The Bachelor Canada 2: Episode 6


The girls check out Casa Buitoni in Tuscany Italy on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 6This week is one of the most important weeks on The Bachelor Canada. The week before hometowns. Can you believe we are already at that point? Where has this season gone? Tim has taken the girls to Italy this week and reveals that none of the dates will have roses. He needs to take his time to make up his mind without the pressure of a rose. Let’s hope he tells the girls that before one of them freaks out and leaves the show again! As the girls check out the fantastic Casa Buitoni where they are staying in this week they stumble upon the date card. It says “Lets Make The Night Sparkle” Only  Sachelle and Trish have got to have a true one on one date yet so we know it has to be one of them. Sachelle is really wanting it to be here but is extremely disappointed when Trish is told she has the first date in Italy. Sachelle is also expressing her concern to us and anyone else who will listen that she thinks Lisa is the devil. While all the girls are thinking the same thing Sachelle likes to voice her opinion a lot. I now you all thing Lisa is the villain but I don’t see it. Is she the most friendly with the other girls, no she’s not but she’s not there to make friends. I’ve seen nothing but genuine emotion come from her regarding Tim. Just because she’s doesn’t have the sorority girl I love everyone attitude doesn’t mean she isn’t in to Tim.

Tim Warmels gives Trish a surprise on their date on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 6Trish is ready for her date and a car drops her off in the old part of Tuscany. Tim meets her and they go for a romantic walk around town. Unlike the walk around town with Natalie a few weeks back, these two actually have a great chemistry. The conversation flows nicely, the joke they laugh, they hold hands and kiss on the street. Trish has always been a sleeper cell for me. I know he liked her but they never really had much interaction. This episode she has exploded on to the scene. After their walk he takes he for a dinner. He likes how she brings out his silly side. He also expresses how he feels he is holding back for fear he wold fall in love and be shot down. For Trish this was so refreshing because she always thought he was so confident. The two really bond over their “meal” Like The Bachelor US, the food goes untouched. You’re in Italy… dammit! This date has brought their relationship to the next level Shine bright like a diamondand I think some of the girls need to be worried. Tim had told her earlier he had a surprise for her and I assumed it would be fireworks or a band in typical Bachelor fashion but NO! Our boy Tim is full of surprises this season. He pulls out a small box with a bow on it. Now tell me what girl is not happy to see a box like that? Yeah that’s right…..NONE  She opens it up and find a beautiful Diamond necklace and matching earring. OH BOY!  This isn’t going to cause any drama back at the Casa is it? I really think he is just pitting them against each other so they’ll kill each other and he doesnt have to make any tough decisions! After dinner they go for another romantic walk and a small make out session accompanied by a one man accordion band. He then sends her back to the wolf pack with her bling. Does Trish come out alive?  Do you think Trish could possible become the girl to beat after this week?

The girls all confront Lisa Racz about her kiss on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 6Last week we were promised drama and it was delivered this week. The girls apparently went out for a night on the town and ended up in a bar. I don’t know about you but I thought that the girls would be on a lock down or at least heavily chaperoned.  I guess they thought that rural Italy would be a spoiler free zone. But then again Andrew did manage to get a waitresses number last season and on Emily’s season Casey managed to sneak out and get that stupid tattoo. But I digress. Tension between everyone is heavy and no one is talking. We find out while at the bar Lisa made out with a guy. All the girls are outraged at how disrespectful Lisa is to Tim and to them. UMMM Tim is kissing all of you, sometimes minutes after he’s kissed someone else. I get it’s not GREAT that Lisa did this but I need a little more information before I cast an informed judgement.  Lisa is definitely not helping herself here. She does seem truly sorry about what happened, and I am willing to think it was a lapse in judgement due to stress or being drunk. But the guy is dating 5 other girls and they aren’t Sister Wives so I’m not going to get too bent out of shape about it. Do you think kissing a guy at the bar is a capital offense and Lisa should be sent home? The girls are up in arms with Sachelle leading the way. She is determined that Tim know what is going on. I say keep your nose out of it Sachelle. Do you think she should be the one to tell Tim the truth?

