Survivor Blood vs Water 2 Blog Recap Episode 3 Actions vs Accusations


1_whyshenouseidolWith the howling of monkeys in the air, the orange tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council and Baylor is pretty sure she’s playing her own game. She’s not feeling safe with Josh because she was thisclose to be blindsided at Tribal, but is still open to playing with someone. John Rocker doesn’t understand why Val didn’t play an idol and must believe she went home with two in her bag of no tricks even though HE HAS AN IDOL… And he’s seen the clue… And in no one does it indicate that there are two idols at each camp… And how is it not obvious to him that she didn’t have any idols? The Rocker also wants to know who flipped; Josh owns up to it. He realized that Jaclyn and Val were voting for Baylor and that was not “the plan”; he thinks The Rocker had something to do that and now Josh doesn’t trust Josh. The strong boy alliance is going to stick together though and Jaclyn and Baylor are next on the chopping block.

2_womensworkOn the blue side of the island, Drew rallies the tribe to  really fix up the shelter real nice; their roof looks like Swiss cheese, and the palm weaving party begins! Even the boys are weaving! Well, Drew weaved for awhile, but then gave it up. Too difficult for him. It’s not one of his assets. Keith calls Drew a sleeper in a confessional; that wouldn’t fly where he’s from, his son would never act that way. He’s from the south, they still believe in spanking. Once Drew is snoring, Natalie starts messing with him and he’s not a happy camper when he wakes up to a palm in his face. And Natalie is sooo sorry everyone is working hard on his sleeping space.She would also like to know what he’s contributed and thinks he’s a waste of space. Jeremy wanted to keep him around, but after talking to Natalie, he’s not so sure he can do that and will be happy to take the million dollars from Drew.

3_sozenJeremy is NOT pleased that Val has been voted out; he calls the orange men out and tells the women that they are next and they need to change things. The Rocker feels bad and apologizes to Jeremy; he lobbied, but he couldn’t swing against his alliance. Josh can’t believe he admitted to it. Jeff explains the challenge, each person has to use a paddle to move platforms from one spot to another over a balance beam. The winner gets their choice of comfort or the fishing gear the blue tribe traded for fire last week. Coyopa wins the advantage and Wes volunteers to do the challenge with his dad. Keith keeps right up with Wes with both tribes cheering on their tribe mate. Both men have HUGE saves and soon they are both on their fifth, but Keith loses his and must go back giving Wes a chance to catch up; it’s not enough. Coyopa wins! Coyopa is the orange team. Emotions are shared and it’s very touching. Wes chooses Josh, of all people, go to Exile with is dad because he gets along with Josh and so will Keith. They choose fishing gear for their reward!

4_nolovefortherockerBack at Hunaphu, the blue tribe camp, Natalie is very sorry for Jeremy then they notice that Julie’s gone off by herself. Jeremy is not happy that The Rocker didn’t keep his wife safe and begins throwing him under the bus to his tribe; they don’t even know who he is! Jeremy tells them about The Rocker’s past and about the racist, AND homosexual, comments he made. People are shocked. Jeremy was giving Julie, The Rocker’s girlfriend, the benefit of the doubt. Natalie thinks Julie is covering for him and everyone thinks he wouldn’t care if they voted out Julie. In the jungle Julie is very upset, she didn’t think it would be this difficult, but Miss Social Momma Missy is on emotional support duty.

5_bitchpleaseOn Exile Island, Keith welcomes Josh to his world at Exile. Josh thinks it sucks. It’s nothing, but rocks. He’ll be sleeping on rocks. When they reach the urns, Keith is really hoping that he gets the clue; he didn’t even think about it before with Val, but she got a clue! He wants the clue this time. He gets it and it does indicate an idol at camp. Josh speculates that John probably has it, Keith realizes that Jeremy could have it on his side since he’s the only one that’s been there other than himself. Keith really hopes he doesn’t, though because HE wants to find it. He wants the precious… And snails! He and Josh need to eat so they find some snails and eat them raw. Josh thinks they are quite the pair indeed and he is fine with being at Exile. Keith enjoys his company too, he’s not a good ol’ boy like him, but he doesn’t mind being around him. Josh thinks it’s a beautiful thing; that’s how change happens, people of different walks of life hang out together. Keith makes up some rock beds for them, but swears there will be NO CUDDLING tonight. No cuddling at all.

