#BB18 Week 2 Blog Recap


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1_theDAstandsforDoubleAgentAfter the nomination ceremony, Da’ puts on her best concerned face and comforts Jozea. She actually tells him that she’d take him off the block if she was picked to play and won Veto, but it’s all an act. Jozea hopes everyone is on board with the plan to keep him safe because he is just so surprised that he’s been nominated, and he’s ready to get revenge. Upstairs in the HoH, Nicole is hanging out alone when Corey comes up to visit, then I do a double take and think that the “tape” rewound because it looks like Corey is coming into the room again, BUT it’s not Corey, it’s Paulie! Those two look so much the same at a glance. They have a pleasant conversation in which Paulie fakes, sorta, being mad at her for nominating him; Nicole looks at the camera and apologizes to Cody and the rest of Paulie’s family. Later, in the bathroom with Michelle and Paulie and a few other Noobs, Jozea lets it out that she knew he was coming after her and everyone is super confused as to why he so surprised to be nominated. Obviously she’s going to put up a person who is definitely coming after her!

2_nowayjozeaSo awhile later, Da’ pays Nicole a visit in the HoH and tells her about her conversation with Jozea earlier and yeah, they totally have to get him out and Nicole is not going to be a wuss about telling him why she put him up if he confro-omg- Jozea is walking up the stairs and headed towards the HoH and Nicole is scared… Da’ leaves the room at Jozea’s request and HoH and nominee have a chat. Nicole’s big bad wolf intentions fall to the wayside faster than a house made of straw and she takes a more rational approach to explaining her decision. He never approached her and she had to make a decision so she made the one that would keep her team the safest. Jozea is calm, but he explains that he is NOT the type of player that’s going to kiss butt and when he’s HoH, no one is allowed in his room because he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do and that’s the way it’s going to be. As if he’s ever going to have the opportunity to win HoH… Cause this boy is GONE. We all know it. The houseguests know it. The only person without a clue is Jozea so it’s going to be a fun live show on Thursday unless he by some MIRACLE he wins the Veto…

3_onasilverplatterIt is at this time that Nicole calls everyone into the living room to reveal another twist – the #BBRoadkill competition in which players will compete to win the opportunity nominate a third houseguest – in SECRET! And they can nominate people from their teams. Of course this news sends ripples of nervous energy into the HG’s minds, everyone that is, except Jozea. He thinks it’s great that his chance of going home just went down and he’s not worried anyone because everyone in the house loves him. In the Safari room with everyone in the house that loves him, Jozea is making pre-emptive plans on who he, Victor, and Paul should nominate if they win – Frank. Definitely Frank. And they definitely have the votes to send him home. Meanwhile, the Vets all know they have to keep winning comps to stay in the game, especially #BBRoadKill. Frank is especially, but Da’ has a plan because the Vets are her core alliance and with the new twist, she knows she has to make other allies. Da’s first ally target is Zakiyah and she is on board because the Noobs don’t really know how to play the game. Next is Michelle and she is on board because she wants to play with Vets, then Da’ suggests Corey and Tiffany…

4_wishiwasalittlebittallerwishiwasaballer..And THUS we have the #8Pack alliance: the Vets, Zakiyah, Michelle, Tiffany, and Corey, the name of which is the outcome of Frank talking to the rest of them from the shower saying he won’t be called anything with “tini” in the name and suggesting they just get inspiration from Corey and call it “8 Pack”. lol I love it. And it’s now time for the #BBRoadkill comp in which, players will enter the BB RV alone to compete. This week, they must strip down to their bathing suits while in the driver’s seat of the RV and they must hold down three buttons while they take off their clothes. If they release one button, the timer will move forward 30 times faster, if two buttons are released the time will go 60 times faster, and if no buttons are being pressed the timer moves 120 times faster. Nope! Not easy at all! To reveal the winner, everyone is instructed to go to the backyard, find a tackle box with their name on it, and open it to find out if they won – it is up to the winner to reveal his or her self to the rest of the group. This week – FRANK WINS!