Tim Warmels decides who painted the best picture on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 6While Tim and Trish are on their romantic date the next date card arrives. ” A Picture Perfect Date Awaits” for Kaylynn, April, and Lisa. What could this date be? Another photo shoot maybe? Nope Bachelor Canada has gone Survivor on us. It’s all about the competition this season.  They all have to paint a picture of Tim and without Tim Warmels and Lisa Racz enjoy the Tuscan view on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 6him knowing who painted what he decides the best painting and the artist gets a one on one. I really do miss the drama a true group dates provides. I want girls clawing at him for attention. April and Kaylynn really don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Lisa. The painting are revealed and two of them look like my 8-year-old painted them and one of them is actually Lisa Racz tells Tim Warmels about her kiss on The Bachelor Canada episode 6pretty good. Of course the good one is painted by the devil herself Lisa, and April and Kaylynn are pissed. The two are sent back to the suite and Tim takes Lisa to a roof top dinner for some alone time. You can tell Lisa is nervous. She’s fidgety and uncomfortable. She knows she need to tell him what happened. The two are enjoying the scenery and wine. She doesn’t tell him on the rooftop since they are too busy making out. On the way back to the suite she asks if they can sit down for a minute. She tells him they were at  a bar and  she did the customary two cheek kiss greeting  and then he grabbed her  and the kissed. She feels sick about it and she’s sorry. Lisa hopes that he doesn’t want to send her home and that the kiss actually made her realize how much she loves Tim. I don’t think Tim really knows what to do with the information he was just told but he holds her for a bit and she goes back to the Casa Buitoni. Do you think that Lisa told the whole truth to Tim?

The girls wait to see who Tim Warmels sends home this week on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 6Sachelle gets the last one on one date of the week. With Tim “They Will Create A Slice of Heaven” Of course this mean pizza! They have a chef teach them out to make pizza the REAL way and he leaves them to it. They have some fun with the flour and dough. He stands behind her and helps like a scene out of Ghost it’s cute, but I don’t see a strong connection there. The whole time she is thinking she NEEDS to tell Tim about Lisa. She is such a busy body. Instead of just focusing on her and Tim and enjoying the small amount of alone time they get she brings up Lisa. Lisa had already told the girls she told Tim what happened. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for Sachelle. She tells him that she found Lisa making out with the guy and she pulled her off him, then two second later she looks back and she was doing it again. So now Tim has to very different stories he needs to sort through. Do you think this was a smart move on Sachelle’s part? I find that NARC’s don’t normally get rewarded for that kind of behavior. I really think she should have just let Tim sort it out himself. He’s a big boy, Lisa told him what happened let hims figure it out. Do I think either story Tim was told was the truth? NO. I think Lisa downplayed it and Sachelle embellished it because she hates her. I am sure the truth rests somewhere in the middle of the two stories. Who do you think told the more accurate version of the make out session?

We have foregone another cocktail party and plowed right into another rose ceremony. I really do miss the drama of a good cocktail party! Tim is coming into this rose ceremony conflicted over the how Lisa situation but starts to hand out his roses. Trish gets the first. Sachelle and April follow and we are left with Kaylynn and Lisa. He stands there for a hot minute then asks to speak to Lisa. SEE! This is why we need a cocktail party. This is the second time poor Kaylynn has been left hanging with one rose left. I feel for the poor girl. He asks Lisa to talk to him. She tells him she is sick about what happens, she is crazy about him and that she thinks they have something special. Lastly she says I’m sorry. From the sidelines it doesn’t look like the conversation is going well. Lisa takes her place back in line and Tim picks up his final rose. He gives it to……………LISA! I am gobsmacked. When it was Kaylynn and Lisa final two I thought Lisa was toast. I think this moved blindsided not only poor Kaylynn but all us viewers. We have waited two years for season two and seems to be flying by so fast. Next week is home town dates so Tim is off to Alberta and Ontario. It looks like he is going to have a tough time with someone’s family and I can’t wait to see whose it is. I really expected Kaylynn to be final 3 at least. What did you think of Kaylynn being sent home?


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