“Over The Top” Fans This #BBOTT Season!


ericblog_webThis season of #BBOTT Big Brother Over The Top has been a lot of fun so far.  It also seems to have created a divide in the Big Brother fandom.  I have seen a lot of hate and mean tweets between people in our own community.  So while I realize I am by no means perfect (and lets face it… not great at blogging) I just wanna share my thoughts for what its worth.

1. I don’t think people realize what I am actually doing while hosting the show.  People think I am ignoring them because I don’t engage with them in chat.  I am not.  It’s hard for me to look at the chat, twitter, patreon questions list, while hosting, and dealing with the technical end… all at the same time as following what hundreds of you are saying. It’s not personal. But I try my best.  Same goes for twitter.  I get thousands of notifications and sometimes over 100 DMs a day, not to mention emails.  I’m just 1 person.  I TRULY love ya all.  I appreciate you all.  But I can’t reply to you all.

2. I realize people get confused between fan shows, guest shows, recap shows. Basically if there isn’t a background behind me… I can interact with the chat much more. If there is a background, it means I’m recording for YouTube, iTunes, the website, etc and then I interact less.

3. I actually don’t care what you all say about any house guests on your own twitter account (or on a normal show). But I do want you to do it respectfully when you tag me or are in our chat rooms.  While I don’t visit Jokers, Survivor sucks or any other website I appreciate their contribution to the BB community.  Yet, I also know they have a reputation for negativity and I don’t want Your Reality Recaps to be known for hate or not being welcoming. Its why I don’t really let kids in, and block a lot of people. Id rather be a place where we can laugh, talk strategy, and all disagree respectfully.

4. As per the people who don’t understand why being mean to house guest on twitter and tagging me, or in the chat is bad… its because HGs talk to HGs… Do you know why EVERY house guest comes on our show first for the most part (despite the fact that we don’t work with CBS or have them schedule it for us)?  It’s because of our reputation. HGs know our show is fair, funny, not personal, and we aren’t there to nail them to the cross. It’s never what we have been about. Game is game real life is real life. I know some people will site things I’ve said about Nicole here.  But keep in mind what I have said is based on MY PERSONAL experience with her OUTSIDE the game. I’ve also said my feels should in no way change how you feel about her or anyone.  Also, its just a game. These players aren’t our friends, or family members. I know its hard to hear, but in the real world most of them wouldn’t go to bat for a stranger on the internet.  So you fighting to the death in their (or even our) honor is a waste of your time.

5. A lot of people think what I say is law. Its not. YRR is always, and will always be for fans by fans. Most of all the people who financially keep it up and running, as well as the people who share our shows, comment, and help promote it.  I try to represent you all the best I can and keep my feelings out of it. But I know I fail at that sometimes too.  Keep in mind while I may be “running the ship” this is NOT my real job.  I work 8 – 10 hours a day outside of YRR.  I put in another 8 a day on YRR work.  I also have a family, friends, and other people who I never get to see or spend time with.  YRR comes at the expense of A LOT of other things in my life.  So when people attack it.  I take it personally.

6.  All this said… sarcasm and humor isn’t hate!  You know why else I love our community?  For the most part people get it’s NOT SERIOUS.  People get WHAT I SAY ON TWITTER is meant to exaggerate the other ridiculous things people are saying in a funny way.  If you think you know how I feel based off 140 characters on twitter you are wrong.  Come to a show.  Have some laughs.  We are always going to mock and poke fun at house guests GAME PLAY.  We are not going to attack them personally as people.  And I will ALWAYS give them a chance to show me who they are OUTSIDE the game.

7. We do comedic recaps. I started YRR 8 YEARS AGO as a way for ALL fans to go to interact with Reality Stars for fee. Because I couldn’t afford to meet them either and (thanks to superpass) had the ability to do so. I want to be a bright spot in peoples day. A place to make you all (and me) forget our problems for a while and have fun. I don’t like the negativity. I don’t like the attacking each other I see (on twitter). I hate that we cant have a public YRR chat room on the feeds b/c of trolls. Just follow my lead… block everyone. Think of it as a blessing.  When somebody shows you who they are.. believe them. I’ve never been one for tea, gossip, or drama. I prefer to have fun and laugh though life. Block the haters/trolls and keep our YRR community a happy and a place where we can all disagree … but in a way that’s respectable to everyone.   And remember … hating somebody is like drinking poison and expecting them to die.  It only hurts you, it only fills your life with negativity.  That person you are spending your time hating isn’t even thinking about you.  So flip the script and block your haters.  Move on with your life and focus on things that make YOU HAPPY.

So I think that’s it.  I would like to end by reminding you all Big Brother is a GAME.  It is NOT real life.  You do not know how people would act in real life based off how they act on the feeds 24/7.  In real life you have family and friends to talk to, anti-psychotic drugs, music, tv, and the simple ability to walk away from a person you don’t like.  Big Brother is a game.  The rules are lie, manipulate, and back stab you’re way to the top for money.  IT’S NOT REAL LIFE!  But people you interact with on social media are real people living their actual lives.  They have real feelings, and deserve respect.  Just like you do.  So be kind, be funny, and let’s all enjoy the rest of this BBOTT season together.  Or not… i’ll just block your asses!

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I am obsessed with all things reality TV and would give up food before my DVR. I have degrees in the digital arts, psychology and radio/television production. I am known for my comedic mashup videos on you tube and fan interaction across many social media websites. I have previously covered Big Brother with a weekly recap show “BB Reality Check” on Superpass. I’ve also podcasted for Reality Nation covering Survivor and The Amazing Race along with covering the week in reality TV news, spoilers and gossip. I have been featured on Rob Has A Website, ZeeBox and countless other sites. I have since gone off on my own to create this reality tv world for you where I can focus on what I love… reality tv, producing comedic recaps, and interacting with all of you! If you’d like to follow me/this site on your favorite social media site, or email me… then visit the “Contact” tab above to be overwhelmed with all your options!


  1. Relatively new to the Twitterverse, so to be honest, I have no idea who you are. I do know that from reading the above blog, I like what you stand for. What you wrote resonated SO MUCH with me. It was great! I wish you continued success!

  2. One huge problem with the BB fandom now is it’s becoming people who want actual gamers vs people who just want to laugh and don’t really care about the game. Really this is Grodners fault for programming new fans to think only of the entertainment side of it. It’s almost like BB vs The Real World in which gamers are BB and the rest want it to be the Real World. And the racist card is thrown around way too much now it’s a little much with the over the top PC machine

    • Lisa Schiffiano on

      oyea im over the racist card…these are young 20 year old that are being accused of this..they are not racist..the ones that weren’t on best behavior are gone..but let rest..good points jeff

      • The Monte stuff was over blown and even I didn’t like him, people took what he said and blew it up moral of the story is just dog women like Jason does non-stop say you’re gay and you will be okay lol

  3. This is why I love #YRR, you are a great person who knows how to balance being funny & sarcasm without being evil & judgmental. When I’m watching #YRR I forget about everything for a little while and laugh & have a good time, and for that I thank you Eric.

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