Survivor 34 Game Changers Blog Recap Episode 1 & 2: The Stakes Have Been Raised


Welcome back, Survivor fans! It’s time for another season of Survivor and it should be a really good one. Look at this cast! Nuku Tribe! Top Row (L to R): Cirie Fields, James “JT” Thomas Jr., Andrea Boehlke, Brad Culpepper, and Sierra Dawn Thomas; Bottom Row (L to R): Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth, Debbie Wanner, Tai Trang, Sarah Lacina, and Zeke Smith. Mana Tribe! Top Row (L to R): Michaela Bradshaw, Malcolm Freberg, Hali Ford, Jeff Varner, and Troy “Troyzan” Robertson; Bottom Row (L to R): Sandra Diaz-Twine, Caleb Reynolds, Ciera Eastin, Aubry Bracco, and Tony Vlachos. Let’s just get right to it then! So, we begin the season on a supplies-filled boat with everyone already wearing Buffs. After Jeff chit chats with the group about the theme of the season, he announces that they will begin this season the same way they began the first with a scramble for supplies. BUT! There is a twist! A crate full of tools is submerged away from the boat and the first tribe to untie it from the anchors will be able to take it home with them. Survivors ready? GO! Ozzy immediately jumps into the water and heads for the tool crate and the Mana tribe pretty much gives up on any hope of scoring the crate for themselves because, ya know, Ozzy is “here”. About half way through the scramble, Caleb makes a go for the crate, but Ozzy has had MORE than enough time and he wins the crate for the Nuku tribe; they also get the chickens… And one Nuku tribe member, Sierra, picks up an even more valuable item that no one else seemed to notice: an envelope containing secret advantage… The first tribe we see arrive at their camp is the Mana tribe who are all still in good spirits despite not winning the tool kit. After inspecting their map of the island, they decide to take a group field trip into the jungle to find the well and start collecting bamboo for the shelter. Not long after they get started, Tony announces that they can all play nice nice – he’s going out to find the Idol. Tony sprints away from camp, everyone is like, whaaaaa? And Tony can’t believe no one is following him. Sandra says they will just vote him out first, which invokes a group chuckle, then Caleb says at they’ll know that he has it if he finds it. Caleb and Sandra decide to head out after Tony, Malcolm agrees it’s a good idea. Meanwhile, Tony decides that since no one chased him into the jungle, he might as well actually look for the Idol. He says he only ran off to mess with them, but alone time is valuable when Idols are still hidden. When Sandra and Caleb meet up with Tony near tree mail, he laughs off the situation, Caleb isn’t really all that threatened, and they decide they will bring some bamboo back with them because it makes no sense to come back empty handed. At the Nuku camp, Zeke is still over-whelmed by all the game-changers around him, but he’s gonna show everyone that he deserves to be there; he wants to bathe in the blood of his competitors. Sarah is going to sit back, be a silent assassin and let some other game-changer put a target on their back first. When she finds a moment, Seirra makes for the jungle to open up her advantage envelope – it’s the Legacy Advantage. There is twist, though! She can only use it when there are either 13 or six people left in the game; she still has to will it to someone else, from either tribe, if she is voted out of the game. With confidence that goes beyond her advantage, Seirra goes about bonding with the boys since she’s a cowgirl and is always hanging with the boys. She establishes connections with Brad and Ozzy; Brad is slow-playing the game, but Ozzy already has it out for Cirie and she knows it. She has a quick conversation with him, he says there are no hard