The Amazing Race 24 All Stars 2 Blog Recap Episode 3 “Welcome to the Jungle”


tar_brenchel_trafficWe begin episode three with the teams still in China, but this leg of the race begins with a plane ride to Malaysian Borneo where they must then make their way to the Kionsom Waterfall. There are only two flights available, only six teams will seated on the first flight, and since Brenchel won the last leg, they will depart first at 6:22pm. Margie and Luke are a minute behind Brenchel, the Blondes are a minute behind Margie and Luke, because they used their wiles on the Cowboys and used the second ExpressPass! Two minutes after the Blondes, the second half of the Brady Bunch (Dave and Conner) are allowed out of the starting gate and one minute later, Flight Time and Big Easy depart. Remember how crazy I said it would get at the beginning of this leg of the race in my blog about episode two? Yeah, it’s crazy. The Cowboys leave a minute after the Globetrotters and Rachel is very worried about all of the traffic she and Brendon are in at the moment.

tar_afganimals_taxiRachel has every right to be worried because Dave and Conner pull into the airport ahead of them and they aren’t alone for long; the second half of the Brady Bunch is quick on their heels and they soon share high fives at the ticket desk. Meanwhile, the Afganimals begin the race, just fourteen minutes behind Brenchel and they are willing to stop traffic to get a taxi! Jessica and John leave next, but fifteen minutes after the Afganimals, but a minute later, Joey and Meghan, the last to leave, are on the run for transportation. Somehow I missed the Cowboys departure to the airport, but they are the first team to join the Brady Bunch followed by Flight Time and Big Easy, then the Blondes. There’s only one spot left on the first flight and both Brenchel and the Afganimals arrive at the airport and a whole new race begins for the ticket counter; the Afganimals snag the final spot on the first flight, Brenchel will be first on the second. John and Jessica and Team YouTube soon join them to form the “Last Three Club” and everyone is in good spirits despite the fact that they will be arriving way behind everyone else.

dave_legpunsAfter everyone else arrives, the taxi cab shuffle begins as the first six teams de-board the plane. Dave and Conner are holding a strong first position; they are first to the Road Block in which the teams must take on a hitchhiker, the Travelocity Roaming Gnome and retrieve their next clue by repelling down the Kionsom Waterfall, the “oldest waterfall in the world”, (like anyone could even know that…). Dave and Jamal, (yes the Afganimals have arrived to the Road Block in second place), will be donning the gear for their teams and they make quick work of the task. Great job not busting up your leg, Dave! Seriously! Anyone could have gotten injured during this Road Block, but… I still can’t think of any leg puns. Come on, Mel! Get it together!

Route Info: Dave and Conner are the first of the teams proceeding to Kampung Tompinahaton. Jamal is still repelling when the Cowboys arrive at the Road Block. Margie and Luke arrive next and Cord forgets to grab the clue during his jaunt down the waterfall! He better make it quick because Flight Time, Big Easy and the Blondes are now waiting in line. And lol! Big Easy is too big to participate in the Road Block. Meanwhile, Luke’s successful run means that they will knock the Cowboys into fourth place; Flight Time and Jennifer keep the line moving just as the last three teams board the flight.

afganimals_yeehawDetour Time! But first… each team must build a bamboo raft, (I bet J’Tia on Survivor could give them some tips), and make their way down the river to take one of two detours. River Delivery is, well, pretty self-explanatory; Jungle Run requires that each team member use a blow gun to shoot down fake birds scattered throughout the trees. Once completed, teams must continue down the river to a check point where a guide will present them with their next clue. Dave and Conner decide to deliver supplies then get to work building their raft just as the Afganimals arrive and before you know it, Margie and Luke appear then the Cowboys. Everyone is choosing River Delivery so far; Dave, Conner and the Afganimals are first on the water.

Now, did anyone expect these rafts to hold in those rapids? Really, though! That twine was pretty thin and those rapids were pretty rough. Margie and Luke’s raft is barely holding together as they take to the river and before you know it, their raft is falling apart. The Blondes and Flight Time and Big Easy have joined the scene, they are choosing to run through the jungle. Back on the water, Dave and Conner go in the opposite direction of their delivery destination; the Afganimals notice and are thrilled until the Cowboys saunter their way asking for directions. Not wanting any bad Karma, the Afganimals point the way. Dave and Conner finally realize they went the wrong way when they reach the other Road Block and quickly turn around.

tar_brenchel_nounderwearFlight two has finally arrived and the “final three” are hopeful that they can catch up to the teams ahead of them. Everyone is having a hell of a time traveling down river except the Cowboys. I bet they are still fishing bamboo poles out of that water. Brenchel are the first of the last three to arrive at the Road Block and because Rachel doesn’t want to get her precious, green-sequined shorts wet, she takes them off and goes all Britney Spears. Whether or not she was wearing underwear is up for debate, but I could care less about Rachel’s nether regions. While she’s baring it all on the water fall, Dave, Conner, the Cowboys and the Afganimals are on their way to the Pit Stop while pretty much everyone else is roughing it on the water or trying to shoot birds.

daveconner_yeehawFirst on the mat… Dave and Conner! They have also won trip for two, (from Travelocity), to Budapest Hungary where they will do some really cool stuff, but back to the race. Second place goes to the Cowboys and the Afganimals take third. While the team YouTube is wandering aimless down a highway, asking locals to call them a taxi, Margie and Luke are hitting the mat in fourth place; Brenchel has taken to the water with Jessica and John and it’s around this point that it becomes obvious which team is going to finish last in the episode. The Globetrotters take fifth place in the leg, followed by the Blondes, Jessica and John then everything is all down to Brenchel and the YouTubers, but really… Joey and Meghan are so far behind at this point – they have been eliminated.

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