5_powerpuffgirlsAfter the competition is over, Frank is sooo happy, but he’s playing it real cool. Up in the HoH, he tells James then we cut to the Safari room where some of the Noobs are discussing their thoughts on who won it. Jozea things Paulie won it. Frank walks in about this time and says, no, he didn’t win it. Jozea tells him that Paulie won it because he can read faces and he just knows. In the Have Not room, James and Da’ celebrate Frank’s win then he walks in and he and James have a little dance before dispersing to remain low-key. Later in the Safari room, Natalie reveals her desire to have an all-girl alliance and she wants Michelle. They are super giggly about it and they are going to bring in Bronte, and it has to be super secret so Michelle whispers to Bronte, with other people sitting just right over there in one of the bedrooms about “secret sauce” and they need a better name… Then we cut to the backyard where all three of the girls are giggly about their #Spygirls alliance, but that’s not the name everyone else, house, feeds, or otherwise is calling them… The girls also give themselves Spy names and it’s just ridiculous. Natalie is “Flirty Spy”, Bronte is “Wifey Spy”, and Bridgette is “Spunky Spy”. And they do all of this while Tiffany is watching from the hammock.

6_NEARLYnakedandNOTafraidAs we approach the end of the episode and Frank’s nomination, the Vets discuss who he should put up, definitely someone from that side like Paul or Bridgette even… Then Frank, Paulie, Bridgette, and Michelle are called to the DR to receive their punishment from landing in Mysteryland. I think the pictures say it all, but for the sake of saying it – Frank’s team has been pixelated because everyone is naked in Mysteryland! And then it’s time for the #BBRoadkill nomination and after the pictures spin on the screen in the living room for a while just to increase the anxiety… PAUL. Paul has been nominated. Jozea and Michelle are shocked, Paul isn’t fazed a bit and he’s ready to rock out the Veto. Jozea isn’t worried at all either. No matter who wins the Veto, he’s the joy of the house and unless it’s one of the Vets, anyone else in the house should use the Veto on him. This guy, right? Is he for real? Oh wait, he told Nicole he was “real” – that’s why he isn’t listening to any butt kissing if he wins HoH and why no one is allowed in his room. I mean… Yeah… It’s gonna be a brilliant blindside on Thursday night unless Jozea really is the Messiah and he gets his dad, GOD, to do him a solid and perform a miracle…

7_notthemessiahAs we enter the Veto episode, Frank is happy that no one suspects him as the Roadkill winner. It’s good to be the Roadkill King. Jozea realizes that the goal of getting out a Vet is squanched and since they have to vote out a Noob, he’s going to focus on Paulie. Meanwhile, Paul, the self-proclaimed “beard” of the house is really angry about being nominated; the veto is his to take home and everybody is going down… In the bathroom, Jozea is talking to his boys Victor and Paul, Natalie is around too, and he’s CONVINCED Michelle is the Roadkill winner – he saw her face after the nominationand OMG! More reading reading faces from the Messiah! Great job! Then Frank walks in and this idea is proposed to him and he thinks it’s LUDACRIOUS! But it’s Ludacriousmas for him! Before you know it, Zakiyah, Da’, Natalie, Corey, Tiffany, Bridgette, and Bronte are in the bathroom now listening to Jozea talking about how it’s OBVIOUS that it’s Michelle who nominated Paul and people are going and blah blah blah #NoWayJozea. Later, the Messiah is in the Safari room talking with Zak, James, and Da’ about how it’s definitely Michelle who wears the crown of Roadkill King and LOL everyone in that room knows it’s Frank and everyone in the room is just sooo over Jozea. Dum Dum Dum…

