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One of Abc’s newest reality shows, The Quest, will be premiering July 31st. It’s brought to you by the executive producer of The Lord of the Rings and the producers of The Amazing Race, and is slated to be a reality show like no other.  Twelve cast members will live in a world where fantasy comes to life, and they must embark on epic challenges. ABC says that the cast members are unsuspecting, which most likely means that they have no idea what they signed up for. I’m sure it will be incredibly entertaining to watch them enter this new world unaware as they try to figure out what is in store for them.

I’m sure you’d like to know who the 12 people are that got this amazing opportunity to live in a mythical realm, so I’ll introduce the cast now.

 430.1x1Shondo Blades attributes his southern hospitality to his hometown of Houston, TX. The professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter is dedicated to mastering his craft but don’t be fooled by his tough exterior because he is a softy when it comes to The Lion King.


430.1x1 (1)Lina Carollo grew up playing the video game Street Fighter with her three older brothers and it wasn’t long before she was beating all of them. The school counselor has aspirations of becoming a child psychologist and also enjoys helping to run her family’s restaurant.


430.1x1 (2)Jim Curry grew up in the wilderness with his park ranger father. He is a member of a Hogwarts virtual choir and is also a member of the University of Arkansas Quidditch team.


430.1x1 (3)Andrew Frazer loves working with kids because they have such vivid imaginations. Halloween is his favorite holiday and he enjoys the opportunity to dress as his favorite video game characters. 


430.1x1 (4)Bonnie Gordon was forced to overcome a major obstacle at a young age, because she taught herself to walk straight after being born with her legs twisted. She is primed for an adventure having spent two months traveling with gypsies after having to leave her home in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.



430.1x1 (5)Ashley Guerrero is skilled in trick riding, archery and boxing. From using her riding skills as a trail guide to exploring her competitive spirit when she hosts game nights with her friends, Ashley is ready to take on her fellow Paladins.


430.1x1 (6)Patrick Higgins is a Star Wars fanatic who convinced his wife to walk through light sabers to the movie’s theme song at their wedding. Patrick always strives to make a difference and considers his role as a teacher life’s greatest reward.


430.1x1 (7)Jasmine Kyle met her knight in shining armor at a Renaissance Fair. Obsessed with Tolkien growing up, the self-proclaimed horse geek writes her own Lord of the Rings fanfiction


430.1x1 (8)Adria Kyne has a young son, and feels that she adapts well to new situations since she has lived in numerous locations internationally. Always a child at heart, she has a passion for video games and feels that she is never too old to play.



430.1x1 (9)Leticia Reyes not only has the brains with a degree in business management information systems, but she also has a green belt in judo. Driven by her regret for not standing up for herself or others in the past, she is determined to emerge the hero.


430.1x1 (10)Katherine “Katie” Smaluk is a twin who developed her own language with her sister as a young child. While she shares a bond with her sister, she is also fiercely competitive and a self-proclaimed hustler when it comes to pool and cards.


430.1x1 (11)Christian Sochor is a New Yorker who was drawn to comic book heroes at an early age. A skilled and imaginative competitor who has showcased his sword fighting talents in the New York Renaissance fairs, Christian has even created his own themed parties to watch the Lord of the Rings.



For me, the stand out are Shondo, Bonnie, Leticia, and Christian. Since Shondo is an MMA fighter, Leticia has a green belt in Judo, and Christian participates in sword fights, I think they will be the most physically prepared to face whatever challenges lay ahead. Mentally, I think Bonnie will be the strongest, since she not only taught herself to walk after being born with her legs twisted, she also dealt with Hurricane Katrina by living with gypsies for two months. I’m anticipating that Bonnie will have a strong, independent personality, and I’m excited to see how she interacts with everyone.

I think an interest in the fantasy world will help many contestants – Jim, Andrew, Patrick, Jasmine, Adria, Christian – adapt better to the crazy creatures and circumstances that they will encounter. Off the bat, I don’t find anyone standing out in a bad way, but I’m sure there will be plenty of drama when the show airs! Let me know in the comments who you like, dislike, and who you think has the best chance of winning!

Here is a sneak peak of what you will be watching this summer!

The Quest premiers on ABC July 31 at 8/7c.


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