feelings, they shake on it, but later, Ozzy is discussing Cirie with JT and Tai. He knows she just went along with her alliance, but she’s not a physical player so… Tai likes Cirie, though, and doesn’t want to get caught up in the middle, buuut… he lets it slip that she still has issues to work out with Ozzy… He stammers that it was just a vibe, but Cirie knows that handshake with Ozzy wasn’t genuine and that it’s going to take more than a conversation to build the bridge. Back at the Mana Tribe, Tony volunteers to get some water for anyone that needs it, but it’s all a ruse! His mission is to build and underground spy bunker and he quickly goes about that task. And despite his paranoid glances towards the path back to camp, Troyzan catches him digging around, BUT! Troyzan thinks he’s looking for an Idol and his suspicions are known to everyone very quickly. No one is more concerned than Ciera and with a captive audience around the well, she suggests they all split the votes and if they can’t get rid of Tony, they give the boot to his close buddy, Beastmode Cowboy Caleb. Around the well are Aubry, Michaela, Malcolm, Hali, and Varner and none of them are quite ready to let go of Caleb yet since he’s such a great person to have for challenges and just like that! *snap* Ciera has made a target of herself because the vibe is that maybe SHE is the real threat over Tony because of the early scheming…. Come on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity. In this challenge, tribes will board a raft and paddle out to a platform where one member will swim over to another floating platform to retrieve a set of keys. After the keys are retrieved, they have to make their way through an obstacle course back to the beach where they will dig up two bags of puzzle pieces then use the keys to unlock a crate containing the third and final bag. Two tribe members will then have to solve a ship’s wheel puzzle to raise their flag to win Immunity. And flint! The winner gets flint too. Survivors ready? G-Wait… There’s ANOTHER twist this season… If there is a tie vote at Tribal Council there will not be a revote. Instead, the tribe will be allowed a discussion period in which they must unanimously decide which of the two people to vote out and if they can’t come to a unanimous decision – the two people on the chopping block are safe and everyone else will DRAW ROCKS! Sooo, yeah… splitting the votes isn’t such a great idea anymore… Now for real this time, Survivors ready? GO! Both tribes make good time getting to the platform; Ozzy and Hali dive into the water and Ozzy pulls ahead to give Nuku a slight lead. New Balance 420 hombre He’s back in the water first, but Hali isn’t that far behind; but Nuku is still first to start digging in the sand, and the first to start working on the locks on the crate, but Debbie is having some trouble with the locks opening the window for Varner to take the lead for Mana. BUUUT… Jeff psyches him out and Debbie unlocks Nuku’s crate first; Cirie and Zeke begin working on the puzzle. When Varner finally opens the chest, Sandra and Ciera get to work on their puzzle and take the lead. Zeke and Cirie are making good progress, though, and they have the inner spokes of the wheel together first, but it’s not right. While Mana quickly tries to regain their lead, Zeke and Cirie have corrected their mistake and they are working on screwing in the handles and just like that! *snap* Nuku wins Immunity! Back at camp, of course, no one wants to be voted out first, and a lot of people are feeling a little more comfortable with Tony than they are with Ciera and they tell him about her plan to split the votes between Tony and Caleb. Sandra joins the convo – she’s gonna do whatever they want her to do. They tell her Ciera since she was being all schemy about Tony and Caleb.

