Survivor 33 Millennials Vs Gen X Blog Recap Episode 12: About to Have a Rumble


Sooo… This time on Survivor… When the tribe returns to camp, everyone is a little shook, but none more so than Hannah – she feels guilty that Jess went home because no one wanted to send her over to Jeff with her torch. Sunday and Dave tell her that everyone made the choice; Dave is more upset that he burned his Idol and is now in the minority so he’s on crack watch with the others. Elsewhere, some of the others – Bret, Jay, Zeke, and Will – are all handshakes and smiles. Zeke LOVED Tribal Council, LOVED it. Back to reality, Jay wants Dave’s head, they are five strong, the four of them are five strong, and Zeke feels great about going to the Final Five… He feels as great about it as he does about David not winning this game. The next day, Ken receives the willed advantage from Jess – he’s really happy, of course, and of course, really hopes to make it to day 36, but he feels pretty good about his chances. Come on in, guys! It’s time for Reward! Up for grabs? LOVE! Family visit time! I totally forgot! What will Jay do??? Will he steal the reward if he doesn’t win it for himself??? So, Jeff brings out the love: Sunday’s husband, Bret’s dad, Jay’s sister, Hannah’s mom, and then he brings out Adam’s brother. Adam chooses this time to let everyone know, including his brother, about his advantage and that he is NOT going to use it. He can’t do it. He just can’t. But wait… There’s more… Later…. For now, Jeff brings out Dave’s dad, Ken’s brother – yes, Hannah, they are both so handsome – then Zeke’s dad, and finally Will’s mom. After everyone has had a taste of love from home, Jeff reveals that the winner will take their loved one back to camp for a good ol’ fashioned American BBQ…

To the challenge! Players will be tethered to a rope and must unwind themselves from a series of obstacles and hit a post at the finish line. Ken is the first to get through the first obstacle followed by Jay, then Zeke, Hannah, Bret, then Adam… This next one is harder though, they have to dig under a beam and push through the sand – Adam and Ken are stuck while Jay takes the lead, then Zeke moves on to the third obstacle, then Ken, then Hannah, but Adam is still stuck… Dave is still in it, Ken, Jay, and Zeke still in it! And as the music crescendos… Jay wins reward! And of course, he gets to pick a couple more people… First pick: Will, because he promised early on, next, for the same reason, Sunday because she promised him the same thing. Jay is very sorry, everyone is okay with it. Jay gets to pick one more and he picks Adam; because he could have stolen the advantage, but didn’t do it. And with that, no last hugs for anyone except those going back to camp! Back at camp… At the BBQ… Actually, there isn’t much shown of the BBQ except random shots of people enjoying it while Jay talks more about why he included Adam on his reward then we cut to Adam talking to his brother in private about his mom’s condition. His brother gives him the update that they stopped the treatments because they weren’t working… It’s a sad moment, but his brother says that the whole family is so happy that he’s playing Survivor, they all love the show, and it’s helping his mom stay stronger. So, the family visit was very good inspiration and motivation to keep fighting. After a bit, Jay and his sister join them and ADAM GIVES HIM THE REWARD-STEALING ADVANTAGE!!! To repay him for including him on the family reward…  Later, Dave notices a meeting happening between Sunday, Jay, Bret, and Zeke and brings it to Will’s attention. Will, by the way, is ready to make a move and finally get some credit for doing it. He came here to play. He came here… to play. So, Will wants to target Zeke, and he wants to work with people, not use people for votes. He wants to play. Dave is glad to hear this, Adam is also present, and the three of them agree that it’s Zeke – tonight.

