Survivor 30 Worlds Apart Blog Recap Episode 2: It Will Be My Revenge


1_survivorrhapsodyinblueThis week on Survivor… We begin this week’s episode at the Blue Collar camp and Dan has lost his manties! He was out in the ocean, doing his business, with his underwear around his ankle and a big wave swept his #manties away. To deal with this, he has taken a shirt and belt and fashioned himself some #shirtpants, which leaves him without a shirt, but he can’t #rawdog it in his jeans. LOL So many hashtag opportunities in the first five minutes and I didn’t see a single one on the screen! Come on, CBS, you didn’t want to promote #shirtpants? So, Lindsey can’t believe that she is experiencing real life in this moment; Seirra assures her that it is really happening – She’s right there in the moment with her and the same thing is happening to her. Lindsey thinks this is Dan’s ploy at being the funny “fat” guy on the tribe and isn’t a game of “oops I lost my pants” a great ploy? As soon as they go to Tribal Council, Lindsey is voting his shirtpants wearing butt!

2_yeahthebudFinally on Day Four the White Collars have fire. Max explains that they are not adapting well to the blue collar lifestyle required to survive on Survivor. He’s positive that the Blue Collars are over there livin’ it up real good, but his tribe has this beautiful beach… And it’s #NakedTime on Survivor Worlds Apart. Tipping his… hat… to classic moves from Survivors past, Max, a student and teacher of the game, decides to voluntarily remove his manties when he wants to go swimming. Tyler isn’t sure if Max is just putting on a show or if it’s to distract everyone from the fact that he knows how to play the game. Dude has quite a No Collar… streak… that’s for sure. And I think Tyler has gotten to the… root… of Max’s motivations. Max says he has no issue being in his birthday suit, it’s freeing, comfy and it gets him out of his wet Survivor clothes, but the best thing is the alone time. No one seems to want to go swimming with Naked Man! Shirin finds Naked Time super awesome too and she also drops her… bottoms, not her top, her bottoms… To wash pots…. Oookay…

3_suckitupBack at the No Collar camp, Nina’s hearing situation is becoming a disadvantage, but not because people are not trying to communicate with her. It seems to me that everyone is putting forth the effort to not only treat her as a normal member of the tribe, but also to be aware of her hearing condition. Vince has heard snarky comments from Jenn and Hali, though. When the girls head to the beach to go skinny dipping and don’t ask Nina to go, she is very hurt by it. She thought that Survivor would be different from her life back home; she thought people would include her, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. After the girls get back, Nina confronts them about not asking her to join them. Aaand awkwardness takes over the camp. The “mean” girls say they asked her if she wanted to go swimming earlier and Nina said she didn’t want to go… Mom’s don’t go skinny dipping! They didn’t actually say that to her, but that was their logic in not asking her to go. And Jenn is all, she’s crying on day four?! Pull it together, woman! I can see both sides of this, but I’m not going to get into the psychology of it. I know that Nina is stronger than this, though, so she needs to tough it out! I would love to see her win. Will would also like to see Nina hold it together, but he’s pretty sure that she’s already put a target on her back.

4_thatguyAt the Blue Collar camp, Mike is becoming the annoying “work work work” guy in the tribe, as soon as he wakes up it’s time to get things done. Rodney is done with Mike busting his balls about work; he works hard, but he also knows how to relax and Mike doesn’t know how to do that. He’s a “work work work” guy and Rodney isn’t. Kelly suggests they play some basketball; the Blue Collars have made up a basket with a crate and it looks like they are using a coconut as a ball. After a few shots, though, Mike asks Dan to support him in making the rice and later he’s telling people to go get firewood, even though they have a huge pile of it already. Rodney doesn’t like Mike starting stuff with him and Mike is only putting a huge target on his back by being “work work work” guy around him because Rodney does the work, he’s been doing the work; they have all been doing the work. Mike better start living up the relaxing island lifestyle like a No Collar! And someone please boil some water for that man to drink; he’s parched.

