josh continues banging pans, singing the circus song while insulting Cody’s lack of personality. He and Paul are dancing around in their tutus. Raven is still screaming, flipping both Cody and Jessica off. Matt responds in DR that this isn’t their finest hour. Jessica tells Cody on the hammock that she doesn’t know if she can handle this anymore and doesn’t know if she wants to stay.

It’s time for Jessica to decide if she will halt this week’s

eviction, and she does. The spooky voice comes on and lights start flashing. Halting hex rise; eviction night dies. She and Cody are safe, but not after this week. Jessica had 4 evictions to use it, and it can only be used once. The houseguests finally know the truth about the hex.

It’s the beginning of Horror Week on BB. The HOH comp is Gravestone Golf. Houseguests use a zombie leg golf club to make 1 shot through a sloped graveyard where the balls will fall in slots ranging from 1-35.


Houseguest scores:

  • Matt-6
  • Alex-2
  • Mark-15
  • Jason-15
  • Cody-21
  • Christmas-21
  • Elena-13
  • Jessica-2
  • Josh-23
  • Kevin-6

Josh is the new HOH! Meatballs for everyone, except the have nots!


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