Survivor 31: Cambodia: Second Chance Blog Recap Episode 6: Bunking with the Devil


This week on Survivor… I am taking a break from the comedy and sass for a paragraph… It’s night 13, everyone is sleeping, and Jeff is approaching on a boat. After arriving on the beach, he wakes up Terry and they go to the beach to talk privately. Terry’s son is in the hospital and it’s serious enough that both his wife and the doctor think that he needs to be there. A shocked Terry returns to camp to grab his bag and he lets everyone know what’s happening. The rest of the tribe is supportive, shocked, and visibly shaken as Terry is boated away to go home. Not to fear, though: Terry’s son is much better. For the whole story, you can read his interview with People magazine. Now, with much respect to Terry, it’s time to bring sassy back.

1_wootfAfter Terry exits the game, we are immediately whisked away to the Reward challenge. When Ta Keo enters the area without Terry, Jeff explains the situation and prods a bit into how the rest of the parents playing the game feel – Of course everyone with kids would do exactly what Terry did. Family is more important and it IS just a game. And speaking of tight bonds, Jeff asks how well the tribes meshing as groups – everyone is feeling really good aaand it’s time to switch up this game – again. It’s Buff-Droppin’ Time! “Drop your buffs” is Savage’s three favorite words in the world… Um… That’s not how you felt last time, Andrew! So, Angkor is no more because we’re going back to two tribes and it’s time to figure out who is going where.. Our new Ta Keo tribe is comprised of Kass, Woo, Ciera, Savage, Abi, Spencer, and Borneo Kelly, which means the new Bayon consists of Jeremy, Kimmi, Keith, the other Kelley, Joe, Tasha, and Stephen.

2_kasscurseWoo is stoked to be staying with Savage – he’s closer to him than anyone else out there. Kass is hesitant about Spencer and she’s not afraid to voice it in front of everyone. Spencer is nervous about Kass too since they sorta have some bad blood between them because of Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn. This second switch takes the game to a whole different level because personal relationships are criss-crossed all over the board now – it’s a cluster expletive. Spencer doesn’t know how things are going to work out now that his arch nemesis is on a tribe with him. Over at the new Bayon, Kelley Wentworth is in Han-Mode – Solo – because everyone else on her new tribe has played together and she’s the only original Ta Keo there. She’s nervous, but not too much – she HAS worked with some of them because of the first tribe switch. Stephen finds it terrifying that he’s back on a tribe with a bunch of Alpha Males, he’s kind of right back where he started. But enough about all that… It’s time for this challenge!

3_tashalikeyIn this Reward challenge they will be playing for a picnic lunch of fried chicken, mac and cheese, and most importantly, BROWNIES, delivered to their camp. To win, they must land three hoops on a post by greasing up and propelling themselves down a looong slip-n-slide. Our first pair is Savage and Jeremy and their rings land on the pole pegs within a half of a second of each other, but Jeremy launched his first and wins a point for Bayon. Next up is Kass and Stephen and they both miss their first shot; Jeremy tells Stephen to relax, but he still misses his second shot – Jeremy tells him to stop flipping it. Before Stephen can take another shot, though, Kass lands her winning a point for Ta Keo. When he gets back to the tribe, Stephen apologizes and Jeremy tells him to have confidence in himself because they all do. Awww! Next pair is Abi and Kimmi – Kimmi’s hoop bounces right off the peg, but Abi doesn’t see it and starts walking away until the rest of the tribe helps her realize she’s still in it – And she makes the shot! We’re now at 2-1 in favor of Ta Keo. Next in line is Joe and Woo and one of the ladies is quick to remind Joe to oil up and Tasha enjoys this very much… The boys launch aaand… Woo’s ring bounces, but Joe’s stays put tying up the score. The last pair to slip, slide, and sling rings are the Kellys, Went and Wigs. Both ladies launch and miss their first shot, but Borneo Kelly, Wigs, lands her second shot winning reward for Ta Keo!

