Survivor 33 Millennials Vs Gen X Blog Recap Episode 4: Who’s the Sucker at the Table


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1_badandgoodluckThis time on Survivor, for real now… Sooo when the Gen Xers return to camp, Jessica is immediately on damage control duty, but Chris doesn’t want to talk to her; he’d rather talk to her in the morning. When she and Sunday turn to Brett who actually DOES want to know what happened, Chris is suddenly in the mood to talk. Jessica explains the situation with Paul saying that if there were an all-male alliance, she would be in trouble – it had nothing to do with the two of them. She understands the guys are angry, and she’s really hoping it wasn’t a bad idea. The next morning, Sunday and Lucy are asking themselves the same basic thing – did they make a mistake? Sunday says they just need to give the guys some time. The problem is that the guys really trusted Jessica and Lucy doesn’t really trust her now either because she’s the one who planted the seed that grew into the blossom that was Paul’s eviction sooo… Jessica is on Lucy’s radar now. Later, Lucy talks to the guys, says it’s a game, mentions that Jessica was spear-heading the whole thing, but as far as Ken and Dave go – she’s got them. They completely trust Lucy. After she departs the scene, the guys both agree – If they go to Tribal, Jess is gone. Over at the Millennials camp, the kids are hungry and they have spied some pig tracks so it’s pig-huntin’ time. Instead of a pig, though, they see a goat and decide to sneak up on it to snag some food for themselves. While the rest of the tribe it tracking down the goat, Adam is searching for an Idol and he find a clue to the location of one so he returns to camp to look another time.

2_nottoyieldoryieldCome on in, guys! It’s time for Reward! Up for grabs? STEAK, sausages, veggies, and spices. In this challenge, two pairs of players from each tribe will race out to retrieve a life saver ring – not the candy – then battle it out to their flag pole with the ring. First tribe member to touch their flag pole while also touching the ring. Survivors ready? GO! First round is Chris & David vs Jay & Adam. While Adam grabs the ring, Chris is on defense, but quickly heads towards Adam and holds off both Adam and Jay while David scores the first point for Gen X. Next round: Sunday & CeCe vs Figgy & Michaela. While the Millennial women make for the ring, the Gen X gals hang back to play defense, which probably seemed like a good idea at the time, buuut… Michaela is in BEAST MODE and scores a point for the Millennials. Third round: Bret & Ken vs Taylor & Will. While Taylor holds off the Gen X guys, Will retrieves the ring, but Ken has broken free from Taylor and he snatches it away and heads for the flag pole. Taylor eventually breaks free of Bret, but it’s too late. Ken scores for Gen X. Fourth Round: Lucy & Jess vs Michaela and Hannah. While Lucy holds off the Millennial girls, holding Michaela by her bikini top, Jess scores the ring and Michaela is in BEAST MODE again, or should I say BREAST MODE because girl TAKES HER TOP OFF and pulls that ring over to her flag pole to tie the score at 2-2. Final Round: Dave & Chris vs Jay & Zeke. All the dudes make for the ring, but Zeke pesters Chris while Jay makes a dash for the Millennial’s flag pole, but Chris breaks free and even though they are super close to the Mill’s pole, the waves help push the cluster of Survivors towards the Gen X pole and just as Chris places his hand on the pole, a big wave about knocks Jeff over! lol

3_nolucynoWhen the Millennials return to camp, the boys all agree that the girls rocked that challenge and Michaela is definitely the MVP. Adam knew he wouldn’t be great at that challenge and he makes an excuse to leave camp to search for the Idol. His clue says the Idol his SHELtered so he starts looking for shells and just when he’s about to give up, he see it. IT’s a huge clam shell with the tribe motif on it. Aaand, he it takes him awhile, but he gets it open and JUST after he throws the clam into the tall grass, Hannah comes into the scene off screen and asks how he’s doing on his Idol hunt. LoL He says he’s working on it, she tells him good luck then walks away and Adam asks if she saw him with it. Of course Adam is happy, he’s doing this for his mom, she has lung cancer and it’s pretty bad. After an emotional moment with Adam, because his mom is also a super fan… He’s beside himself and overcome with feelings. Over at the Gen X camp, David and Lucy leave camp to get water. He wants to know what the plan is if they lose the Immunity Challenge – Lucy will give it to him later. David is worried he and Ken are still on the bottom so they want to make sure they vote with the majority. After Ken joins them, Lucy tells them the vote will be for Jessica and if she sees them talking to anyone else, she’s gonna be upset sooo they just better not do that. And if they tell Jessica… Ken does NOT like this at all. They went from one dictator to another and he’s not havin’ it.