8_comeonnicoleSidetrack Note: I want Jozea to stay now. He’s too good for my blogs. He’s easy to caption. OH, and Nicole attempted to talk to Paul in the Storage room to do some damage control, but all he was concerned about was eating a huge pickle… ANYWAY: Bridgette gets all flirty with Paulie doing the dishes and that arises suspicions in Paul and the “not with the Vets” noobs are all freaking out because of Paul’s observations. So at this point, what I am calling the Terrible Trio, Paul, Victor, and Jozea, are teaming up with the Powerpuff girls, Bronte, Natalie, and NOT SO MUCH Bridgette… Since she’s all flirty with Paulie and he’s on the block and so are Jozea and Paul. Later, the Powerpuff girls meet in the UK room about voting Paulie out – they have to be open to it. Bronte doesn’t trust the boys, but they have to work with them because she’s a math girl and they have to have the numbers and even though Bronte likes staring at Paulie’s ass – he’s got to GO! And now it’s time to pick players for the Veto, which will work a little differently – two players will be chosen by random draw, the HoH, Nicole for this round, will draw both chips out of the box to decide who plays and if a person draws their own name they get to choose the person who will play. NICE! Nicole draws Da’ first and herself second – she chooses Corey to play – obvi! Duh!

9_BBBestActor_BoneStackerAfter the ceremony, Frank and James end up alone in Tokyo together and they are happy about the Veto players – it’s stacked in favor of #8Pack. After their celebration, they leave and Jozea is walking towards them through the living room so it’s Academy Awards time for Frank! He puts on his best “sad clown” face and ducks into Tokyo with Jozea and he should totally win an Oscar alongside Da’ for his performance of being all comforting and “rah rah go team” with the Messiah. After James, Frank, Corey, and Paulie all prank Paul it’s time for the Veto comp and we know it’s time because Michelle comes out of the DR hallway wearing a costume that looks like a fire hydrant… Oh myyy… Dressed as dogs, the Veto players must spin themselves 15 times on the “stand and swirl”, (instead of sit and spin), run over to a box of 40 bones and stack them on top of their doghouses.  During this comp, all the people not playing are VERY worried about Corey blowing chunks all over them because he’s getting dizzy and he’s the closest to them, everyone is falling down a lot, of course, Jozea is totally confident, but his structure sucks; the real “competition” is between Paul and Paulie. Really though this Veto is Paul’s because he’s the smartest dog playing. He just smashed some bones between the two pillars on top of the dog house and just started piling them up there. As soon as I saw what he was doing, I knew he had this in the bag. Paul wins the Veto because he’s the only one who thought outside of the “doghouse”. Good job, Paul. You were the smartest person playing that comp. #Impressed.

10_zingbotvsjozeaAfter the Veto comp, Bridgette is concerned that she’ll go up because the pool of available players is pretty shallow and Frank is considering his own game in regards to who he will put up to replace Paul. Later, upstairs, Paulie and Tiffany are playing chess and she comes clean about being Vanessa’s sister because she thinks having Paulie in her back pocket will be beneficial to her if he’s ever HoH. Paulie is also happy with this new development in his social game. And they both think it’s hilarious that Jozea is trying to teach her about how to play Big Brother. In Tokyo, Jozea and Frank have a chat because Jozea trusts Frank enough to bring him into their group and he knows Frank will have his back and vote the way he wants. Then he starts in on the Messiah stuff again… Frank doesn’t even think Jozea can spell Messiah. Also, Jozea thinks America will see the he’s the glue that sticks people together and you know what? HE IS! Most of the HGs are sticking together to get rid of him so he’s not wrong about being the glue. Frank plays up the part of the good friend, tells him to not worry about it, bud, and that’s what friends are for in this game… And at this point, I’m starting a new thing for my blogs for as long as the HGs keep giving me the material. I’m giving Frank the #BBAcademyAward for Best Actor in this episode because he has Jozea completely convinced that they are solid with each other. I’d feel bad for the guy if he were playing a solid, strategic game, but that is not the case…

