Survivor 34 Game Changers Blog Recap Episode 3: Survivor Jackpot


This time on Survivor… DROP. nike tn requin pas cher YOUR. BUFFS. The tribes are called to the beach where Jeff is waiting and he wants to know how savvy everyone is – what’s happening now? Zeke calls it. They are swapping tribes, but that’s not all! As everyone begins opening packages to reveal buff colors there is a third. Yup! Two tribes will become three and the new, green tribe will be starting over at a new beach. So here’s how things pan out for our Survivors. The new Mana tribe: Debbie, Sierra, Hali, Tai, Brad, and Caleb – Hali and Caleb being the only original Mana members… The new Nuku tribe: Michaela, Malcolm, JT, Sandra, Aubry, and Varner – JT being the only member from his original tribe… And the new green tribe, named Tavua: Troyzan, Cirie, Andrea, Sarah, Zeke, and Ozzy – Troyzan being the lone member from his original tribe… Sooo, yeah. So long, Troyzan. Goodbye, JT. See ya later, Caleb and Hali. Nike Air Max Dames Goedkoop All of them are gonna have to work hard to stay in the game now… The first scrambled tribe we visit is Nuku and JT is showing everyone around the campsite, which Malcolm cannot believe exists. adidas nmd dziecięce He says he hit the Survivor jackpot, that it’s like a resort – they have trained chickens that just run around camp! They’ve decorated the trees with their empty water jugs, which are big, bright blue, spherical, glass jugs in netting. Varner is so in awe of the place that he’s barely spoken three sentences… Once they are settled around the fire, JT admits that he was excited for the swap – he didn’t think it would end up five to one against him, but he’ll take it. Later he tells us that he knows his only hope is finding a hidden Immunity idol and he has a plan to get himself some alone time on the island to look for it. While everyone is still gathered at the campsite, JT asks if they would all like for him to take them snorkeling, out in the ocean, way far away from the beach… Of course, they are all up for this so they load up on the raft, with the fishing gear, and JT takes them about a half mile away from the beach then waits for his opportunity. And just when JT thought the Survivor Gods had abandoned him, his opportunity to abandon the others out in the ocean presents itself when Malcolm bends a spoke on the spear. JT casually offers to swim back to camp to get the pliers… And immediately starts digging around. He knows he has a limited time, but he goes over that time limit because the group on the raft knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows they know, but he took them out pretty far AND he left the pliers behind on purpose!!! Varner, and I, say it’s brilliant. new balance 993 denmark What a great way to get them all away from the island. And JT has totally redeemed himself from his bonehead move the last time he was on Survivor… Ya’ll remember the note he wrote to Russell, right? Anyway, Varner says that it doesn’t matter what JT does – he’s out-numbered and he’s screwed. Air Foamposite One At the new Mana camp, we find out that Brad is the one responsible for all the decorating at the Nuku tribe as he takes the water jugs and hangs them around camp. He LOVES decorating and antiquing with Monica. LOL!!! Who would have thought that the former pro football player would be at home with samples wondering what color to paint the accent wall in the living room and which furniture grouping and wall décor would look best against it? (Little word of advice: Never call an Interior Designer a “decorator” – they hate that). Anyway, Brad is in a good mood because he’s on the good side of a four to two split so he’s just relaxing, maxing, and chilling right now. Hali is doing her best to play it all nice nice, but she knows it’ll be either her or Caleb leaving if they go to Tribal Council. adidas nmd hombre She is hoping that Caleb and Tai’s friendship from their season will be viewed as threatening to the others. Later, Brad is talking with Tai and it’s obvious that Tai wants to keep Caleb safe as long as possible – even voting Debbie out before him. Brad goes along with Tai for the most part, but he thinks Debbie will stay loyal. They kind of end things on a “we’ll decide later” vibe. Brad is very nervous about Debbie, Tai, and Caleb being together and he wants to keep everyone close to him. After this convo, Tai talks to Caleb and tells him that he’s probably safe for this next vote. Tai is again torn between two friendships – he doesn’t want to betray Caleb or Brad, but he’s going to have to do it at some point… And FINALLY, we get to see the Tavua camp! Everyone knows that Troyzan is on the chopping block if they go to Tribal, but the group remains friendly and focused – because they have to build a new camp from the ground up and they don’t have a lot of supplies. BUT, Ozzy points out they have a lot of coconuts, a lot of palm fronds, and he intends to show everyone that he’s still got the stuff to play this game – a game he’s played four times. He’s the veteran player and he knows how to do this. Elsewhere, Cirie and Zeke celebrate the switch. Cirie is hoping that she and Ozzy can work more on repairing their relationship and alliance bonds – Ozzy, to us, admits that he realizes that they have to work together and he’s cool with it. Troyzan is definitely going to be the first one out if it comes down to that. And Troyzan knows he’s a dead man walking. He knows he has to find an Idol. The others are being nice, but he knows. After a brief conversation with Andrea, he gets to work and wouldn’t you know it – he finds a message in a bottle, as the rest of the group discuss him being smart enough to not be out too long by himself. HOWEVER, the message in the bottle is just that – a message. What Troyzan has found is instructions on how to find the Idol that will be hidden on the puzzle-solving station at the next