BB18 Week 1 Blog Recap


Hello, Big Brother fans! If you’ve read the Survivor and King of the Nerds blogs around here at Your Reality Recaps, you are familiar with my work and you probably know what to expect from me during #BigBrother. It was my intention to try a different format for these #BB18 blogs, but… I am who I am and there were too many great moments in the two-night premiere to choose only 10 to highlight… I should have known… So without further ado… It’s Big Brother 18 time! LET’S GO!
For a video tour of the house click here

1_zenbronteWe begin this season in the usual fashion with the introduction of the cast, then Julie releases them into the house in groups. This year we have ten brand new players: Bridgette, Bronte, Corey, Glenn, Jozea, Michelle, Natalie, Paul, Victor, and Zakiyah. We also have two contestants that are related to former players: Tiffany, sister of Vanessa from #BB17, and Paulie, brother of Cody from #BB16. Once Julie releases them into the house, and once they’ve all introduced themselves, and once Bronte has had her moment of “Zen”, Julie announces that she has not one, not two, but THREE twists to reveal and the first is that there are four other people stowed away in the Big Brother house who will also be playing the game. Who are they? We find out as they pop out of a stack of travel trucks on the wall opposite the front door, surprising the HGs, and they are: James from #BB17, Da’Vonne from #BB17, Nicole from #BB16, and FRANK from #BB14. Paul and Jozea are not happy, like, at all and are totally going Noobs Vs. Vets.

2_iflookscouldkillOnce the Vets are in the game and everyone is sitting around in the living room again, Paulie lets it out that he’s Cody’s brother and if looks could kill, Cody and the rest of his family would be planning a funeral right now. After Tiffany lets this opportunity to reveal her secret slip away, which is stupid because she looks just like her and did she NOT see Elissa in #BB16? Da’Vonne knows who she is, but she’s keeping that info in her back pocket because she’s playing a different game this year… and she’s not the only person with suspicions. So after the Vets get all cozy, it’s time for the first of three competitions, BUT FIRST… Guess what? It’s time for twist number two! They will be playing in teams this summer and each of the Vets will be on different teams, which will be chosen in a school yard pick, but boys gotta pick girls and girls gotta pick boys. This results in the following teams, in order of how they were chosen… FRANK: Michelle, Paulie, and Bridgette; DA’VONNE: Paul, Zakiyah, and Jozea; JAMES: Natalie, Victor, and Bronte; NICOLE: Corey, Tiffany, and Glenn. After all the team-picking business is over with, it’s time for the first competition: #RidetheRocket… And ride the rockets they do…

3_happyjamesSo everyone has to climb on board these huge rockets, straddle them, and hang on for dear life amidst all the rain and white paint, etc. because as each team is eliminated, they will be “land” in different “locations”. Notburgh is the first destination; obviously the HGs landing here will be Have-Nots and it’s Da’Vonne’s team that will be the first to dine on slop this summer. The second team to fall out of the competition will find themselves in Mysteryland; Franks’ team will enjoy the surprises this destination has to offer. Cash City is where the third team will win $10,000 to be divided as they see fit and the team who outlasts the rest will win SAFETY for the next TWO evictions! And it all comes down to James and Nicole’s teams with Victor and Corey battling each other for that sweet safety, but Victor is able to ride the rocket longer winning Immunity for James, Natalie, Bronte and himself. Nicole and her team are not at all thrilled at winning the money, at least according to editing they are could care less about the $10,000 they get to split.

4_bbdeerintheheadlightsBack in the house, it becomes more Noobs Vs. Vets than it was when Frank, Da’Vonne, Nicole and James entered it and Paul is leading the charge, at the moment, everyone is so totally on board. All the vets know they are in trouble, but they are banding together, BUT… Da’Vonne is kinda playing both sides, but before we get too cozy with this drama… It’s time to pick team names! Paulie suggests #Catagory4, like how they classify hurricanes and stuff; Frank and the rest of the crew love it so #Catagory4 it is! While James’ team debates being called #TeamBrainFart or #Calvary… Nicole’s team decided to call themselves the #Freakazoids, (not the Fruit Loop Dinguses???), and Jozea suggests for Da’Vonne’s team that they go with #BigSister, and they do. After going over several horrible options for names, James team decides they need a strong, powerful team name that will invoke FEAR in the other houseguests and thus, appropriately, they call themselves #TeamUnicorn… ::facepalm:: Later, Michelle and Tiffany are talking about how much Michelle looks like Nicole. They could be sisters! Speaking of sisters… Michelle comes clean about her knowing who Vanessa is and that she thinks Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister and Tiffany confirms this to be true. Both girls agree that they could possibly work well together in the game, but separate ways quickly to avoid any suspicions.

