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After the feeds come on after Thursday’s live show, Alex is giving all the guys she’s working with shit for going out on question 2 of the HOH comp. Immediately, Paul suggests that they’ve already drawn a line in the sand last week with Mark and Elena, so it might be best to keep Matt and Raven feeling comfortable with them. They need them as numbers. Then, they can backdoor Cody. Of course, this all depends on the outcome of the Temptation Competition.

Mark and Elena continue to try to align with the rest of the houseguests and are pretending that they aren’t a showmance anymore. Um, on Wednesday night (Thursday a.m.), they had sex. Elena had the two-week have not extension, and with no have nots last week, she was the lone person assigned to that room, and Mark voluntarily slept in there with her. While she did distance herself from him, he is a total wuss about it and continually wants to have relationship talks with her. He wore her down. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, they started making out. Elena then told Mark she didn’t mind if he jerked off. Afterwards, she called him over to her bed. The cameras turned away and 45 minutes later, Elena was putting her shorts back on and complained about the wet spot in her bed. Yuck. Everyone in the money room has noticed that they’ve been keeping the lights in the Have Not room on until 3-5 a.m. every night, so while they don’t know that they slept together, they all agree that they are still working together and likely didn’t really break up as Elena has stated to houseguests.

On Thursday night, the houseguests continued studying the sounds that have been played throughout the week. In case it was part of the Temptation Competition, they planned on someone from their side throwing it to become the 3rd nominee and having the rest of them gun for it to minimize Cody’s chances of winning it or becoming the 3rd nominee so that he can’t compete in Veto. At first, Matt agrees to throw it. Then, Raven is unhappy with his volunteering, so they come up with an alternative plan. They want them to nominate Matt and Mark and have Josh throw the competition. Josh shows that he indeed knows the sounds very well as a study session involving Alex, Josh, Matt, Mark, Jason and Paul takes place in the HOH room. They all appear to know the order of all the sounds very well with Mark and Paul knowing them the best. So, Matt says that if it is an athletic competition, Josh should throw it, and if it is a comp on the sounds, then he will throw it.

At the Temptation Competition, the houseguests had to know where they were in the house when the sounds were played, i.e. which room of the house. There were 10 questions. As promised, Matt threw the competition, scoring a 0. Cody decided to throw it and scored a 1. Jason got 9 correct. Mark got all the questions correct, so he became safe for the week and Matt is the 3rd nominee. Now, they are hoping that Cody isn’t drawn for the Veto comp.

For nominations, Alex decides that Elena will feel more comfortable if she put her closest ally Jason up beside her. Elena just asks that the veto be used on her so she doesn’t have to pack all her stuff again. After nominations, Christmas overhears Mark and Elena talking game with Cody in the APSR. Elena asks Cody to use the veto on her if he is drawn. She reports this to Alex, but Mark overhears her. This leads to a back and forth argument between Christmas and Mark in the kitchen. Josh jumps in and makes a very valid point that Mark is a flip-flopper and has been ever since Cody came back into the house. After Josh wasn’t evicted, Mark and Elena jumped ship from Cody again. They are disloyal.

Some of Kevin’s allies are beginning to doubt him. First, they don’t appreciate that he made the deal with Kevin without Alex and Paul’s approval. (They don’t know that Cody told Mark that he is at the top of their target list, which is incorrect. Elena is.) Later, instead of the deal just including Kevin, Jason, Alex and Paul, Kevin lied to Christmas and said it included her. Kevin is acting sketchy by continuing to talk to Cody and with Mark and Elena. He’s trying to play the middle. He doesn’t join the group of 6 to talk game, told Jason that he is falling in love with Christmas and has a breakdown on Friday night thinking about his family. They don’t feel that he is doing anything to hold his weight for the group. They are questioning if he is a stay-at-home Dad with Alex surmising that he might be a private investigator or college professor. He has been acting ‘off’ for the last couple of days, not telling his funny stories and is withdrawn from them a bit. They fear he may jump ship or share their plans with Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena to form a split after Cody’s eviction.

