Survivor 31: Cambodia: Second Chance Blog Recap Episode 12: Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart


1_asifThis week on Survivor… The day after Tribal Council, Spencer and Jeremy are talking about their move to vote out Stephen. It was a good move, but both are concerned that it might have messed up the numbers. As Spencer points out, though, the game is open again – it’s a free-for-all as far as voting blocks are concerned. Privately, Spencer tells us that he is happy with his move to take out Stephen, but he can’t become a game bot and use people like pawns. Jeremy is not someone that Spencer wants to take to the end, but for the moment, Jeremy is a good ally and Spencer needs him on his side. Jeremy is nervous about his position, even though Spencer tells him they are good; Jeremy didn’t want to vote out Stephen and the voting blocks are shifty. Jeremy would much rather have a solid alliance with one person that he can trust, but he doesn’t have that now that Stephen’s gone. Elsewhere, Kimmi and Kelley are talking about Joe – his torch will definitely have a date with Jeff’s snuffer if he doesn’t win Immunity this week. Then Kimmi brings up the subject of a girls alliance because once Joe is gone, there will be four women and only three men left in the game. Kelley LOVES this idea and she’s totally down, but Tasha on the otherhand…

2_emotionalmanipulationCome on in, guys! And grab the tissues because it’s time for Reward and it’s the family visit episode. Jeff teases a bit about there NOT being a loved ones visit then he brings out the family members. And of course there are tears and such, I won’t get into too much of it. Jeremy’s wife, Val, comes out and tells him she’s having a boy, but he’s not gonna tell anyone that. Tasha’s cousin, Christine comes out next, they are more like sisters – it’s love! Spencer’s girlfriend, Marcella is next out of the jungle and he tells her he loves her – he’s struggled with saying “I love you” for a long time. And I guarantee, these two are gonna be married within a year. Abi’s mom comes out next – they are best friends and Abi is her mom’s angel. Next up? Keith’s wife! Big hug here from Keith and everyone else waves hello. Kelley’s dad, Dale, is back on a beach with his daughter again – he has a whole new respect for the loved ones that stay at home when you’ve played the game. Joe’s dad is next, which is a dream come true for Joe – he wanted to experience his dad running onto the beach from the jungle and it happened. Kimmi has waited longer than anyone else to have a loved one visit her and her dad  joins her on the island. Now… It’s challenge time.

3_nowhiningEach player will dig up three sandbags then release a fourth by spinning around a post. When they are good and dizzy, they will have to walk along a balance beam to acquire a fifth bag of puzzle pieces. After retrieving all of the bags, they will go to the puzzle solving station where they use the letter blocks to spell out a word by sliding the blocks onto a pole. First player with the correct answer, nourishment, wins a barbeque at camp with their loved one. Kimmi is the first person, followed by Keith, Tasha and Joe to reach the spinning station. Keith and Kimmi are first to reach the balance beams, but both are struggling to steady themselves then Tasha, Kelley and Spencer join them. Keith is first to the puzzle solving station, followed by Jeremy then Kelley. Abi and Spencer soon join the others trying to solve the puzzle. Finally, everyone except Kimmi is working on unscrambling the word when Abi and Kelley start placing blocks, but Kelley is faster and she has the correct word. And of course she gets to pick others – three tribe members – to get love from home with her. She chooses Keith, Abi, and Kimmi. Then Jeff gives her another pick and she gives it to Joe since the family reward meant so much to him.

4_spencersplayBack at camp, those enjoying the reward are enjoying the reward. Joe has a touching moment with his dad who confesses that he’s never had a friend like Joe, he’s the best son, and it’s a moment that Joe will never forget. Meanwhile, Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha are making rice in the shelter; Jeremy wants to know what they think of Kelley’s choices for reward attendees. Spencer doesn’t think her choices are very surprising, but it still sucks and watching her pick people was like tiny shanks to the heart. He has to keep his head in the game though. He has to focus up and win. There is talk of this group being the final three; all nod in agreement that they are all down for this, but an official deal is never made. Tasha is happy that she has two options – go to the end with Jeremy and Spencer OR stick with the girls. The group definitely agrees that Joe is the next to go if he doesn’t win Immunity. Spencer especially wants to boot Joe off the island – he let one chance go by him because he needed Joe’s help to make a move and now the move is to send Joe to Ponderosa.

