Amazing Race 24 All Stars 2 Blog Recap Episode 11 “Hei Ho Heidi Ho”


dave_nosoulSeville, Spain is where the eleventh leg of this second season of the Amazing Race All Stars will begin and since Dave and Conner finished first in the last leg, they will begin this one. Teams must now travel by train and plane to Liverpool, England to the soccer stadium where both team members will have to score two penalty kicks against one of two professional goalies. As Dave and Conner make for the train station, Dave says he’s running with a bunch of young bulls and that it would be great if he and Conner were the oldest and youngest to win the Amazing Race – they just need to make it to the Final Three.

brendon_readcluesBrenchel leaves next and Rachel just takes off running; Brendon tells her to stop if she doesn’t know where she’s headed. Rachel is proud that she hasn’t really freaked out during this race – Oh, Rachel… You have been very calm, but you have, kind of, freaked out a little bit, but not a lot! I will give you that. The Afganimals leave after Brenchel; Jamal will not be able to run at full speed because of his bull ball injury, but he’s going to power through it and stay positive. Last to leave, of course, is the Blondes. It’s anyone’s game, they say, so why can’t it be their game? Upon arriving in England: Rachel is tired of everyone mooching off the Brenchel Amazingness – Dave and Conner might be going the wrong way – Accidents on the freeway could interfere with the Afganimals arriving to the stadium in a timely manner and the Blondes forget that then need to get in on the other side of the car.

leo_sohappyDespite delays, the Afganimals arrive at the stadium first and get changed into their gear. They are excited. They love soccer. They are thrilled to be in the Liverpool stadium and after some fantasizing, they choose the smaller goalie and get to work, but Jamal’s leg injury is definitely affecting his ability to strike the ball well. Leo also has some difficulty, but after a little practice, balls start hitting the net. After each Afganimal scores, the Blondes arrive, followed by Brenchel – Dave and Conner are lost. While the Blondes are getting changed and Brenchel is getting parked, Jamal scores again, then Leo and they are finished, passing Dave and Conner as they leave the stadium to find the next location – a 200 year old aqueduct.

caroline_prettygirlsdonthavetotryStill in the stadium, the Blondes are taking to the field. Be nice, they say to the goalie and when he doesn’t just let their balls fly into the net – they say that he’s so mean. Yuck. I mean… Yuck. Flirting isn’t going to work in your favor with this guy, Blondes. Nice try, though. Nice try. You’re actually going to have to do the task on your own. Good luck. You’ll need it since you’ve never played soccer. Brenchel; however, does have a little soccer experience under their belt and as they start scoring, the Blondes are still sucking and before you know it, Brenchel is done and the Blondes just can’t believe it, but look, girls, here comes your favorite boys – Dave and Conner. Oh no, though! Conner sucks and Dave’s leg! Oh no! He almost hurt it! I’m glad he didn’t – we NEVER would have heard the end of it. Never. Jen finally scores then Caroline – because the goalie was going easy on her – BAH! Lame. Dave finally scores, Conner doesn’t then the Blondes finish the task, but tell the goalie that he’s “so mean” before they leave. *eyeroll* Conner says he’s so uncoordinated when it comes to his feet, but they finally pass and Conner says that he’s been “humbled” by his dad because Dave performed better in this challenge.

conner_nolearningRoad Block: One person from each team must learn and perform a verse of traditional Welsh poetry. Each person will board one of the canal boats, which look really, really fun, and will work with an instructor for the duration of the 15 minute ride. Once on the other side, a judge will listen to them recite and if she’s happy with the performance, she will give out the next clue. The Afganimals don’t know where they are going, though, Brenchel is having trouble too and they stop at gas (or “petrol” stations as they are called in jolly ol’) for directions. The Blondes think they are navigating well. Hmmm… No comment. The Blondes arrive first, followed by Brenchel; Caroline and Brendon will perform the task. When Caroline and Brendon are on their way down the canal, the Afganimals arrive and Jamal is having flashbacks to Germany when he had to sing a traditional German song to pass a task. Dave and Conner arrive; Conner will perform the task and he feels like he’s back at school again, learning a memorizing.Conner: Life is all about learning. Just because you’re not going to school, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be striving to learn as much as you can. Ignorance is not bliss – it just ignorance.

