The Bachelor Canada 2: Episode 3


Bachelor Tim has transported his ladies from cold, rainy Vancouver to warm and sunny Los Cabos, Mexico. I guess there just wasn’t enough bikini wearing opportunities in Canada right?   Tim greets his ladies on the beach in spanish and he had me at Hola! How sexy is he when he speaks Spanish? He lets everyone know that two people are leaving this week and he hands over a date card to April Brockman to read aloud and excuses himself to get ready.  His date card reads “Lets Fall For Each Other” and I was pleasantly surprised to see Lisa get the date.  While I was happy to see  “the villain” get this date the other girls while nice to her face were not so impressed. Lisa excuses herself to get ready and the girls start ripping on her. I will say I like Tim Warmels takes Lisa on a death swing date on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 3Lisa! People are comparing her to Whitney from Brad’s season but I don’t see it. Just because she’s not acting like a sorority sister and being BFF’s with all the other girls doesn’t mean she’s being conniving. I don’t see the psycho manipulation of Tim that Whitney pulled with Brad. She may spill a drink or two on people BUT she keeps all that on the down low away from Tim. Now lets talk about the date. Red flags are beaming for me at the mention of Fall.  Read any of my blogs and you’ll know heights and I aren’t friends and I see this being some kind of death trap right off the bat and I am right worse than I thought. Tim picked edgy Lisa for this date because he knew she’d be the one cool enough to be excited about it and he was right! He brings her to the top of this cavern where tTim Warmels and Lisa connect on  the ground as well on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 3hey will be falling and swinging from some sort of death swing. YES DEATH SWING! I would have run right back to the hotel but Lisa took it like a champ, they held hands and of course while swinging had a little make out session. There is definitely something between these two and I can’t wait to see where it goes. She is polar opposite of emotion Kaylynn. It’s hard to figure out what his type is that is for sure. While Tim and Lisa are sharing a romantic lunch things go down back at the hotel. Trisha and Martha (who is the real villain in my opinion) are rehashing the last rose ceremony and Kaylynn’s dramatics. Neither are a fan of her and Kaylynn tries to explain herself to the girls. Martha is just being a bitch saying it’s not her problem she was crying and just being an insensitive mean girl.  Martha thinks the journey might be over for Kaylynn because she can’t handle the emotions. Maybe she’s rights, but I think Tim is way to into her to let her go too soon. Back on the date Tim and Lisa are clicking. He loves her confidence and I think that she is really into him and that it’s caught her off guard a little. He of course gives the fiery red-head the rose. Do you think that Tim and Lisa’s connection will last over time or is she bound to break Tim’s heart?

Tim Warmels takes Sachelle, Martha, Jenny and April Borgnetta on a dancing dateThe next date card arrives and it’s a 4 on 1.  It reads Let’s Go Meet the Locals, Just Mind Your Step. Obviously a dancing challenge right?  Martha, Sachelle, Jenny and April Borgnetta are the lucky girls who get to go on this date. Martha thinks being born in Mexico gives her the advantage. I don’t know how long she lived in Mexico but just being born in a country doesn’t mean you are going to excel at anything. I am born and bred in Canada, should I be a natural at hockey ……NOT! Tim and the ladies are given a great show by a dance team and they are told that they will have to learn that dance and perform it. Tim will decided who gets to continue on for a one on one dinner at the end. Martha is still yammering on about her Mexican edge, Sachelle sees it as her chance to make an impression and April oh lord. She is just over the top putting on an act all the way. “There is a rumor going on that I can dance but I just can’t so I Tim Warmels and Sachelle connect after their dancing date in a one on one dinner on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 3will shimmy and swivel like this” she says in her I’m on a broadway stage, look at me voice. Lets just say, none of these girls should try out for So You Think You Can Dance but Jenny does a pretty mean sprinkler!  Sachelle is having the most trouble with it and actually asks if she is the only one not getting this and of course Martha responds with “Kind of”  I’m not sure if she doubled up on her bitch pills in Mexico but she is just not nice to anyone. The whole dance was terrible but all the girls were really great about it and just had a great time being with Tim. Sachelle is chosen to continue on and while April and Jenny are bummed, Martha has to step it up and say Sachelle doesn’t deserve the extra time. Hey Martha! Maybe Tim wanted to spend his evening with someone positive and nice not a bitter Debbie downer! The two have dinner and find out one thing they have in common is crappy relationship histories. Both have been cheated on, Sachelle had it happen twice. The connection is undeniable and their kiss was absolutely electric. Tim is going to have a hard time weeding through these ladies when it gets down to the nitty gritty.  Do you think Martha is being a bit over the top bitchy in her attitude? We just have to hope Tim sees who she really is before it’s too late.