At the Veto drawing, Paul and Mark are drawn, so the plan to backdoor Cody is a-go. The Veto is Outback Steakhouse catapult shoot. Matt ends up with the veto and the 6-person Outback Steakhouse meal. He says that he will bring the veto participants. He promises that he will use it to take Jason off the block to backdoor Cody. Mark won a trip for 2 to Colorado. Punishments were doled out to participants. Elena and Alex were the final 2 to participate, and Elena initiated a deal with Alex for them not to punish each other. Alex was going to take Mark’s trip from him, so Elena would still end up with the cash. Instead, Elena took a $5K prize and punished Alex, so Alex is royally pissed after the comp. Here are the punishments:
Paul got to choose a houseguest to be tandem tied to for 48 hours. He picked Christmas and they are dressed as tandem skydivers. Paul gives Christmas his spot at the Outback dinner. 
Jason got an Exteme-otard and must yell, “I am so extreme” whenever prompted by BB. It’s hilarious with BB having such announcements as “Jason is brushing his teeth. That’s extreme cavity prevention.” They are getting him at all hours of the night with “Jason is doing some extreme dreaming.” He’s hilarious and being a good sport about it.

Alex got the worst punishment. Every time a bugle sounds, Alex must set up a tent and camping chair, roll out 2 sleeping bags, light a propane grill and cook hot dogs for the whole house. Afterwards, she cleans the grill, takes down the tent and put the sleeping bags away. She is dressed as a camp counselor, and the worst part is she must carry all that equipment with her everywhere she goes for a week. Elena is being a total twat about it; smirking at her when she revealed her punishment. Don’t worry; Alex is throwing Elena under the bus and making sly comments about her breaking her word. Elena refuses to apologize for going back on her deal with Alex. The targets on Mark and Elena have grown exponentially bigger.

Cody is trying to pretend to have a social game. On Sunday night, he comes to the HOH room to speak to Alex and Jason about keeping him and the three of them trying to steamroll their way through the rest of the season. Alex is still planning on backdooring him and is trolling Elena by inviting Cody to come talk to them in the HOH room. Cody is trying to sell anyone that will listen on Paul running the house and having deals with everyone. Paul is working with Alex, Jason, Josh, Kevin and Christmas as they have a final 6 deal, and Paul and Alex have a secret alliance, A²MF. He is making Matt and Raven feel comfortable with the rest of the 6, and this is the group’s plan. While Matt and Raven believe they have a final 3 with Paul. In what universe would Paul take a showmance to final 3? Did they not watch last season?

That said, Elena and Mark have started to doubt Paul, with Cody inserting his opinions into their heads. Elena feels like a perpetual pawn and that she is likely next to go. Cody is telling Elena and Mark that Paul is running the game, has F2 deals with everyone, essentially anything he can do to disparage Paul, he is doing it. Here’s the thing with him talking trash about Paul to Elena: A. How does Cody know any of this information since he’s been secluded for 2 weeks with Jessica? B. Why does a smart girl like Elena make some stupid game moves like getting caught talking game with the house’s target or believe anything that Cody says about Paul when NO ONE is talking to Cody? C. Why did Elena make a deal with the HOH in front of the whole house and then go back on her word? For a smart girl, she’s being easily manipulated by a sociopath.

At the POV meeting, Jason is pulled off the block by Matt and Cody is the replacement nominee. The plan is for everyone to make the vote seem like it could go either way with Jason and Alex continuing to lull Cody into believing he might have a chance to stay, and everyone else is going to make Elena as paranoid as possible going into Thursday. They are telling her that Cody is campaigning and making some good points. Josh tells her that Mark has had an alliance with Cody since week 1. She is shook! With her reasoning for wanting to stay in the house as long as possible to further her career in the entertainment industry, people are pretty sick of hearing about it. She’s going to want to stay away from Mark because she has trust issues if you haven’t picked up on that yet. He took the Have Not challenge and got out of being a have not. Mark is going to want to sleep in the bed with Elena, which she is probably not going to be receptive to, especially because he constantly wants to make out with her. Mark spent Monday tanning his hairy ass, grossing out most of the houseguests. Expect #TeamFunFeeds this week.

With the double on Thursday night, Josh is planning on unleashing on Mark to throw him off his game for HOH. He already started along with Alex, Christmas and Paul because Mark stole pillows from them and stripped Alex’s bed without asking. Josh asked Elena last night if he could sleep in bed with her when Christmas is no longer tandem with Paul and returns to the round bed. Mark was literally fighting with 4 houseguests at once and looks like a tool for the way he treats houseguests. Mark is now target #1.

The houseguests think this might be the double or that it’s next week. The 8 have already made plans for how to answer questions to maximize chances of 1 of them winning the HOH. If it’s True or False, if they know the answer they will answer it. If they are unsure, ½ of them will go True and the other ½ False. The same principle applies if it’s an A or B comp. Mark and Elena will be the targets, and if either of them win veto, the other is going to jury. If Mark or Elena win HOH, it will be interesting to see what they do with it. Kevin’s sketchy ass has already told Mark that he is one of 3 targets, and asked him if he had done anything to piss off Paul or Alex. He’s a rat!


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