5_theegotrapAt the No Collar camp, Vince’s ego is being bruised again by Joe. After a crab-hunting trip, Joe has returned with a bag full of crabs; not the blue ones, but he has a lot. Feeling that he must also go find some crabs too, Vince heads out into the jungle and when Nina wanders into the scene, he asks her if she wants to help. Vince tells Nina that his contributions are being completely unnoticed because of Joe; he works harder than anyone, but everyone is all googly-eyed for Joe. He gets it, Joe’s a young guy that wants to prove himself and Vince was a young guy once, but he’s 32 now and his hormones have chilled out; he can let a lot of that stuff slideOr can he? Vince goes on to say that Joe’s need to be the center of attention is really pissing him off and he just has to say something. Vince basically asks Joe to admit that he’s being a punk kid and showing off in an attempt to stroke his own ego, but Joe is just doing things the way that it’s best for him to do them. Vince is still adamant that Joe admits to steamrolling projects. Will, and everyone else, is getting a little tired of these two alpha dogs fighting for power and Joe think Vince has a lot of issues to deal with within himself. AGREED! Later Vince and Nina are talking; they are not riding the Joe/Hali/Jenn train, they want to stick with Will. They just don’t trust those kids and they’ve been so judgmental about Nina’s hearing issue…So Vince and Nina are tight. On the beach Jenn asks Joe if things are good enough between him and Vince. Joe knows Vince doesn’t trust him and Joe thinks Vince is very intuitive; Vince is a lot smarter than everyone thinks. He may be a paranoid, loose cannon that could do something totally off the wall to screw up everything for his tribe, but the man is not stupid. And those blue eyes… Are you kidding me?

6_thesurvivorslideCome on in, guys! It’s time for the next Immunity/Reward challenge and it’s in the water. Tribes must push buoys on a rope through an obstacle course one at a time then shoot them into a goal. First two tribes to shoot all of their buoys into the basket will win Immunity and the first tribe to finish gets a deluxe fishing kit; the second tribe to finish will receive a spear, fishing line and some lures. Blue Collar and No Collars have to sit someone out; Kelly volunteers for the Blues – Because Dan wants to play and let everyone be surprised by the fat guy; he’s going to show everyone a thing or two, no one needs to worry about that, he says. LOL Love it. Nina sits out for the No Collars and we begin! Dan, Tyler and Vince are in the water first and Vince is the first one over the vertical obstacle followed closely by Dan, then Tyler. Vince is also the first one through the horizontal obstacle followed closely by Dan, then Tyler, BUT… DAN is the first one to the final platform. The Blue and No Collar tribes stay pretty neck-and-neck with the White Collars lagging behind until Will hits the water for the No Collars. Water is kryptonite for black guys… His words; not mine… I’m not sure why he didn’t sit out instead of Nina. If Will hadn’t lost so much time for the No Collars they probably would have won second place, but they didn’t. White Collars finish in first and the Blue Collars snag the second spot of safety.

7_heloveswatermelonandgrapesodatooBack at their camp, everyone on the No Collar tribe is feeling pretty down about the loss. They didn’t even get one buoy in; Joe apologizes for not being able to “close it”, but Will tells him that it’s not his fault. It is decision making time for the No Collars now, they have to choose who to vote out and Hali knows that decision making is not the easiest thing for people on her tribe. Let the finger pointing begin! Vince has noticed that Will’s health isn’t the greatest and he’s concerned for him; so is Nina. I mean, did you SEE Will in that challenge? He was tired, yo! Vince isn’t targeting Will, though. He wants to get rid of Joe. Big surprise! But if Will isn’t going to be able to cut it in challenges… But Vince and Nina need Joe or they will be picked off one-by-one by the other three. Later, Will, Jenn and Joe are talking; Jenn suggests they just vote out Vince, he’s not trustworthy; he’s the head of the snake.  Joe wants to keep the tribe strong, though, and vote out Nina, who he is sure knows that she is a target and she’s probably looking for the idol. Joe suggests the girls vote for Vince and he and Will vote for Nina and if she doesn’t play the idol, they will revote after the tie and get rid of her. Everything hinges on Will, though. Joe has to trust him. Everything is in Big Poppa’s hands.

8_justfyiAnd Big Poppa doesn’t want to get rid of Nina and he’s so happy that he knows what the other three people on the tribe are planning. After Will clues Vince in on the vote-splitting plan, they discuss plans of their own. They can get rid of whomever they want, but deciding is hard! Joe is a huge threat, but he’s handy to have around for challenges. Vince doesn’t trust Jenn at all and if he gets blindsided… Oh no! Will assures Vince that he’s not going to be blindsided; he needs to trust him – they’ve got the votes. Nina is pretty delighted to hear that her alliance will be targeting Jenn; it will be her revenge to vote her out of the game. Then Nina brings up Will’s health and asks how he’s doing because Vince told her that he’s concerned about Will’s health… Aw HELL no! Now Big Poppa is feeling a little threatened by Vince, Jenn’s nervous about going to Tribal Council, but she is also excited and Will is the swing vote. This one is going to be a doozy!