nicejudgeladySo… While their partners are off learning the poem, Dave, Leo, Rachel and Jen are all hanging out; Dave says it’s nice that everyone is getting along, there’s “no reason to be catty”, no reason to be anything, but nice. I call B.S. I think he was coached to say this so he would seem more likable because he’s been a miserable whiner for weeks now and I can’t imagine Dave and Conner have a lot of fans at the moment – and if you are a Dave and Conner fan… I … No comment. On the other side of the canal, it’s failure after failure reciting the poem. Conner thought he nailed it and looks shocked when the judge tells him he has to do better. Brendon… lol This judge looks so entranced by him and it’s so funny. She says “Thank You”, like, all … I don’t even know how to describe her tone and expression, but it’s almost swoony with a hint of admiration, like, he really made her proud with his passion to say it right and with feeling. It’s really sweet. Brendon gives her a hug.

conner_entitledThe Blondes pass next, but, Caroline doesn’t get a “thank you” from the judge. Jamal almost gets it, but has to go back and study again. Conner fails yet again and frustration sets in – “What am I missing?” he asks, but doesn’t get an answer. He doesn’t get how he’s supposed to learn Welsh in 20 minutes… It’s amazing that these Blondes and Dave and Conner just think that these people are just supposed to HAND OVER clues without them really passing the challenge, like, YOU’RE IN A RACE AROUND THE WORLD FOR A MILLION DOLLARS. The sense of entitlement that Dave, Conner and Blondes exude on this race is just disgusting. I can’t stand it. I hope they aren’t like that in real life. I really hope. I don’t like people like that and I want to be able to say nice things and like the real people that they are, but… I’m just not getting the feeling that they behave differently in the real world. It makes me sad. I pity them if they act like this in normal society because they aren’t doing anyone any good with that kind of attitude – especially kids that look up to them. I hope I’m wrong about my feeling. (Jamal finishes this task with a little help from the judge, Conner finally passes too).

brenchel_READYOURCLUESDetour: Shoot It requires that teams shoot down 16 clay pigeons with a 12 gauge shot gun; Boot It requires that the teams choose a pair of size nine or 11 boots, fill them with water and toss them along a marked course until they cross the finish line. Brenchel arrives first and chooses Boot It, but they don’t realize they’ve chosen the wrong size boots. The Blondes arrive next and choose to take up arms – Caroline is related to Daniel Boone, apparently, and the Blondes say they are just going to Annie Oakley it up for this task. Dave and Conner arrive, Conner has a merit badge in shooting so he’s pretty confident, but thinks it will be “fun” in the wind. And, I have to say, both teams doing the shooting are doing pretty well. Brenchel is doing well too, but the Blondes, Dave and Conner finish before they do. And when they do finish and learn that they didn’t read the clue right, AGAIN, Rachel’s water works come into play. Brendon tells her to stop crying and focus; they messed up – no excuses.

dandc_firstagainOn the way to the Pit Stop, the Blondes aren’t sure where they are going; Dave and Conner are rude – they keep stealing the girls’ first place finish! Sure, they are joking, but I think they are only half joking. I think they that they think that Dave and Conner should step aside and let them hit the mat first again because they are just so pretty and they deserve to win a first place prize. Is that a personal attack? Am I being mean? I don’t think so. Dave and Conner do finish first, though, followed by the Blondes. Who cares what Dave and Conner won? I don’t. If you do you can look it up on Wikipedia. Brenchel finally finishes the Detour, so do the Afganimals, but…

afganimals_wellbebackBrenchel hits the mat in third and if only the Afganimals had vaginas and blonde hair and could flirt their way to the finals… The Afganimals have been eliminated. Nooooooooooooooo! No. No. No. No. No. No. No! The Afganimals deserve to be in the Final Three! They are good racers with a good attitude and I just know that they are stand up guys in the real world. They don’t think they are entitled to anything – they like to work and fight hard for a big reward. They fought through U-Turns, they kept up their sense of humor and fun, they didn’t whine ONCE during the race… They will cherish the experience forever. What great gentleman. Can’t say it enough!

So… Next Sunday. The finale of the Amazing Race All Stars 2 will air on CBS at 8/7c. I’m excited for this season to be over and if Dave and Conner or the Blondes win – I may not be watching the Amazing Race ever again unless the Afganimals, Brenchel or Jack and Kelsey from King of the Nerds are on it. I want Rachel to get that baby she wants! As always, check out the Your Reality Recaps Amazing Race Recap show, read my Survivor and King of the Nerds blogs and check out the work of the other bloggers around here. They are great!



  1. Hanne Koerner on

    I thought it was kind of bogus how one of the times Jamal recited the phrase perfectly and the judge said he didn’t pass because he didn’t have enough enthusiasm. Some judges are being incredibly critical (of certain teams), while others, like the judges for the dance challenge last week, easily passed the Blondes. Seems a bit suspicious, kind of like production wanted to make sure Jamal didn’t get to far ahead of clearly their favorite team, Dave and Conner.

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