5_sooocloseHi, Julie! It’s time for the next competition, it’s called #HitTheRoad, and it will be played in three rounds. The winner of the first round will be safe along with… omg… #TeamUnicorn… The winning team from the second round will also be safe, but in the third round lies the third of Julie’s Twists… In the final round of the competition, the losing team from the third round will compete against each other and the last one to finish will be EVICTED at the end of the two-night premiere! In the first round, three people on the team will hold ropes to balance a narrow, suspended platform on which the fourth team member will balance blocks that will be dug out of sandpits behind them and they have to switch out players and UGH! It’s not easy at all and any blocks that hit the ground are out of play AND they have to use 15 blocks. Nicole’s team rocks it out, but they can’t get beyond shifting players to put the final block on the pyramid. They fiddle around with it for about 30 minutes, according to Nicole, as the other teams spill stacks of blocks after stacks of blocks after stacks of blocks. When Nicole’s team’s blocks fall, it opens up a door for Frank’s team who is the furthest along at this point, but Bridgette is sooo nervous about leaving the pyramid. Her team tells her to go for it, they got this, so she goes for it and Frank’s team wins Immunity! I mean Safety!

6_glennwasrightTiffany is sooo embarrassed that she is performing sooo poorly in competitions and Da’Vonne is really disappointed in the turn of events too, but before too much drama can unfold, Julie is back on the TV screen calling the HGs to the living room again. It’s time for the second round of #HitTheRoad. In this competition, each team will have to build a sandcastle using the puzzle pieces around them, but there are decoy pieces so it will be a little more difficult than your average 3D puzzle. So, both teams are struggling with this. Da’Vonne was frustrated with Paul in the previous challenge, but she is even more so frustrated with him now because, like, UGH, he’s just being annoying. Nicole’s team is… well… They are messing up and Glenn notices, but everyone else is like: “Oh? Glenn’s talking? We can ignore that…”, but they should listen because he has totally noticed that the base of the castle is NOT RIGHT and when they think they are finished, they ring the bell and omg… Of course they are wrong and they finally notice their mistake and Glenn doesn’t say a word… Not a single word… It’s none of HIS nevermind if he doesn’t tell them “I TOLD YOU SO”, but I will do it! Glenn TOLD YOU, Nicole, Corey, and Tiffany. HE TOLD YOU! You all owe him an apology because your team loses because you didn’t listen to him and… ::SIGH:: Da’Vonne’s team wins safety sending Nicole and her crew to the final round of #HitTheRoad…

7_hahacoreyThus ends the first official episode of Big Brother 18 and now we begin the second episode of the two-night Premiere. Nicole is stressed, her whole team is stressed, but Tiffany is super stressed too and when Da’Vonne notices, she pulls Tiff aside so she can further solifiy her stance with the Noobs and so a very emotional Tiffany can tell her the secret she already knows, which she does and that makes Da’ very happy. The Vets have an asset. Paul is still leading the gung ho charge against the Vets, but Corey isn’t feeling that vibe. While Frank and James wonder why the bathroom floor is so sticky, Frank has a notion to call him into the Safari Room for a chat then Da’ walks in and the Vet has their plans to stick together. Frank thinks they all have the social game to run the house and Da’ confirms she has some people that will be on their side… THEN later… We see Nicole with Corey – they go into the storage room so Nicole can manipulate him into giving her HoH, but she doesn’t have to work that hard. She lays the ground work, but he’s up front all like, “I don’t want any blood on my hands”, and he think Nicole would know what to do more, and he would rather be able to compete NEXT week, which OMG… Nicole never thought about that! How SMART!!!

8_damncoconutsTime for the FINAL round of the #HitTheRoad comp… It’s freakin’ difficult. So, everyone is on an island and has to climb up a “tree” to retrieve “coconuts” and place them in divots in the outline of the letters S.O.S, but they are on this wobbly platform that wobbles every time they move and any coconuts that fall off their little island are OUT of play. NO ONE except the Vets wants Nicole to win and they are NOT SHY about showing their support for EVERYONE, BUT Nicole. Frank notices and he is consistent in his cheering on of EVERY player in the competition because Frank is awesome and he genuinely wants everyone to have a good experience in the house, FOR REAL. PREESH! So everything is all wibbly wobbly, (and timey wimey later for all you #Whovians out there), but people are doing pretty well, but Nicole is doing AWESOME. Nicole is doing so awesome that she wins and it pisses off ALL the Noobs, that aren’t playing, and makes ALL the Vets happy and it totally screws up Corey who has like, three or so coconuts fall when Nicole celebrates her victory. Vanessa is next to win Immunity… DAMNIT! I mean SAFETY! 😉 And it’s down to Glenn and Corey and omg!!! Oh. My. AAAHHH! It’s a freakin’ photo finish, folks! A PHOTO freakin’ FINISH! Glenn lost fair and square, but I DON’T HAVE TO BE HAPPY ABOUT IT! I’m glad Corey is still around because I keep getting him confused with Paulie and I think that’s a fun joke to run with for as long as they are both in the house.