9_shoveyourbigspoonjeffTime for Tribal Council! After dipping their tin can torches into the flames to get the fire that represents their lives in the game, Jeff asks about the group dynamic. Is anyone pairing off or grouping together, Nina? Oh yes! Nina noticed that Jenn and Hali got real tight together then Joe joined them and it sorta left her and Will to form their own dynamic duo. There is a very young vs. old feel in the tribe to Nina because the kiddos weren’t including her, but that’s the social game, Jeff says, that’s what makes Survivor so interesting to watch. Well, yeah, sure, but Nina can’t always hear people and she doesn’t want to be that annoying person that’s always saying “what, huh, please repeat that.” Well, yeah, sure, Nina, but doesn’t everyone have something, though? What do you think about all this, Jenn? Jenn’s compassionate towards Nina’s situation, she hasn’t been around people with hearing issues, but this is a game and you just have to deal with it.

10_crazyglueThen asks Vince to weigh in on the whole situation; if there is this side and that side, where does he fit within the tribe? Vince loves cohesion, that’s his true nature; he’s just trying to be the glue in the middle that holds everyone together. So, Joe, what do you think about that? If Vince isn’t digging the “young” people team vibe, he can slide right over to Will and Nina and the game is on with three vs. three. Joe thinks the right person will go home. Jenn confirms that she, Joe and Hali are working together, no one is playing stupid in this game, not yet and it should be obvious that they are voting as a block. After Jenn reiterates that the tribe needs to keep strong people in so they can win challenges, Jeff points the finger at Will and this is when the “water is kryptonite for black guys” comment comes into play. Vince let’s us know that he’s comfortable with the decision he’s about to make and Jenn hopes the original plan will happen. And she can’t believe she’s at Tribal Council! She’s been wanting to play since she was eight and there’s Jeff Probst right in front of her and not just on TV, even though it still feels like she is watching him on TV.

11_byebyeVinceSo let’s get to the votes, but first… If I was on Survivor, I would stand up and say, “NO, Jeff, I will go tally the votes”, then take a little run at the urn yelling “MWAH HA HA HA HAAAAAA”. Just to ease the tension of course. So, these votes then! No one has an idol so Jeff gets to reading: Jenn, Vince, Nina… Jenn… Vince… One vote left! Aaand it’s for Vince. Guess that glue got too sticky for everyone on the No Collar tribe because the boy over there with the feathers in his hair is out of the game. Nina is NOT happy about this AT all… Next time on Survivor! Life is good at the No Collar camp, but Mike is still barking work order at the Blue Collars and they are sick of listening to him. Work is being done! Survivor airs on CBS on Wednesdays at 8/7c. If you love Survivor, watch King of the Nerds and read my King of the Nerds blogs; the same people responsible for the challenges on Survivor create challenges for KotN. Hanne’s on Amazing Race blog duty this year and Dana is about to wrap up her blogs and videos about The Bachelor; there’s Hell’s Kitchen stuff, Bravo stuff, all kinds of fun reality TV related stuff is here so surf around! And if you shop on Amazon, use this link – it really helps us out and you don’t pay more. And for you nerds out there, I’ll be talking games and stuff with @NerdChatCentral at 10/9c on YouTube tonight! (Friday, March 6, 2015). Thanks, loves! Xoxox

And sorry about all of the Rodney hate last week, I might have been jumping to conclusions about how he is outside of the game. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy on the inside, but Rodney’s presentation of himself and his edit do not a pretty picture paint. Not for me. It was the fact that pointed the tattoo out to Lindsey, he had to bring it up to make sure he got to sell his story – that’s what really bothered me. He just couldn’t wait to sell his story to one of the girls and as soon as he found one he could relate to BAM! A better way would have been to wait until it was a real, shared emotional experience. He didn’t even shed a tear for his sister. Not one. He couldn’t even fake it? It just makes me feel like there’s something inside of him that he can’t work through and he behaves the way he does because he doesn’t want to move whatever obstacle is in his way.

As if he reads this blog… Sorry for the way I spoke about you, Rodney. I really am. I hope you can get that boulder out of your way because I don’t think you are a terrible person. I think you went through something terrible, something horrifying, and it damaged you to the very core of your being. If we ever meet in person, you’re getting a hug and there is nothing you can do to get out of it except not be where I am! lol Should be pretty easy… 😉


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