Come on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity… In this challenge, players will hold a rod with a weight at the end over a tile with these handles that fit over the rods. You kinda just have to see them… Anyway, the slightest move will cause the rod to slip out of the handles so this one could go pretty fast. After everyone has tension on their bars, the challenge begins and just like that – Dave’s tile is broken. Hannah slips, but saves, but it doesn’t matter because she’s out, then Will, Bret, and Sunday. So, it’s down to four – Jay, Zeke, Ken, and Adam. Zeke begins to wobble, saves it twice, then loses it and joins the others on the bench. Jay’s rod is the next one to start sliding down, but he saves it twice as well, then Jeff informs everyone that it’s only been FOUR MINUTES! lol Okay, so Adam looks solid, Ken starts to slip, Jay is slipping, then Ken drops. So, it’s Adam and Jay, and Jay has NO wiggle room and it doesn’t take long before he’s out – Adam wins Immunity! Back at camp, everyone congratulates Adam, who is thrilled that he won Immunity. It’s a dream come true, another check in the box of Survivor goals, and all that’s left is winning. He feels good about his odds considering he still has his Idol…. When they have some time alone, Dave confirms with Hannah, Ken, and Adam that no matter what – they write down Zeke’s name tonight and hope that Will meant what he said and is voting with them. Elsewhere, the others notice how calm Dave is and they think there’s something fishy about that. With Will around, they decide to change their vote to Ken… Later, Ken and Will are gathering… barnacles, I think… and after they exchange some loyalty-building words, Will tells Ken about the others’ plan to vote for him at Tribal. This makes no sense to Ken so later, he asks to speak to Jay in private… Will sees this and he knows there’s about to be a rumble…

Okay, so, Ken tells Jay that Will told him about the plan to vote him out then all of the sudden Will is there and Zeke walks into the scene. Ken says something about testing Will’s loyalty, Will says he’s blowing up his game at this point. Will goes on to say that he doesn’t want to be a goat, he wants to play, blah blah blah, and Ken walks away – Sunday and Bret join them. No one is getting into Will’s face too much, they know they need for a vote, but Jay is not happy since he’s been good with Will this whole game. Back at camp, Ken tells Dave and Adam that he didn’t feel comfortable with Will so he talked to Will, then he talked to the others to test Will. Adam says that’s not a test – it’s a betrayal. Ken has really messed up the plan because as Hannah says, Will has no incentive to vote with their side. One of them is going home and she’s pretty sure it’s her. And she could be right – the others are talking about voting her out, Will says he’s back with them, but really… He’s not. He has total control of how this vote goes and he’s looking at it logically, but oh man does he want Ken gone! So… To Tribal Council we go… On the heels of one of the craziest Tribals ever, Jeff wants to know if things are still divided. Dave says there’s no reason not to be out in the open about things – both sides are both competing for one person’s vote – Will. Will comes clean about wanting to flip on Zeke, but Ken told Zeke’s group about the plan. Sunday speaks about Will’s wanting to be one of the big kids and that’s probably how the other group swayed him and Will is VERY quick to stay that HE is the one that approached Dave’s group, not the other way around. And yes, Jeff, Will does find it very insulting that it took him being the swing vote for everyone to see that he is a serious contender in the game. HE wants to be treated like an adult, not an 18-year-old kid.

So, Jeff just puts it all out there and asks Zeke and the others what their pitch is to Will. Zeke says he’s wanted to play with him since the beginning, Jay doesn’t think he treats Will any differently because of his age and acknowledges the moves Will has made with him. Dave pipes in to say that if he votes with his group, it’s a big move for his resume and Bret says that’s what “they” do – they build you up then vote you out, they’ve done it before. Jeff asks Hannah to give some reasons why it would be a mistake for Will to stay with Zeke’s people. She thinks they fluff him up and say they want to work with him, Jay interrupts that he’s not doing that and tells him to do what he thinks is best for him. Will respects Jay’s opinion, he’s always been good with Jay, but let’s see how he votes… So the votes are cast, Jeff tallies then he asks the big question – anyone wanna play an Idol? ADAM STANDS UP, reaches into his pants, and pulls out – HIS IDOL! He didn’t have anywhere else to put it. 😉 Jeff says this should be fun as Adam hands over the Idol and says that he’s playing it for Hannah! So – THE VOTES: Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Hannah… None count… Zeke, Zeke, Zeke! That’s three, that’s enough! BUT! Will DID vote for Zeke. Adam really didn’t need to play his Idol, but it was a good safe move… Maybe! Next time on Survivor! Will says he’s in control of the game, he wants to go after Dave, but Adam has other plans because he doesn’t want Will controlling his fate… As always, should be a good episode!

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