11_obamassiahinadogsuitCase in Point: Jozea wants to get the crew together, as their leader, to solidify the plan to hammer the nails into Paulie’s coffin. As the group converges in the Have Not room, Jozea asks Da’ to get Zakiyah and Momma Day is more than HAPPY to go upstairs and retrieve Zak from the HoH room where she is hanging out with some their #8Pack alliance members. Frank is “disappointed” that he’s not invited and Paulie knows EXACTLY what is happening. Nicole instructs the ladies going to the meeting to take notes: Zak promise to report the minutes. Meanwhile, the Spy Girls decide to send Bridgette upstairs to infiltrate the HoH while Natalie and Bronte attend the meeting. When James sees everyone converging in the Have Not room, he decides to crash the meeting then Jozea begins. This group is running the house, this group being: Jozea, Victor, Paul, Bronte, Natalie, Da’, Zak, and James, of course, who has some good advice for the Messiah – Know who’s really on your side before you pull a bunch of people together for a “house” meeting. Tiffany steps in at this point, she’s more than welcome, then Jozea channels his inner Obama and is talking about how they all need to get along because the world would be a better place if people did that and they can do that in this house and UGH! Da’ and I, again, share the same sentiments. Jozea needs to seriously check himself because he’s about to wreck himself… And Bronte should do the same because when Bridgette’s whereabouts are brought up, she tells everyone that she’s upstairs in the HoH, for “them”, which Da’ and Zak find VERY interesting and are happy to have the information. Up in the HoH, when asked if she was invited to the meeting – she was, but she’s tired of Jozea’s crazy schemes. They are all tired of listening to Jozea’s conspiracies, most of which center around Paulie according to Paulie, but this statement is met with a big YUP from someone in the room. Nicole feels lucky she hasn’t had to listen to much of it.

12_jozeapauliestaredownPaulie is really bothered by the house meeting he wasn’t invited to attend, and, despite saying that all of this is good for helping him learn to, in not so many words, keep calm and go with the flow… he confronts Jozea about it later. Jozea brings up freedom of speech and people can listen, but he’s just one mouth speaking the truth. Paulie wants to know what the truth is, but Jozea dances around the issue until Paulie says point blank: Did my come up or not? And it’s a bunch of blah blah blah blah blah from Jozea. Actually, it’s just a lot of looks and hand guestures Jozea is using to indicate that it’s ridiculous for Paulie to think that way. After this, it’s time for the Veto Ceremony where Paul obviously takes himself off the block and Frank’s anonymous Roadkill Winner nomination replacement is Bridgette. It’s ALL strategy for Frank, and knows that she’ll be okay, but when Bridgette finds out who it is, that person is her number one target and THAT will be an interesting day in the BB house, but Frank’s good and he’ll be able to schmooze her. He IS this episode’s #BBAcademyAward winner, but all he really has to do is ask her to join him for “ice cream”, drinks, in the HoH then suggest they go make out on the couch. It usually works for him. 😉

13_cluelessSo moving into the eviction episode, which we are going to steam through like the locomotive in Back to the Future 3! Most of this episode is just filler, as we know, because everyone knows who’s going home. Of course, editing would lead us to believe that some people are changing their minds. Bridgette’s spying was not amusing the #8Pack and then we have #Pantsgate because Victor doesn’t think about the way he says things and offends Natalie by all his negative comments about her makeup, her clothes, etc.  There is also the whole Girl Talk debacle in which James, with the Power Puff girls, declare that boys are stupid and when Paul walks in – they shoo him out, which pisses him off so Bronte leaves to go settle him down outside with the rest of the Terrible Trio. This doesn’t go well either because the boys basically tell her to go make herself useful elsewhere, which she finds offensive. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors and us live feed watchers and followers know there was also a huge thing about Victor asking out Nicole and lol – So much drama! The best part, though, is Jozea still remains completely clueless about his impending eviction and he’s once again convinced that Paulie is the Roadkill Winner, his intuition is ALWAYS right. Paulie ain’t foolin’ Jozea. No way! What’s also funny is that even though he’s not a #KisserButter, Jozea attempts to make an emotional connection with Nicole – at the urging of Victor and Paul. Jozea ain’t foolin’ Nicole, though. No way! James is also up to his old tricks with the pranks putting mayo in conditioner and face cream bottles – the Bronte and Natalie are NOT amused.

