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Julie tells us that Jessica has had one of the most successful weeks in Big Brother history—she got the Halting Hex, her showmance is back in the house and she won HOH and Veto. Does her luck start to run out with tonight’s vote?

Josh gets the award for most improved houseguest, and is awarded 2 hashtags by Big Brother. Josh has been acting like he’s miserable all week. He starts fake crying in the storage room with Elena: #TheEmmyGoesTo.

Cut scene and we’re shown Josh doing the #MeatballDance in the ASPR after Jessica didn’t use the Veto. Plus, Jessica and Cody don’t know that he is staying this week.

Paul and other houseguests have noticed that Jessica, Cody, Mark and Elena are becoming a foursome again. Mark tells Paul while they’re playing pool that Mark and Cody have a clean slate, that he doesn’t like the way that a certain pair are playing the game (referring to Matt and Raven) and he infers that he may separate himself from Elena. Paul relates the info about Matt and Raven back to them, and this gets Raven riled up.

Kevin gets Jessica to admit that she got the last temptation. In exchange, Kevin tells her to go to the toilet where he tells her that the vote is flipping. Snitches get stitches, Kevin! This infuriates Jessica, and she tries to rally votes against Josh.

Cody goes to talk to Jason about the vote. He tells Jason that he’ll be pissed if Josh stays. In a very threatening manner, he says that he will rip through the house like a tornado. Jason says in DR, “You’re declaring war; strap on your boots and let’s go to war.”


Time for the eviction: Ramses tells the houseguests what an awesome experience this has been, and he hopes that they’ll keep him in the house. Josh gives a speech that makes it sound like he knows he’s going home. Votes to evict Josh: Cody, Elena and Mark. Votes to evict Ramses: Paul, Christmas, Raven, Matt, Alex, Jason and Kevin. Josh is getting ready to stand up as the votes are announced and acts completely surprised that he wasn’t voted out, exactly as coached by Paul.

Ramses leaves the house with hugs. During his interview with Julie, he says he felt like Josh would be sent out tonight, and that he did his best with campaigning. We see his goodbye messages. Ramses gets choked up watching Kevin telling him that he wants him to come to Thanksgiving at his house.

For the HOH comp, Inked and Evicted, the houseguests were given a series of photos of Cameron, Jillian and Dominique to study Wednesday night. Those that voted to save Josh had a very specific strategy heading into the competition, and they studied hard. Elena told Paul prior to the comp that she would prefer that he wins. She goes out on the first question. If there were any questions that the houseguests didn’t study, a certain number were to vote true and the others would vote false so that at least half of the team would remain in the competition. Matt, Raven and Paul are the final 3 left in the comp. Paul guesses on the last question and gets it right to become the next HOH.

We learn that the curse unleashed by Jessica accepting the Hex is that for the next 3 weeks, houseguests will be able to compete in the Temptation Competition. They can earn safety for the week, or if they lose the comp, they will be put up as a special 3rd nominee.


Be on the lookout for my spoilers blog coming after the Veto comp.


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