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After the live show, and Jessica’s false statement that she and Cody have blanket safety “for the next few weeks,” Jessica tells Paul to have fun staying up late figuring out his nominations. He tells Jason and Kevin that he is going to call her bluff. He’s putting up Cody and Jessica.

We see the behavior of Josh 10 hours before eviction, going completely ham on Mark. He is banging pans together to wake him up and throughout the house in what Big Brother and Josh call #MeatballBonding. It’s hilarious. Mark wants him gone, and Josh is pretending he’s going home.

In the bathroom, wuss Mark is complaining about being an outsider with Elena not even speaking to him. She says she is choosing not to speak to anyone. Cody asks Matt about being left out of the vote, and he replies that it wasn’t a personal attack on Cody. In DR, Matt says he did what is best for his game because he doesn’t trust Cody or Mark. Cody continues by saying that after coming back into the game and trying to reconnect with everyone, he feels like an outsider. Cody says in DR that he doesn’t like or trust Matt because he was disloyal to him in the beginning of the game. Sociopath stare. DR people must hate interviewing Cody.

Paul tells Jason and Alex that he’s calling Jessica’s bluff and putting her and Cody on the block. Cody then comes into the HOH room to tell him that Mark says he trusts Elena and Paul. Cody coming to bat for Mark makes him a viable secondary target. No one believes Jessica’s lie that her temptation keeps her and Cody safe for “a few weeks” as she stated in the Thursday live show.

Paul speaks with Elena and tells her that being attached to Mark is not a good look for her because he has clearly reattached to Cody. That’s why she was left out of game talk discussions about keep Josh verses Ramses because people felt that she would tell Mark, who would then tell Cody and Jessica. Paul tells her that she needs to pivot away from Mark because she is guilty by association.

Elena then talks to Mark. She tells him that she doesn’t understand his obsession with Cody. Mark says that Cody is the only person that he can be himself around. Elena tells him that people perceive Cody and Mark as ride-or-die and she is guilty by association because people perceive her as his showmance. Elena says in DR that she isn’t going to throw her BB life away for a guy she met less than 40 days ago.

The houseguests learn about the Temptation Competition which takes place over the next 3 weeks and is an optional competition. The winner will get safety and the loser will be put up as a special 3rd nominee. This could screw up Alex and Paul’s plans with Mark as a potential plan B if Jessica or Cody come off the block. Cody wants to compete, but since Jessica’s goal is to strongarm Paul into not putting them on the block, she says that will show everyone that they are bluffing. She asks him if he knows how to show a poker face. He knows how to stare like a sociopath; that’s his only facial expression.For the Temptation Competition, houseguests enter the Den of Temptation and drink green (yes) or red (no) potion to lock in decision to compete.

Alex, Jason, Matt (at Paul’s suggestion) and Mark choose to compete, and the competition is BB Bowlerina. They each get costumes with Mark looking the most ridiculous. On Jason’s turn, he spins way too fast so he can barely walk or see to bowl. His time is 3:37. Alex does well, scoring a 1:39 which would have been faster if she hadn’t gotten so excited after knocking down her 4th pin almost forgetting to run back and hit the timer button. Mark’s time is 1:18. Matt’s time is 2:25, so Mark is safe for the week, and Jason is the 3rd nominee. Cody lies to Mark and says that Paul threw a fit when Mark won. More lies. Paul said, “Damn,” which could mean he was impressed with Mark’s time, but we know he doesn’t like how Cody and Mark have become bros again.

So, Plan B is knocked down, if Cody and Jessica are safe, so the group plans for Plan C. Alex offers to go up as a pawn with Elena being the target. Matt again is asked to be a pawn and says he’s a team player but hasn’t performed well in comps so far.

Paul nominates Jessica and Cody, saying that the whole house was confused when she said during the live show that her and Cody were safe for a few weeks. Everyone is waiting for the sound of hissing to occur indicating that Jessica and Cody are actually safe. It doesn’t happen. Paul says in DR, “I didn’t hear any hissing, so Operation Get Cody Out of the House the sequel is back on.”

Can’t wait for the POV episode when we’re sure to see the fallout that results after nominations. We’ve seen it over on the live feeds! Lots of drama and #TeamFunFeeds.


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