4_trustissuesAfter the challenge, Savage feels sooo good about his tribe. He’s tight with Woo and Abi and he’s got his girls from the original Bayon back so as long as he can remain tight with them too – He’s not going anywhere. Back at their beach, Ta Keo is greeted by their picnic and brownies bigger than their fists. Spencer is thrilled about the food, but he’s worried about his fate in the game. He’s going to try to treat Kass like he treats everyone else, but that hasn’t worked in the past. Talk turns to how life was like after the first tribe switch and everyone shares their stories, but the most important thing about this segment is Savage’s play to get rid of Spencer. He loves the guy, would love for one of his daughters to be with a guy like Spencer, but he’s just too much of a threat. It may be cold-blooded, but he’s going to use the rocky relationship between Kass and Spencer to ensure he is removed from the game. Later, Savage speaks with Kass about what she wants to do if they lose Immunity because he’s inseparable with Abi, Kass says she’s good with Ciera; Savage knows what she wants to do so they assemble their Fabulous Five. Everyone is on board for the plan, but when Savage tosses out the idea to tell Spencer that it’s Ciera going home this week, which Ciera does not like AT ALL. There are times when she’s willing to take one for the team, but this is not one of those times and the fact that Savage is willing to toss around her name before Woo’s is not sitting well with her.

5_livinginthepastOver at Bayon, Joe feels he’s sittin’ pretty with a bunch of original Bayon and his final five pact with three Ta Keo members and the easy vote on his tribe, Kelley and he wants to keep Kelley around. She’s stronger than Stephen and Kimmi and he has a bond with her. Kelley isn’t that worried, though – She’s got that Idol, but if Joe wants to be her meat shield she is totally cool with that. Alone with Tasha and Stephen, Joe throws it out there that Kimmi isn’t that great a challenges. Stephen doesn’t like this because there is no reason not to remain Bayon strong so he goes to Jeremy. Jeremy isn’t cool with voting out Kimmi either, but he also isn’t cool with Stephen’s idea to get rid of Joe – Jeremy needs a meat shield too because he doesn’t want to be the biggest, strongest dude around. Stephen is very concerned though. He wants to make his second chance count and in this game, you have to have make big moves when there are big moves to be made and Joe is in his way of winning the big prize, but he has to get the rest of the tribe to make the move with him. Stephen is very upset that his second chance could go up in snuffer smoke, again, because he can’t convince the rest of the tribe to go against the Golden Boy. It would be such a great move, a move that would set the tone for the rest of the game and he very badly wants to make that move. Moving on!

6_totallyplanneditCome on in, guys! It’s time for the Immunity challenge and guess what it is – Eating! Pretty much everyone has participated in one of these and I bet everyone on Bayon is hoping Kimmi doesn’t get stuck with brains again… The first few rounds will be two versus two and the first two pairs of Survivors stepping up to the plates are Kimmi and Tasha versus Spencer and Woo and the first delicacy is – SPIDERS! Two of them! Oh god no. Check please! I’m out. Dead or alive, no spiders in this mouth, thank you very much. The boys finish first earning a point for Ta Keo. Next up: Jeremy and Keith versus Savage and Ciera and their dish is – giant water beetle. Oh god no. Check please! I would not do well in a Survivor eating challenge… The pair of boys finish first again, earning a point for Bayon. Our next pairing is Kass and Abi versus Kelley and Stephen and their horrifying snack will be – pig snout. Uh yeah, no on this one too for me. Stephen and Kelley earn the point making the score 2-1 in favor of Bayon. Now it’s time for individual match-ups the first being Joe versus Borneo Kelly and they will be eating – deep fried frog. I guess this isn’t as bad as bugs, but still – NOPE! Kelly wins this one tying up the score. In the next round, Woo and Kimmi and guess what they have to eat??? Pig brain. YUP! They totally did plan that, Kimmi (see image associated with this paragraph). So we all know Kimmi isn’t touching that – she gives up this point to Ta Keo who is now leading, 3-2. Ciera is up again against Kelley and they must eat a huge ass scorpion; Kelley finishes before Ciera tying up the score again. Now for the final round – It’s Kass versus Tasha and they have to eat a Survivor staple – balut. And Kass just can’t get it down. Bayon wins Immunity. And Jeremy takes a little nibble of the balut on his way out of the challenge area. LOL Love it.