  • Then Ceira walks into the scene and they tell her Michaela is the majority vote – everyone is “good” with this. And that would have been the end of it right then and there, but Michaela does NOT like that Ciera thinks it’s HER that will be going home and she’s vocal about it, which freaks some people out about her, but they all thought she would be cool about it since the group was so unanimous. Sandra is totally cool with getting rid of Ciera some other time if Michaela is going to be a problem… And awaaay we go to Tribal Council! Jeff is very amused by Malcolm’s retelling of the story of Tony making like a banshee for the jungle to look for an idol – Tony says he was joking around, but man! Survivor is different now! They are all getting along, though. Aubry speaks a little about how well they all know each other outside the game; no one really knows Caleb, though, because he was evacuated so early in his season. Michaela comments that the first vote shouldn’t be easy, while Sandra is commenting on Michael, he notes that the real easy first vote would be her! So… Jeff gets down to it and Varner lets him know that there were definitely groups forming, Hali says the vote will be about keeping the tribe strong and loose lips sinking ships. Ciera is a little shaken by this, but she’s gonna vote the way she said she was gonna vote; Michaela says she won’t be surprised if she doesn’t walk away from this without one vote against her and it’s time to vote! No Idols are played because, duh, no one has found one yet so here are the votes: Michaela, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera – that’s six that’s enough! Back at camp the next day, Tony can’t believe how smooth Tribal went and he’s getting bored. He’s ready to jump into action and make some moves. Tony wants to align himself with threats to act as meat shields. His first draft picks? Aubry, Caleb, Sandra, and Malcolm – and everyone is down with this. As always, Sandra’s motto is “as long as it isn’t me – I don’t care who goes home”, and she’s totally open to working with Tony. The only way a previous winner wins is by going to the end with three winners. As long as they stick together with common goals, they could totally run this game. Over at Nuku, Tai has been given the task of taking care of the chickens, which is a burden, but he’s happy to do it. While JT cuts some corn off the cob, Tai requests that he leave some on the cob for the chickens aaand… Everyone is already a bit “raised eyebrows” about Tai and the chickens. Sooner or later, they are going to look mighty tasty sooo…. Back over at Mana… Tony has had enough with the boring game. He needs intel. He needs to make big moves. Scarpe Air Jordan He need to put some things in motion so in the middle of the night, while everyone is asleep, or seems to be asleep, he heads over to the well to continue building his spy bunker. And he thinks he has all night to work on it, buuut… Sandra and Troyzan get out of “bed” to go talk and they are headed towards the well. Tony sees them coming, hides, and tries to listen as Troyzan and Sandra quietly discuss how non-threatening Tony is because as Troyzan says – who is going to team up with Tony? So, Tony doesn’t really hear the conversation because he jumps out of his hiding place asking “what’s up, guys” and blah blah blah. Bascially, Tony’s paranoia has won the battle with this mind because he has convinced himself that Sandra is scheming behind his back and he can’t have that! Oh no. Angel Pagan Jersey He’ll have to get the schemer before the schemer gets him! … Said the guy building a spy bunker – BY THE WELL – that everyone visits all the time and knows that he was already up to something over there… And Sandra doesn’t like this at all. She’s is no longer on the Tony train. He’s unpredictable, he’s gotta go. The next day at Nuku, Cirie has noticed how tight Ozzy is with JT and the boys so she takes a walk to the well with Sarah to form some bonds.

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  • Sarah is with her, buuut, if someone throws Cirie’s name out there, she won’t be against voting her out of the game. Cirie also approaches Zeke, who likes Cirie, and she wants him to keep his options open as far as siding with the boys is concerned. He would love to play with Cirie, but he IS keeping his options open. Debbie is next on Cirie’s list and Debbie doesn’t really buy anything that Cirie is saying, buuut… She doesn’t even know how to say her name correctly. It’s SIR-E, not SHA-RIE… Debbie plays nice nice, though and listens, and says they are cool, she agrees with some of her ideas and blah blah blah. Debbie is sure Cirie would be on the chopping block if they went to Tribal, though so she’s STILL not buying any of this. Back at Mana, Sandra asks Hali if Tony has approached her about aligning – he hasn’t. Sandra said he talked to her, but since then… Tony isn’t the boss of her, he can’t be trusted – this is HER game. air max femme Sandra brings Troyzan into the conversation next, then she talks to Varner about Tony’s Five-Strong plan and while Varner is apprehensive about how quickly Sandra rallied the troops – he loves that two winners are going head to head and he can’t wait to watch the fireworks. Later, Tony confesses to Aubry that he’s totally paranoid about that late-night encounter he had with Sandra and Troyzan. He says he’s not working with her anymore because she was scheming and scamming – last night. He talks to Malcolm, who is all about strength, and he’s on board with getting rid of Sandra, but Tony isn’t his first choice for an ally because he can’t be trusted. Caleb is all about the dudes staying strong too and it’s pretty obvious at this point, which tribe is going to Tribal Council, am I right? Otherwise, we’d be talking about Cirie and Ozzy right now. ; ) Come on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity! In this challenge, six members of each tribe will race over a balance beam to a cage where they will have to crawl up and over to retrieve an over 400-pound snake, maneuver it up and over the cage, cart it back to the beach over the balance beams, put the snake in the cradle, untie number tiles to solve a combination lock which will release rings that will be tossed onto paddles that spell out Immunity. But wait! There’s more… This is also a Reward challenge – Not only does the winner get immunity, but they also get an ultimate fishing kit complete with a boat and paddles. Survivors ready? GO! Now, this balance beam is pretty wide so it doesn’t take long for the tribes to get to the cage and both are up and over into the cage pretty quickly. cheap albion gold This is where the hard part begins, once they untie their snakes they have to get it out of the cage and Nuku has a good handle on the situation – they are first to have their snake out of the cage. And instead of carrying the snake over the balance beam, they drag it across, which save them sooo much time and struggling with the snake. Maglie Cleveland Cavaliers Nuku is on the beach just as Mana finally makes their way to the balance beam with the snake, BUT you know… We’ve got rings to toss and despite a HUGE lead and Mana’s snake troubles – Malcolm manages to catch up to Nuku and is only two letters away from victory, but he can’t make the rings stick and JT finally lands the final ring for Nuku. Back at camp Mana, Michaela is frustrated that “strong” people keep losing challenges for their tribe, but people are making plans and she’s just going to go with the flow. The battle royale between Sandra and Tony is still happening. Sandra feels like she has the numbers, but she is nervous about him having an Idol so they have to split the votes – they need Caleb and Malcolm. Hali, Troyzan, and Sandra have a chat with Caleb – he’s real tight with Aubry and he’s a real threat – isn’t he worried about Tony stacking up idols this season? Tony joins the conversation at this point and Sandra tells him they are going to vote for Aubry, which he’s okay with, but it puts Sandra in charge sooo she has to go home. Tony pleads his case to Caleb later and Caleb agrees that Sandra has convinced the majority to vote out Tony. They need another vote, though, and they don’t know how to get it other than flipping Michaela. They think she will be down with this because she’s tired of losing. And they are kinda right it seems. She doesn’t see what Sandra brings to the table – Tony is good at challenges and Sandra isn’t. Everything seems to be totally up in the air sooo… Awaaay we go to Tribal Council! Keeping the tribe strong is the first topic of conversation. The boys can’t stop harping on it. Michaela is asked about Malcolm not giving up on tossing the rings to let someone else try, and she says she’s there to be physical, and they need strong players and it doesn’t make sense to send one home now, which perks Sandra’s ears. Maybe she should be afraid, buut… they’ve put the strongest players in position to win challenges and they have still lost. Troyzan comments that some people -ahem Tony- are running around causing chaos, the late-night encounter is brought up, and Sandra reiterates they weren’t talking about anything important – then a huge bug attacks everyone. No really. It was funny. nike air max goedkoop Back to it! Tony brings up loyalty and dishonestly and they all know he’s not doing that this time, he hasn’t been scamming nobody. And blah blah blah, let’s just get to the vote, which Varner says will remove the square peg from their round hole… and I’m sorry I worded it that way, but it works. So, the vote! Aubry, Tony, Aubry, Tony, Tony, Tony, aaand TONY! That’s five, that’s enough! He congratulates Sandra, she says that’s what he gets and the Queen Bee stays! Fun! Next time on Survivor! DROP. YOUR. BUFFS!!! Whoo hoo! This will definitely change up the game! As usual, if you like my blogs, check out more stuff here at Your Reality Recaps. Eric is at it again with the Big Brother action so all you Big Brother Canada fans should be very pleased with all his great content! Also… I will have more time to get these written more quickly this season – my boss at the Cafe is closing up for a few months to spend more time with her family so I will not be working as much.


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