Amazing Race Canada 3: I Dream About Eating Sandwiches


Its lucky leg number 7….well for some teams anyways. They leave Sudbury and fly their way to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Brent and Sean are under the gun to use the Express Pass by the end of this leg. They want to be smart about it and use it so it gets them first place. This being Brent’s birthday leg they really want that number one spot to go to them! Once they land they need to make their way to the tarmac where there are Teams try to figure out flight plans on The Amazing Race Canada 3three flight boards with flight numbers, international destination codes and flight durations. They need to prepare three flight plans that equal 25 hours. Sounds easy enough but when you factor in time differences this gets confusing. We saw something similar using time zones in the US version of TAR and it drove even the smartest teams crazy! We know from the last leg that math isn’t Brent and Sean’s strong point. They even realize it. We’re design students, we don’t understand this at all Sean points out. The boys quickly determine this challange will cost them the race and hand over that Express Pass. Dujean and Leilani try their hand at it but don’t understand it either and strategically think if they take the two-hour penalty they could stay ahead of at least a few teams. Neil is getting frustrated with it and makes the executive decision to take the penalty as well. Kristen is NOT happy with his decision or lack of asking her opinion. Gino and Jesse have got a solid formula figured out and aren’t panicking as everyone else is just randomly picking three flights and hoping for the best. They realized that 6 heads are better than 2 and enlist Nick and Matt and Brian and Cynthia’s help in getting flight durations in exchange for the formula. Within 10 minutes of Team Lumsden leaving the three teams have their answer leaving Simi and Ope who opted out of being part of Operation Teamwork behind. The two plug away getting it wrong until Ope sees his error and the two can move on as well.

Teams Race to the Roadblock where Brent and Sean start their race at Apex Trampoline Park. Sounds like fun Dujean Williams has fun and makes quick work of the trampoline obstacle course on The Amazing Race Canada 3right? Who doesn’t love a trampoline! One person from each team much complete an obstacle course with three station. First is to jump from square to square in numerical order then jump over a “Brick” wall and then jump high enough to ring a bell. For Brent the wall seemed to be his challenge but he made it out as the dancers show up. Dujean kills that course pretty quick. Neil just can’t seem to get the square jumping and Kristin is still pissed about the penalty. Nick gets through the course passing Neil and Jesse bounces his way past Neil as well. Brian has the same problems as Neil but Neil gets it first and makes quick work of the rest of it..This is the first time we really see Brian and Cynthia fight. Will this be the leg that breaks them down? All teams are gone by the time Simi and Ope show up. He has issues with the wall but Simi encourages him through it.

After completing the Roadblock their clue is just  simple bottle cap. Everyone must make their way to the Great Western Brewing Company where they need to look through a container of 5000 bottle caps for 15 that match their clue. You would think that would be time-consuming but everyone makes quick work of it. Even Simi and Ope are able to make up a bit of time during this challenge to catch up with some of the last teams at the detour ahead. Brent and Sean have maintained their lead through all this, will they be able to keep it?

Gino Montani and Jesse Montani take their time and build the perfect teepee on The Amazing Race Canada 3At the detour which is at Wanusekwin Heritage Park teams must choose from two First Nations traditions. In Nimitook they need to learn traditional hoop dancing. Teams need to master 5 hoop formations within the dance and when it’s determined they’ve done it correctly will get their next clue. In Mikwap teams will build a traditional teepee to exact specifications that the model teepee shows to get their next clue. Brent and Sean are the first to arrive and pick Nimitook. The dancing is harder and the boys have a hard time with it to start but slowly get the hang of it. Gino and Jesse head over to Mikwap to build a teepee. It Neil Lumsden and Kristin Lumbsen try their hand at Native Hoop Dancing on Amazing Race Canada 3looks like brothers may be winning the leg in some form! Dujean and Leilani join Brent and Sean over at Nimitook and Nick and Matt join Gino and Jesse.  Both brothers step it in to high gear. Brent and Sean leave dancing with a slight lead over Gino and Jesse. The brothers from Hamilton’s background in building and attention to detail help them get their teepee perfect on the first try. They aren’t just pretty, they are smart too! Brian and Cynthia are lost on the way to the detour and their communication continues to break down. An odd sight from the two of them, that is normally what we see from the dancing exes. Eventually they find their way to the detour and choose to build the teepee Kristin and Neil try their luck at dance . Dujean and Leilani make quick work of the dance. The wrestlers are frustrated after their 6th attempt at teepee making and being told their stick are wrong and head over to dance.

On Brent Sweeney's birthday his brother Sean Sweeney makes quite the entrance for their first place finish on Amazing Race CanadaAfter completing the detour teams make their way to the pit stop. The brothers are in a foot race to the mat. Brent and Sean make an entrance I am sure Jon has never seen, nor would he want to again. Brent and Sean are running and Sean does a flip on the ground and come to the mat heaving. We know from leg one that when Sean over exerts himself vomiting ensues so now he’s off to the side dry heaving and Brent says….oh no not again. Brent Simi Fagbongbe and Ope Fagbongbe survive one more leg on The Amazing Race Canadaand Sean check in first and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT  you just won a trip to Paris and a year of free gas. I’d say they smartly used their express pass. Gino and Jesse follow in a close second taking their threepeat dream away from them. The dancers arrive third but must wait out their 2 hour penalty. It is over before Brian and Cynthia finish the detour so the dancers are third with Brian and Cynthia coming in fourth. Nick and Matt are off the podium for the first time in a long time in 5th. Kristin and Neil arrive 6th but have their penalty to wait out. Kristin has cooled down by now and is no longer angry at dad. Again its Simi and Ope and Kristin and Neil at the mat together. Simi and Ope are minutes ahead of the penalty being over so unfortunately my hometown team of Neil and Kristin have been elminated from the race.

We are going from Native Indian culture to South East Asian Indian culture next week as everyone heads off to Calcutta, India. This will be the real test of the team. With language barriers and culture shock with the teams with the home turf advantage be able to hold it together. I can’t wait for next week to see. Who are you rooting for to win the race? Comment below and let me know what you guys are thinking!




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