Kaylynn steals some one one one time of her own with Tim Warmels on The Bachelor Canada 2 episode 3The last date card of the week. Group date time!  Everyone is to “Get Set For A Hot Date” Turns out that Natalie, Rileigh, April Brockman, Trisha, Christine and Dominique are all going to play beach volleyball.  Kaylynn now realizes that she is the ONLY one with no date. Does this send our sensitive ballerina over the edge? She isn’t pleased that is for sure, BUT she keeps herself together takes the bull by the horns and goes to Tim to find out what’s up. She is concerned her scene at the rose ceremony has scared him away. She “finds” his hotel room and tells her how she is feeling and that her outburst was really a personal struggle and not anyone’s fault. Tim is really proud of her that she admitted that and I really think that he is even more into her. When Kaylynn is calm and confident she is really an amazing girl. I hope she can keep herself together for the duration and prove Martha wrong! Kaylynn leaves and Tim is left feeling frustrated with the process. He just isn’t getting enough time with the girls and decides to do something drastic.Every season we see someone sneak off for extra time with the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Did you think Kaylynn going to Tim’s room was a right or fair move?

The six girls are all decked out in their Bachelor Canada bikinis ready for a volley ball date and Tim shows up and says he has nixed the Tim Warmels and April Brockman connect on the beach infront of all the other girls on The Bachelor Canada episode 3volleyball game. He doesn’t think watching girls play volleyball will strengthen their connections. He has decided for a beach date with all the girls so he can get to know all of them better and has decided that 4 girls will go home. This sends them all into a panic. The original six are pissed off, I think production just wet themselves a bit. They have 12 weeks of shows to fill and Tim is sending girls home at an astounding rate. The other 6 girls are elated. More time with Tim YAY! These are the situations where Kaylynn goes off her nut a bit but she is really good this week. So proud of my Kaylynn. Tim is talking to Natalie and man is it weird. These two had a pretty hot connection last week on the photo shoot date but she seems to be forcing a mental connection and even the girls are aware that it’s just too much. April Brockman who is normally so normal is the one to lose her shit this week. She runs down the beach alone to connect her thoughts and Tim who has just sat down with Rileigh notices that she is off by herself. Tim the sensitive gentlemen excuses himself and Rileigh is not a happy camper and goes to her. They talk things out and kiss and frolic in the ocean IN FRONT OF ALL THE OTHER GIRLS! Tim, you are killing me. You are making these girls want to kill each other in their sleep! He is shocked at the death stares he receives when they arrive back from the beach and calls a house meeting. We all know this is never good. Tim tells them that he isn’t wasting time. He wants real connections and wants to spend more time with everyone. Four ladies are going home TONIGHT. Who do you think the 4 unlucky ones will be?

Lisa is uspet that Tim Warmels sent Jenny home on The Bachelor Canada episode 3

We enter into the rose ceremony with only Lisa holding a rose. He wastes no time in sending home  Martha, Christine, Jenny and April Borgnetta. I was stunned at April going home but grateful I no longer have to clarify my Aprils!  I know she intrigues him and quite frankly I don’t even remember Dominique is there half the time! Martha leaves telling us the next time she loves someone she’s just going to tell them. Really after 2 weeks you loves Tim. Check yourself girl he barely knew your name. Jenny isn’t shocked but she does tell Tim to look after Sachelle and Lisa her two besties. Remember night one when Lisa spilled the drink on her? Now they are best friends. My fellow ginger can’t be all evil now can she? Last April who thanks him for his honesty, asks the girls for one last BAM before she goes and runs off into the sunset. Lisa is crying over Jenny leaving and the girls rally around her. See everyone Lisa has a good heart now back off the hate train. Next week we are going to the Bahamas! Yay more Tim in a bathing suit. What do you guys think of the 1 hour Canadian format vs the 2hr US format? I am kind of loving it. We aren’t subjected to some boring pointless conversation and long spit swapping sessions. The hour does seem to fly by and I am left wanting more which I think is the way a show should leave you feeling! Comment below and let me know what you think.


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