7_toughdecisionsSo. Kass is all about writing down Spencer’s name. He has zero percent chance of winning this game. After Ta Keo gets back to camp, Savage confirms that his group knows the plan and reminds people to not be seen talking to Ciera… I kinda had a nice little rhythm going there for awhile, but couldn’t keep it up. 😉 Alone in the jungle, Savage tells Spencer that Ciera is the name to write down at Tribal that night. Spencer feels great, he’s been wanting to play with Savage this whole time because he thinks Savage is a really good guy – someone he can trust… Awww, honey… I got some bad news for ya, Spencer… Also alone in the jungle, Ciera is talking to Abi and Kass – she doesn’t feel comfortable with Savage throwing her name around and it freaks her out that he didn’t use Woo as a pawn. Kass wants to get rid of Spencer before the merge, though, but Ciera thinks they’d be stupid to keep Woo around since he and Savage are so tight. Kass doesn’t like this one bit. She has no desire to play with Spencer, but there might be a better use for him right now so she takes him out to have a talk on the beach where she lets him in on Savage’s plan. Spencer takes the news of Savage’s betrayal very well and can’t believe he might have to play with Kass, who is leaning towards a Woo blindside, and has the votes to do it. Kass has all the power this week. Her vote will decide it all. Will she be the new Kass or bring the chaos?

8_byebyeWooinsertsadfaceTo Tribal Council we go! Those that don’t have fire, get fire and we begin. Jeff points out that this second chance season is very unique because of the opportunity it presents – a chance to right where you went wrong. What is Savage doing to right his wrongs? He’s building relationships with trustworthy, loyal people. How about you Spencer? His answer is basically the same – it’s all about people. Hey, Woo – how about you? He knows he has to be a little more cut-throat and he’s okay with that. So, Kass, where do you weigh in on things? Kass brings up the fact that she’s not sure which Kass is at Tribal tonight. Does that make Savage nervous – Not a bit because he has yet to see Chaos Kass. Ciera hints to the fact that Savage is pretty tight with Woo, which doesn’t bother him. He has no doubt about tonight’s vote. He’s confident. Uh oh! Dude… #1 Rule of Survivor: Do NOT get confident and comfortable. Bottom line, Jeff points out, someone’s plan isn’t working out tonight and it’s time to vote! No one plays an Immunity Idol – because no one on Ta Keo has one – and Jeff beings to read the votes. Spencer, Woo, Spencer, Spencer, Woo, Woo – And now is when Savage starts displaying “wtf face” as Jeff reads the final vote: Woo. Oh snap!

This is a bittersweet vote out for me. I adore Woo. He’s a great guy, but I just love Spencer’s mind for the game so I’m glad he’s still in it. Thanks for keeping him in, Chaos Kass! And next week… Err, um… This week… Tomorrow… On Survivor… It’s MERGE TIME, BABY and Chaos Kass is back full swing! And I have to add… GO ROYALS! I was seven when they won the series in 1985 and I am thrilled that 30 years later, they have taken the crown again, but I’m sooo glad I wasn’t in KC today – that crowd was NUTS! My social anxiety would have been off the charts. Almost a million people in attendance of the celebration parade? No thank you! I’d rather eat spiders… 😉 As always…Be sure to check out Jon and Eric’s Survivor videos. Hanne is covering the Amazing Race, we have post-season Big Brother coverage, if you love Bravo shows, you’ll love Your Reality Recaps, and there is also Scream Queens & American Horror Story stuff… And… Hi, Mom! I know she’s waiting to read this one and wanted to give her a little shout out. Love you so much and I am thankful for everything you’ve done for me in my life. xoxox


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