14_nicolehasXPpointsMore important other than the eviction itself, and the twist Julie reveals after it, is the #Fatal5 alliance between Nicole, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Tiffany that emerges in this episode. I have to agree with Nicole that this five is a really impressive quintet of ladies. They all agree that they must keep some of the boys close, but not too close. Boys and cattiness always screw up these all-girl alliances and they want to dwindle the #8Pack to the #FatalFinal5. And I think they can do it unless Zak’s flirting with Paulie incites too much paranoia in Da’! That’s what was up on the feeds last time I checked in on them. Momma Day is really nervous about Zak and Paulie in a showmance, but this isn’t a live feed spoilers blog, but I believe it’s an important bit of information to add. As long as these five women remember their goal and can keep a level head – The actually could pull this off and for the first time EVER on Big Brother, we’d have an all-female final five. It’s pretty exciting! But you know… Its Big Brother… That house messes with people’s minds. So, my fingers are crossed for the #Fatal5 and I am behind them all the way at this point.

15_thelookSo! The eviction… WEIRDEST eviction ever. Omg. The vote is 7-4 in favor of Paulie staying; Bridgette didn’t get a single vote and the four people that voted for Jozea to stay should be obvious, but I’ll list them: Bronte, Natalie, Victor, and Paul. Everyone else eligible to vote sent Jozea packing, but there were no shocked faces among those who voted to keep him, not a single word was spoken as the Messiah stood up, clapped his hands once, hugged every person in the house, grabbed his duffle and headed to the front door. Someone shouted something as he opened it, and they clapped as he walked out to meet Julie, but after… COMPLETE SILENCE. Eerie silence like after Judd left for the first time – or was it Nick’s? No. GM was crying too much after that one for it to be silent… And we ALL know what happened after that eviction… I watched a LOT of BB between the premiere and the end of Survivor to prepare for these blogs so my brain is on BB info overload. ANYWAY, after he walks out, everyone gathers in front of the Memory Wall and stands there without talking, almost completely silent for just shy of ONE MINUTE and TWENTY SECONDS until they begin to scatter and hug amongst themselves until we cut to Julie and Jozea. ONE MINUTE and TWENTY SECONDS and that’s just what we were shown. And we all know why it was so quiet – a line has been drawn in the sand. The absolute best part about Jozea’s eviction is Paulie staring at him for about 5-6 seconds before Julie reads his name… He’s just staring at him…

16_YesWayJozeaJozea’s interview with Julie is pretty great, so are his goodbye messages, and I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t seen it, but all we really need to talk about at this point is the twist. There will be another new competition this season, the #BattleBack, which will send one of five evicted houseguests back into the game. The first round will be Glenn vs. Jozea and the winner will stay sequestered and compete against the next evicted HG. The last houseguest standing will go back into the house. And Jozea is all about this. He really wants to get back in that house. And I kinda do too. He got enough info from Julie and his goodbye messages to know the flaws in his strategy that sent him out the door. His #BBSecondComing, if it were to happen, could be pretty entertaining if he didn’t absorb the very good intel he received during his exit interview. I’m just sayin’, to all those Jozea-Haters who don’t want to watch or listen to him anymore – he’s being a good hamster and providing us with a lot of great television. 😉 Since we’re facing an endurance HoH comp at the end of this episode and the winner won’t be revealed, this is where I’m going to wrap up this week two blog. Click here to read week one!

paulie_andcoreyDOlookalike_bb18BUT FIRST… During the Wednesday night episode, I Tweeted some pictures that I couldn’t fit into this week’s blog. They were too good not to share and one of them even got tagged for having inappropriate material! LOL! It’s PIXELATED! Even though you can go to my Twitter profile and look at them, I’m going to post them in this blog right here for you to enjoy. Feel free to go back and like them on Twitter, though! And follow me @thedolphinpoet because these HGs are giving me great material to work with and I have so many screenshots and not so many paragraphs with which to pair them. 😉 As always… Eric does weekly video recaps and you should watch them because he’s great and so are his guests – this week’s is Jason Roy, and you have to check out all of our Big Brother 18 coverage. (I also love this live feed blog and everyone at YRR absolutely ADORES Princess Glammy)! And… In case you had questions about the fan I’m holding in that picture, I organized a stand-up comedy show to be held at my friend’s bar and it’s THIS Saturday! Can’t wait! It was just a good pic showing how long my hair used to be.

jozea_impressions_bb18 nicole_goodadvice_bb18 frank_pixelthis_bb18


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