Survivor 33 Millennials vs Gen X Blog Recap Episode 2: Love Goggles


1_idolthoughtsThis week on Survivor… It’s Day 5 and we’re hanging out at the Gen X camp listening to Paul talk about how useless David is as David asks for the flint to give fire-making a try – AND HE MAKES FIRE! Chris can’t believe it, buuut, David is still the next to go; everyone is just making him feel really safe and useful so his paranoia won’t begin to run rampant again. Later, David volunteers to go find some rocks for them to sit on or whatever, and he DOES go look for rocks, buuut… He’s also looking for the Idol. Finding rocks is dirty work and so is looking for the Idol and after returning back to camp with a couple of big rocks, he spies a coconut with a symbol drawn on it and omg! Paul is coming so he sprints off into the jungle, cracks open the coconut with a rock and BAM! Idol in his hands. Over at the Millennials camp, it’s all lovey dovey between Taylor and Figgy; he’s got the love goggles and it’s right in front of him and Figgy can’t resist those blue eyes. That night, they make out and Michaela notices – AND she calls them out the next morning. There’s no denying the smile on Taylor’s face when Jay confronts him, most people are all jokey-jokey about it and Figgy doesn’t think anyone on the tribe is threatened of them being a power couple. She’s incorrect, though. Jay and Mari are concerned, Zeke thinks they are being too Millennial with their casual attitude towards the whole thing because uh, duh! You’re playing a game for a million dollars! Figgy DID make a joke about maybe finding a husband out on the island though! Later, Jay let’s Taylor know that power couples NEVER make it to the end, advises him to think about his game and that money; Taylor thinks he’s thought it through really well and is sorta all calm and casual about it. Jay knows to be worried, though, because Figgy and Taylor, his Triforce alliance, have a HUGE target on their backs.

2_lotsofthoughtsBack with Gen X, Ken has speared an octopus for the tribe to eat and we learn that he’s actually kind of socially awkward like David. He used to have a speech impediment and he was that shy kid in school so he really likes David and they mesh well because David thinks he’s a good dude too. While Ken is preparing the octopus, they discuss the obvious Paul Party that is happening on their tribe. Both agree they have to stick together and try to do something to keep them from getting picked off by Paul’s people. Sooo while they are away getting water, David decides to prove his trust in Ken by showing him the Idol, instructions and all, and both feel a whole lot better about things. They now have the tool they need to strike at Paul before he strikes at them. Bouncing back over to the Millennials, Hannah is trying to hack open a coconut as Mari describes how surreal Survivor is as a Millennial. They grew up in front of screens, which isn’t reality, and now they are out in reality that they see on screens and it’s a game, but it’s not a game, it’s really happening, but it’s still a game and she is good at games. Elsewhere, Michaela is further commenting about the Figlor situation … Or Taggy? I like Figlor because it sounds funnier. So, Michaela is not amused or impressed with Figgy’s game play and she’s the type that has to talk, one way or another, when something is bugging her. Later, as she is using a machete to chop away at some sugar cane, someone remarks for her to be careful or something and she’s all, don’t worry, it wouldn’t be aimed at you. Figgy is standing next to her and knows that Michaela is talking about her, tells everyone not to worry then she and Taylor make for a secluded patch of beach where he tells her that everything is cool, they’re good. Adam talking to us knows better because Figgy has broken three rules, not sure of the numbers on these – I’ll rank them soon enough, but yeah, don’t start out guns blazing, don’t start or get involved with drama, and most certainly, don’t get into a showmance! (I will point out that this DID work for Rob and Amber, but they are THE ONLY couple on Survivor OR Big Brother to make it to the end together).

3_drjoeisfrustratedNow back to Gen X… Paul tells us that he wants to be in control of the game, he breathes control, he doesn’t like being out of control. This is when the medical issues with Paul begin to happen as he is out looking for firewood while CeCe and Ken discuss how NOT cool they are with the Paul Show at camp. They want him OUT of the game. As Paul begins to get slower and slower, Bret offers him some water while he’s sat down on the beach – he says he’s alright. Ken and CeCe continue to discuss how badly Paul needs to go so they can get the numbers to stay. When Paul lays down, it doesn’t seem like it takes long for people to notice, they rush to his aid. He says his hands are numb then production steps in with some medical attention, with more on the way. He’s complaining about his chest his arms are numb, they are urging him to breathe, and he’s trying. And here’s Jeff with Dr. Joe. He’s worried about a heart attack so he gets to work right away; the chopper is in the air on the way. And Jeff looks REALLY scared… Like, I’ve never seen Jeff so worried, not even when Caleb went down and that was pretty scary too, but this? A possible heart attack on the island? Whoa. Just whoa. As Dr. Joe works, Paul remains conscious; he knows he has no control right now and he doesn’t like it. Sunday is really worried, and not just because he’s part of her key alliance; it’s more concern about him as a person.  AAAND… No heart issues! Paul was just suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Dr. Joe says Paul is good to go game-wise, the chopper turns around, and it is game on for Paul. David is NOT disappointed, he’s glad Paul is okay, BUUUT, he had to admit that when Paul went down, and when it looked like he would be for SURE leaving the game… He wants to vote Paul out sooo he had mixed emotions…