9_firsthohSo Glenn is gone. #ByeGlenn I’m disappointed, but it is what is and now we have to choose an HoH and while Nicole wants the #Freakazoids to think she DOESN’T want it, she really does, which we have established, and they talk about and okay… I guess… If they want her to be HoH… Nicole will be HoH and Paul is NOT impressed. Everyone plays the whole thing real cool, though. Frank wants to throw her up in the air, but he’s channeling #ChillTown right now and being real serious because GLENN IS GONE! After everyone says their good-byes to Glenn, the HGs return to the house to keep on keepin’ on with the game. Paul is back on the bandwagon for the Noobs and he’s not happy with Corey because he had “one job”, but you know… Meanwhile, Paulie is up in the HoH with Nicole and James and they just all can’t believe that they are all there together, playing the game together, all knowing each other vicariously through BB…  I LOVE the HoH room, by the way – that fish tank behind the bed?! Hell yes! When I was a kid I’d fall asleep in the hallway in front of our fish tanks with my top half in the hallway and the rest of me in the bathroom… I love the HoH.

10_victorsuaveSo it’s after this time that Victor, yes, Victor, throws his “best friend” Jozea under the bus by naming him as the main dude leading the charge against the Vets and OH! He’s taking off his shirt and being all flirty and Nicole could care less. She’s hip to his “game”… Later, James pops into the HoH bathroom while Nicole is showering and tricks her into believing that he’s Victor…. It’s hilarious. You can watch all the episodes of BB at and you can subscribe to the live feeds HERE., by the way… Even later… It’s SLOP TIME for #BigSister! And OMG this HoH room… It’s freakin’ great because one of my ideas for this blog was to have a “circus” theme…  Ladies and Gentlemen! In the CENTER RING: THE VETS! But I’ve abandoned that… It’s still a great Have Not room… Sorry HGs that have to endure it, though… Bumper cars are NOT good beds in which to sleep. Later Da’ and Jozea are talking and he… OMG… calls himself the “Messiah”… Da’ and I share the same sentiments – BOY! You need to check yo self before you wreck yo self… And that could not be more true because…

11_hellnoNicole is nominating Jozea, that’s not going to change, but she wants to use Paulie as a pawn and I’m thinking NOOO! Nicole! No! Paulie doesn’t want to do it and can you blame him? LOOK AT HIM! He’s gonna be a challenge BEAST later because LOOK AT HIM! Yeah, nominate him so you have him on your side to win Veto, but DAMN, Nicole! What if those Noobs figure out that you’re working with Paulie and vote him out just to wreck your plans??? I think it would have been a MUCH better move to nominate Jozea and Victor, hope that Paulie and the other Vets are picked to play Veto, and hope that any other twists that pop up will not hinder the plan to oust Jozea. I suppose putting him up is a good defense against anyone thinking Paulie is working with Nicole, but still… I dunno… It’s real risky to put up a pawn ANY time in the game, but in the first week? So what does Nicole do? She nominates Jozea and Paulie and we’ll just have to wait and see how all that works out in the next episode…

12_byeglennPERSONAL THOUGHTS: I LOVE that FRANK is BACK! LOVE IT! I would have also loved to see Eric Stein back in the house because, as I have voiced on Twitter, of everyone that has ever played this game, he deserves a chance to play again, as himself, instead of America’s player. I’m REALLY glad the Battle of the Block competition is GONE – I know what the new one is, I know who wins it, and I know who wins the Veto, but this isn’t a spoilers blog – I also know what the mystery punishment is that Frank’s team has to endure. 😉 I don’t like the twist of someone going home so early – I liked Glenn! I was so happy that someone over the age of 35 would be in the house again. I think a lot of us are getting sick of seeing mostly twenty-somethings on the show… The diversity we want isn’t just about RACE and SEXUALITY. You’re on CBS, Big Brother, the “old people” channel… Get your $hit together, put it in a backpack, give those backpacks to a few people with more life experience, and give them keys to the house. That’s it for this recap. I’m out. Click here to watch Eric’s Week One Recap with Vanessa and click here for everything else #BB18. 😉


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