4_nodatewithjeffCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity and this one is pretty cool and not like any challenge we’ve seen before except for the puzzle at the end. SO. First two people race to obstacles to a chair that is situated with pullies. One tribe member will be lifted up by the others to retrieve letter tiles in bags that are numbered; they have to retrieve them in numerical order in increments of ten, then they have to race back. After all 30 bags are on the mat, they unpack the bags to see the letters to unscramble a phrase: Somebody loses their flame tonight. Survivors ready? GO! So… Chris and Figgy race to be lifted and clearly, Chris was a good choice for the obstacles, and he moves pretty fast with the letter tiles, but he is a big guy sooo… He has a good lead racing back to tag Ken into the chair and he’s in it before Michelle begins her race to the chair. David is tagged to get in the chair as Michelle finishes and he’s half way to 30 as Michaela begins to retrieve letters. So! Gen X starts the puzzle first, but the great equalizer does the job it was designed to do and takes away the lead Gen X had the whole challenge. After 20 minutes, everyone is still working on the puzzle then Gen X has an idea, but the Millennials are focused; they aren’t looking at the Gen X table and certainly can’t hear Jeff yapping. After 45 minutes, both tribes think they have something, but with the help from their tribe, Figgy and Michelle have figured out the phrase and just like that Millennials win Immunity.

5_decisionsdecisionsBack at the Gen X camp, the mood is low. Chris is nervous, but he knows there is the blindside plan to vote out Jess, but he wants to talk to Lucy who confirms that Ken and Dave are on board. Lucy talks about control and how if no one else wants it, she’ll take it and she hopes this works as well for her on the island as it does for her at home; even if no one likes her for it at home. Elsewhere, Ken is telling Dave that he did not like how Lucy approached them earlier and if they vote Jess out, they, and CeCe will still be at the bottom. Ken wants to himself, Dave, CeCe, and Jess to vote for Lucy and have Jess try to pull Sunday into the vote. Later, Dave talks to CeCe and she is down for the Lucy vote, but they have to end the convo quickly because Lucy is nearby. Elsewhere, Ken is giving Jess the news about Lucy and the boys and Sunday targeting her, definitely, and tells her that she needs to talk Sunday into voting out Lucy or she’s going home. So what does Jess do? She goes and tells Lucy and Chris what Ken just told her!!! David has a private talk with Ken about it then it’s confrontation time. He tells Lucy he doesn’t know who he’s voting for because he didn’t like the way she approached him because he’s an adult and he doesn’t like to be bossed around and treated like a kid. Basically. That’s not verbatim. She thinks he’s being emotional and should be happy he’s still in the game. Dave is conflicted because he doesn’t want Jessica to go, but he admits he lied to Lucy’s face when he said he didn’t know who he was going to vote for at Tribal. He COULD use his Idol to save Jessica so he’s not back on the bottom again, buuut… He wants to hang onto his Idol too. So that’s why he’s all conflicted.

6_byebyelucyTo Tribal Council we go! Jeff first wants to talk about the last time they had a date to see if they’ve come together more as a tribe. Dave says no. Chris talks about how he and Bret felt about blindsided, but Jessica confirms that there were ramifications and hopes the five that voted Paul out will stick together. Lucy agrees with Jeff that it IS chaos because of the last Tribal and she doesn’t feel safe because Jess told her Ken wants to vote for her. Ken says YUP! Then he talks about how controlling Lucy was, she says she’s just blunt and thinks men can handle it; some appreciate it. She thought Ken would see it as her trying to help him advance in the game and is coming off a little controlling and blunt right now, as Jeff points out. Lucy rambles a bit more, then Jeff asks Ken how he thinks the vote will go; he’s not sure, but he hopes someone makes a good decision. Jessica knows he’s talking about her and she asks if what he told her earlier is true, he says it is then Lucy pipes in to say that you can never tell when someone is telling the truth or not. Dave points out that Tribal is completely unpredictable. Because of her body language, Jeff asks if Jess is questioning her vote tonight. She is and Chris says the bigger question is “Who’s the sucker at the table?”; and with that – it’s time to vote! Jeff returns from tallying the votes and asks if anyone wants to play and Idol aaand DAVID STANDS UP. He asks if he can say a few words as he approaches Jeff; of course! Dave tells the tribe that it’s been a pleasure meeting them, it’s been great and even if it upsets some people… He’s playing his Idol for Jessica. The votes: Jess, Jess, Jess, Jess, Jess – none of them count; one vote CeCe, one vote Lucy, one vote left… LUCY! She shouldn’t have been so bossyI think this was a good move on Dave’s part! At first I was like, noooo what are you doing?! Because I missed what happened after the Immunity challenge, but it makes sense now after rewatching. Anyway…

NEXT TIME ON SURVIVOR! The Idol has been put back into play at the Gen X camp and it’s all Idol Search Party over there, but more importantly… TRIBE SWITCH! Whoohoo! But awww, Figlor is scared of being separated. Mwah ha ha ha ha! I hope they are! As always, If you love Survivor like me, check out ALL my Survivor blogs for Your Reality Recaps – If you like theAmazing Race and King of the Nerds – check those out too! AAAND… Big Brother 18! I not blogging about Big Brother Over the Top, but I AM watching and chatting in the YRR live feed chatroom as “dolphinpoet”. Be sure to join the Patreon program if you really love what you see here at YRR! Love you all! xoxox


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