4_lovewillnotsaveherCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity! And reward – a tarp. In this challenge, players must swim to a cargo net, climb up it to a platform, jump off to retrieve five keys, use the keys to open a crate with a mask, dive back into the water to untie five rings then toss those rings to land on five targets. So the challenge starts and the tribes are neck-n-neck after three keys, but when David and Zeke hit the water… Zeke takes the lead for the Millennials because David is taking a lot of time and struggling. Adam from the Millennials is almost to the platform with his key as Jessica, the last of the Gen Xers, hits the water. They pick up the pace quickly, though, once they start diving for rings. At first, the Mills are a ring ahead and CeCe fails to get a ring. Lucy takes over and brings back a ring, then they just TAKE OVER. When Ken starts diving for Gen X, he gets ring number three, then dives back in for ring four, Bret takes over and BAM! Gen X has all five rings, Millennials have all five rings and both start tossing. CeCe redeems herself by landing the first rings, the Mills have two as well, Ken takes over for Gen X and lands number three, then number four… And then Number FIVE! Gen-X wins Immunity! And THEN… Paul dives into the water to get the Immunity Idol from Jeff. And to think that less than 24 hours ago he was on his back barely able to breathe… Great job, Gen X! Too bad for the Millennials though… They have their first date with Jeff…

5_lookatmichellebeingallgameryBack at camp with the Millennials, Zeke is actually kind of excited to go to Tribal – he came to vote people out and play and he gets to do that now. And Figgy is on everyone’s minds. In separate conversations, Zeke, Mari, Adam, Will, Michaela, and Hannah all want to target Figgy. THEN, Adam and Zeke make the mistake of cluing Jay in on the plan, which might not have been such a bad thing IF they hadn’t brought up Michaela in the conversation. BECAUSE… Zeke… Love you, buddy, but you revealed too much. Zeke tells Jay that by voting out Figgy, they hope to bring in Michaela so she is less volatile, but if she continues to be – she’s gone next. Nooo… This gives Jay fuel to add to a fire, dude! Another rule of Survivor I need to number is the rule that you ONLY reveal what you NEED to reveal about your strategy. Because at this point, Jay is coming to terms with one of his Triforce angles going home, but since Zeke mentioned Michaela would be next if she continued to be all drama… Jay sees this as a window. First, he tells Michelle about the plan everyone has to vote out Figgy. She doesn’t want to vote out Figgy, it doesn’t make sense – they need to keep their numbers with Taylor and Figgy. She tells Jay they need to get Figgy and Michaela to kiss and make up and be cool. Jay then goes to both girls, tells Figgy she’s the target, let’s Michaela know that her name has been put on the chopping block, and it’s serious business now. Michaela was TOTES fine with voting out Figgy until HER name was brought up so now… Figgy says they need six and with Will, they will have the six they need. Sooo… Michelle talks to Will, and he admits she makes very good points, buuut… There was a plan and now it’s all screwy… Who would Michelle want gone? Mari – because she’s all strategic and smart. And Will is torn and Michelle knows she may have to work some magic at Tribal Council to ensure things go her way sooo…

6_secretsecretigottasecretTo Tribal Council we go! And LOL, some people, Adam is the one Jeff talks to, are just sooo enthralled by what they are doing, even though it’s not good, but OMG! They are at Tribal Council, Jeff is sitting there, it’s really cool there, and just, like, omg, it’s awesome. Jeff asks Mari about the game next and she comments about how it IS a game, but it’s different because there are emotions involved. Zeke comments that it’s an incredible experience to be out there and that makes him want to do his best and be his best. Michaela disagrees; she thinks Survivor can bring out the worst things… Jeff is all over that! He asks Adam about it; he says that he gets Michaela, she’s a straight shooter, but it’s a tough trait to have in the beginning of Survivor… THEN Michele whispers to Hannah that she’s voting for Mari and it’s like she’s trying to convince her that THAT is the thing to do while Figgy and Taylor talk about their little showmance. And it’s all jokey-jokey, while Hannah and Michelle are still talking, and JEFF DOESN’T NOTICE! He keeps on talking about the showmance with people and their thoughts on it and it’s all very typical about this type of conversation. It’s when Figgy is distracted by the conversation that is now happening with Michelle, Hannah, AND Jay that Jeff notices because Michaela says something like, see how she plays dumb, and Figgy lets her know she didn’t hear what she said because she was listening to a different conversation.

7_byebyemariI mean… How could Jeff NOT NOTICE this side convo at Tribal Council??? Did production tell him to ignore it? Jeff IS production sooo… I think he dropped the ball on this one, but the camera guys – bless them – were ALL over it. So Jeff talks to Jay about what’s happening over there, then he talks to Hannah who is just so overwhelmed by EVERYTHING that is happening. The secret conversation, being in front of Jeff and Tribal Council, and she’s just giving him an answer to a question she didn’t ask and everyone is all LOL, but then Jeff ropes it all in to perspective. Michelle says that people are thinking too far ahead and that Figgy should be scared, and as others continue to comment, Jay, Hannah, and Michelle are still carrying on and Mari doesn’t think it’s a big deal – she thinks Hannah is talking about puppies or butts or something… AAAND… It’s time to vote… And Hannah doesn’t know WHAT to do. She is over there so long that Jeff makes a move to go check on her! She’s seriously tormented. She has no idea what’s going on, but she knows she has to show her loyalty with this vote and… finally she does vote. Then Jeff goes to tally, he comes back and no one has an Idol so he reads said votes: Figgy, Mari, Figgy, Mari, Figgy, Mari, Mari… Mari… Aaand… Mari is the second person voted out of the game. AAAND… I think some people made some bad decisions with this vote… Next time on Survivor! Zeke and Adam are upset, BUT there’s a TWIST! From the looks of it they are switching up the tribes and Will REALLY wants to be a part of it! Can’t wait for the next Survivor!

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