challenge. So! He’s not safe yet, but Troyzan is very confident that he will be able to secretly obtain his safety. Back at Nuku, the rest of the tribe has discovered that there are goats running around this part of the island. JT says they could catch them – he told the others they wouldn’t be able to, but they can catch them. He knows Sandra’s been hungry so he’s hoping to satisfy the Queen’s need for sustenance. He doesn’t really WANT to catch, kill, and eat the goat, but if it’ll win him some points from Sandra, he’s willing to do it. So! JT and Malcolm begin their goat hunt, which isn’t hard because there are several that are really close and he thinks he can catch them by hand – AND HE DOES! And Malcolm catches another. BUT! The only reason they caught these goats is because it’s a mother and a baby – they caught the baby first and the mother didn’t want to leave it behind. Sooo… Now the group faces a dilemma because the only person who still wants to eat goat is Sandra because she doesn’t care AT ALL about the goats. She’s hungry and wants to eat and that’s why goats exist. Malcolm says they are basically talking about a real-life Bambi situation when they discuss letting the baby go and eating the mother. BUUUT… That’s not happening. Sandra does not win this battle. nike air max 90 donna There’s a vote and the vote is to set the goats free and hope they can catch one of the males later. Besides, they have four chickens… Come on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity… AND Reward! Up for grabs? First tribe to finish wins a big tarp AND their choice of body comfort in the form of pillows and blankets and such OR they can choose the spice rack full of comfort for this taste buds. So! In this challenge, three tribe members will be tied together and must fight their way through a box-like obstacle filled with sticks and branches to a water trough where they will release a bucket, fill it with water then walk over a HUGE netted teeter totter to a gate. At the gate, they must fill another container with the collected water until there is enough to lower the gate then the other three tribe members can work on the puzzle, BUT… Before the two puzzle solvers can get to work on the puzzle, ONE person must un-tie the bundles of planks that are acting as puzzle pieces in this challenge. And guess who gets to do THAT job on Tavua! Troyzan! Sooo, there is no way he’s grabbing that Idol while he’s doing his part of the challenge – all eyes on his tribe will be on him. He’ll have to wait until after the challenge is done and see what sleight of hand magic he can perform. Survivors ready? GO! Nuku is the first tribe to get out of the brambles, which isn’t surprising because Malcolm, Michaela, and JT are doing the first section of the challenge. Nuku is also the first to start transferring water. Tavua is hot on the Nuku trail, which also isn’t surprising because it’s Ozzy, Andrea, and Sarah working together, but Mana is really struggling. Debbie, Tai and Caleb are having a really hard time getting through all the brush. Nuku is the first to lower their gate, Tavua is still hot on their trail, but before you know it, all of the tribes are working on their puzzles. Zeke and Cirie are making GREAT progress for Tavua, but Nuku thinks they have it first and they do! When Zeke and Cirie think they have it, they were wrong and they work quickly enough to finish again before Mana shuffles their final pieces into place and yes! They are right! Sooo… immediately after they win Immunity, Troyzan, relieved, saunters over to the back of the table and successfully grabs the bundled idol tucked into the table’s leg-work. nike pas cher And no one sees a thing. To fully wrap up this challenge – Nuku chooses to take the pillows, blankets, and such leaving Tavua with the spices and leaving Mana with nothing, but a date with Jeff at Tribal… Back at camp, Hali knows she’s in trouble and Caleb is worried that he’ll go out on day nine – again – just like the last time he played. Sierra and Debbie talk with Tai – of course Hali has to go over Caleb. Even though Sierra played with Hali during her season, she doesn’t have a relationship with Hali and she’s worried about the bond Caleb and Tai have together. Debbie admits that she could totally join up with Tai and Caleb, but she knows that those types of bonds can be trouble. Brad tells us that Hali is definitely the obvious choice, but he’s still worried about the Debbie/Caleb/Tai triangle. On the beach alone with Tai, Brad lets him know that keeping Caleb around is going to hurt his game. He has to think about this season, his game, who he’s playing for now. Is he playing for Caleb or himself? Tai says he’s playing for himself, but it will hurt his heart to vote for Caleb. Aaand now I’m seeing what I missed when I was with a customer during this part of the show… SO! Awaaay we go to Tribal Council! Jeff immediately brings up the Debbie/Caleb/Tai trio and Tai and Caleb’s friendship. Caleb states that he didn’t start with Tai and Debbie so there really isn’t anything to worry about. Jeff brings up the social politics and the added layer of paying with people you’ve played with before. Air Jordan 1 Retro Seirra admits to be concerned, points out that she doesn’t have a bond with Hali, and then Hali starts talking about all the angles Caleb could have because of his bonds with not only this tribe, but other people on other tribes – she totally flips everything Caleb said was favorable about him and makes them reasons to vote him out AAAND… I think that’s when the line was drawn… Because the votes are NOT in Caleb’s favor. I was shocked at the time, but now I see… Next time on Survivor! JT wants to over throw Queen Sandra – good luck with that, buddy – and two tribes are headed to Tribal Council! As usual, if you like my blogs, check out more stuff here at Your Reality Recaps.


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