5_yesmedicalCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity. In this challenge, players will balance a wooden statue on a pole, adding more sections of pole as the challenge progresses. This week, though, there are two necklaces; the last man and woman standing will win Immunity. And it’s on and after five minutes, it’s time to add a section of pole. Another five minutes pass, more sections of pole are added and yada yada yada until twenty minutes have elapsed and ten feet of pole have been added and Kimmi is out of the challenge. Abi loses her statue next leaving Kelley and Tasha as the only ladies left. At the twenty-five minute mark, Tasha doesn’t survive the transition to add another section of pole – Kelley wins Immunity for the ladies. Just as soon as Tasha drops, Spencer and Jeremy lose their statues leaving Keith and Joe to battle it out for the last Immunity necklace. Having successfully made the transition, the two men are now using 14 feet of pole to balance their statues and at the 30 minute mark, it’s time to add the last section and both men make the transition. There is a lot of movement and bending poles, but both manage to save themselves from a very close call. An hour and twenty minutes later, the guys are still balancing statues, then all of the sudden, Joe collapses.

6_hegoneMedical rushes in to address the situation; looks like Joe used up all of his reserve energy and his blood sugar got too low. Jeff gives Joe some shade with an umbrella and talks him back into consciousness. Joe is starting to remember what happened and he’s terrified that he’ll have to be evacuated, but the lead medical dude says he’ll be fine – his body just needs some time to re-energize. When Joe’s feeling physically better enough to stand and walk around, Jeff hands out the necklaces to Keith and Kelley then releases them all back to camp. Joe is rightfully nervous about the vote that evening. After returning to camp, Kelley approaches Abi with Kimmi’s idea of starting a girls alliance and Abi is down for this. All they have to do is get rid of Joe tonight then decide how they want to move forward from there. And they do have to get rid of Joe because as Kelley says, the dude passed out because he was fighting so hard to stay in the game and she can’t compete with that – he’s got to go! Awhile later, Joe asks if he and Jeremy can go have a chat and Jeremy’s up for it if he is. Joe voices his opinion and concern that Abi is gonna float her way to the end because a lot of people would love to sit next to her in the Final Three and Joe wants players in the final. And he thinks he got through to Jeremy – he thinks the idea to target Abi stuck to him.

7_forrealLater, Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha are talking about going after Joe; Jeremy brings up going after Abi and Tasha lets the boys in on the murmurings of the all girl alliance. This freaks Jeremy out pretty good even though Tasha basically tells them not to worry about it. Tasha only told them about the girl alliance so that they would hear about it from her first so there would be not trust lost between her and the boys. Her move has made Jeremy and Spencer suspicious, though, which she expected, but it was a good defensive move for Tasha. Later, alone on the beach, Jeremy and Spencer talk about the threat of the girl alliance – Spencer is terrified no matter what happens. Joe goes, he’s terrified. Joe stays, he’s terrified. If they want to flip the script and vote out Abi instead of Joe, though, they will have to pull one of the girls – They need Tasha. Jeremy pulls Tasha to the beach and expresses his concern about the girl alliance and while they are talking, Kelley notices and is freaking out a little with Kimmi because she doesn’t know what that little powwow is all about. Tasha is telling Jeremy that they have to vote Joe – he couldn’t beat him today and neither could Spencer. They have to take their shot while they can. Tasha is nervous as hell going to Tribal because they are all making a million dollar decision tonight.

8_byebyeJoeTo Tribal! After the Survivors are settled and the Jury is seated Jeff immediately brings up Joe’s collapse at the Immunity challenge. Yes, everyone was concerned, but, Jeff wants to know, after everything was crescent fresh wasn’t everyone thinking – Okay, we can get this guy out now? Well yeah, Jeremy says and blah blah blah voting blocks, blah blah blah alliances, blah blah blah don’t want to end up on the bottom in the end game. So who feels they are on the chopping block? Joe does. Abi does. Joe points out why Abi’s a threat – she’s in the perfect spot to keep surfing through the votes, but Abi doesn’t feel comfortable still. But look at her sitting pretty and smiling, Joe points out and blah blah blah. We all know what’s happening tonight. No one left in this game is stupid. They all know they have to vote out Joe; I’m shocked that they didn’t take their opportunity when they had the chance the first time. How fortunate for all of them that Joe collapsed because I know he would have won that challenge, but he didn’t and he gets voted out and that’s the end of that. I’m sorry, Joe, I love you, dude. You’re great, but unless the producers rig it for you to win, you’re never gonna win Survivor. You’re too good, man. You’re Ozzy. 😉

Next time on Survivor… Everyone’s getting all banged up, again, on Survivor. And the boys, Spencer and Jeremy, are scared, but like, why? I can understand Spencer, because he’s won Immunity, but Jeremy has a freakin’ Idol. So does Kelley… It’s crazy… This week’s vote was totally predictable once Joe didn’t win Immunity and next week’s target is totally… Up for grabs… As always… Be sure to check out Jon and Eric’s Survivor videos. Hanne is covering the Amazing Race, we have post-season Big Brother coverage, if you love Bravo shows, you’ll love Your Reality Recaps, and there is also Scream Queens & American Horror Story stuff… And become a Patreon! And if you’re buying stuff on Amazon this holiday season… Click here to use this link. It doesn’t cost you more and it really helps us out. 😉 xoxox


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