6_comeONguysBack at Coyopa, The Rocker proudly brings another catfish back to camp. He’s hoping it puts him in good standing with the tribe. Wes thinks they are going to have the upper hand in the next challenge and is grateful for the protein. At night, Baylor makes a play with the younger guys to get The Rocker out of the game. This girl is as good a social player as her Miss Momma! Wes and Alec are seeing her points, they might be able to use her, but Alec says they will probably stick with the plan to get rid of the girls. They both are very hopeful about winning the Immunity Challenge so they don’t have to make any decisions. They don’t want to think about it. She’s just scrambling to stay in the game anyway.

7_notanairballTribes will be divided into pairs, tethered together and on Jeff’s go, pairs from each tribe will maneuver and obstacle course to retrieve balls, (lots of balls on Survivor…), to shoot into a basket in the middle of the course. First tribe to score three points wins and each tribe will sit out one member; Keith and Dale, the dads, will sit out this challenge.  Jon and Natalie score the first point for the Hunaphu against Baylor and Josh, but on their second shot at the basket because Dave is yelling “airball” whenever they try to shoot. Wes and Alec take on Missy and Julie in the next round – Wes and Alec win on their first ball. Drew and Reed go up against John and Jaclyn is the next match up, John scores a second goal for the orange team. Josh and Baylor give it another go against Jeremy and Kelley and they are both whipping through the course, Josh is dragging Baylor and she misses her shot; Jeremy makes his first. Wes and Alec go again against Natalie and Jon; the tribe that makes the next shot will win Immunity; they both miss their first shot and go back into the course for their ball. After a brief altercation on the course, Jon sinks his second shot and Hunaphu wins again!

8_angrytwinnyThen Natalie goes OFF on John Rocker, telling the other tribe to “change it up” and something about getting rid of all the strong people. The Rocker comes back at her and Alec is in seventh heaven clapping his hands calling her a “classy girl”. Jeff busts in asking Julie why she thinks there is such a group hate aimed at her boyfriend; they just all think he’s the mastermind, Natalie brings up the racists comments in his past, Julie reminds they don’t know him personally. It’s all because of the newspaper article… Oh? Jeff’s “interest” is peaked! What’s this article all about? Who knows about it? Do YOU orange Coyopa people know about this? Yup! And they support him. Natalie implores them to vote John Rocker out again, repeatedly and The Rocker says that if she was a man he’d knock her teeth out… She’s not scared of him though and invites him to come over and knock her out. My my my…

So much drama! And I’ve got to get this thing wrapped up because I’ve got an early morning and a late night ahead of me so let’s speed up this process.

9_greaaatAs the tribes go back to camp, Josh expresses that John is liability if he’s going to behave in his negative way. Back AT camp, Baylor thinks she may be in trouble and feels like she’s getting votes. She didn’t respect John’s comments with Natalie at all; he’s a professional sports guy! John feels bad about his previous comments, he knows the girls are going to target him, but he’s come up with a good strategy – convince the girls to vote out Dale, convince the boys to vote Baylor. His rockin’ ego allows his possession of an idol to slip when he’s talking to Josh who is shocked. He wants the most honest and trusting people around so Josh is pretty much over John Rocker. While talking to Wes about being on Exile with his dad, he pitches the plan to vote John. Baylor wanders by, she totally in with this plan. Wes talks to Alec, but he doesn’t see how voting out their best athlete helps the tribe and John is going to bring is idol to Tribal just in case his plan falls apart.

10_solongsoandsoAnd blah blah blah… John Rocker is voted out of the game with an idol in his pocket! Let this be a lesson to future Survivors – never get that cocky on Survivor or you’ll get eaten faster than a rooster after a reward challenge. Looks like Drew could learn this lesson based upon the preview for next week! He thinks he’s a badass and Jeff is real excited to hear what he has to say before the reward challenge… ME TOO! Until next week. Don’t forget to check out coverage of your other favorite reality shows like Utopia, Big Brother with lots of blogs and video recaps to choose from. 🙂


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