Survivor 30 Worlds Apart Blog Recap Episode 12: Hanging on For Dear Life


1_newbromanceThis week on Survivor… It’s fun times back at camp after Tribal for Mike. Carolyn starts the pot stirring by stating that she thinks Dan and Tyler voted for each other, but Dan is all, aw hell no. He put a star next to Shirin’s name and Seirra knows his handwriting. Rodney chimes in that he voted for Shirin too then Will is quick to tell everyone not to “do this”, Dan says he knows they shouldn’t, but he’s just sayin’ and Will says that he “ain’t got to” then tries to exert his authority by ending the conversation. Mike loves it. Everyone has to scramble now! Except him! While the Six-Strong head off down the beach to have a pow-wow Mike stokes fire knowing he’s totally safe again this week. At the pow-wow, Tyler is doing a lot of back-peddling with Dan then back at the camp fire, Will comes clean with Dan about voting for him. Dan doesn’t like that they flinched, Mike is still the target, but he has an Immunity idol so he’s safe and Dan is not. Dan aims to keep Will on his side and Tyler knows that he is in trouble and thinks Dan is super loyal, which leads to super gullibility in this game.

2_onedownThe next day is Rodney’s birthday and it’s also Reward Challenge day; something nice will nourish the Survivor’s soul in this one. Will lets Rodney know that if he can give up Reward to him, he will and from what Rodney says, Carolyn made a similar offer. Will and Mama C have his birthday back today and if he doesn’t go on Reward, his game is going to change, but he knows that is not going to happen. There is a 0.0000% chance that Rodney won’t go on Reward today. I think we all know where this is going… To the Reward challenge! Come on in, guys! This is the “good will ambassador” reward so there will be a BBQ and giving stuff to children; it’ll be fun Teams of three will race to unwind ribbons to release a key, assemble a ladder to unlock a bag of balls then cross over a net bridge to a ski-ball type set up of target baskets and launch the balls with a catapult by stomping on it with their feet. First tribe to land a ball in all five targets wins. A school yard pick by Dan and Carolyn creates a team of Dan, Rodney and Tyler against Carolyn, Mike and Seirra leaving Will on the bench with no hope of winning reward. Rodney isn’t happy about that at all. Survivors ready…

3_rodneyspartyGO! Caroyln’s team unwinds ribbons one at a time to gain the lead over the rest of the boys and begin work on the boards to build the ladder. Dan’s team is quick to join them, but they are still trailing as Carolyn and her group takes to the narrow, net bridge. Mike starts launching balls first, Rodney left their team balls back behind and has to restart at the beginning, giving Mike a big head start. Ball launching is the equalizer, though and Dan’s attempts are going well when he starts. This race stays pretty even until Dan takes the lead 3-2, then he lands a fourth. Mike does his best to catch up, his team wants to take over for him, but he’s not letting go of his position and finally catches up and snags the win after Dan just misses his last target. And… Does anyone want to give up their reward to the birthday boy? Rodney’s not asking for it, but… Nope! No one wants to, not even Carolyn because this is a special opportunity. Seirra explains that had it been individual and people had been able to choose, Rodney would be enjoying the Reward today. Rodney says people said things to say otherwise and he is NOT happy; he’s going to turn into the psychopath that he is. Oh goody!

4_backatcampOf course the Reward is awesome and rewarding in more ways than one. Everyone has a great time giving out needed supplies, clothes and equipment, playing games and eating of course! Carolyn knows Rodney is going to be mad, but just being on Survivor is a good way to spend a birthday so he can just suck it up and accept it. Carolyn is also seeing another side of Mike, they have to vote out one of the six tonight since he’s safe; she still has her idol and she might play it – Carolyn is feeling out all of her options. Anything can happen! Back at camp, Rodney is being a grumpy gus on the beach; this damn island doesn’t grow any fruit or nothing and he’s doing the damn dishes on his damn birthday. Carolyn and Seirra can forget about going to the end with him. Dan confirms to Tyler and Will that Rodney’s still all hot and bothered; Tyler says it’s probably going to get a little dirty around camp, metaphorically speaking. Rodney returns to camp and goes off about Carolyn and Seirra, but he’s going to use this attitude to try to convince everyone that he’s ready to go and that they should vote him out. This way, they can blindside Mike by making him believe he has no reason to play his idol. Dan says it’s not a bad idea, but in confessional he let’s us know that he doesn’t think it will work and that maybe Rodney has lost his mind and he’s sort of fine with that. Tyler agrees that he’s gone crazy; he knows Mike is going to play his idol and that he is the major target after Mike.

5_socuteThat night, in the rain, Rodney lays on the drama really thick, talking smack on Carolyn, calling everyone fake. Seirra is getting annoyed, Mama C is ignoring him and Mike isn’t buying it. Mike wants to keep Rodney around, it is smart to do so and he’s not writing his name down; Mike sees right through that plan. Mike isn’t stupid. Tyler has a chat with Carolyn alone on the beach later about his fate in the game; Mike is gunning for him and he will be next week too if Tyler can win Immunity. What about Carolyn’s idol? How can that come in to play? Carolyn says they will use it appropriately, but we all know that even though Tyler calls it the “White Collar” idol, it’s Carolyn’s and she controls it. Oh, she’ll bring it to Tribal Council, she knows Tyler needs her, but Mike doesn’t have anyone to play with so… She is kind of in control right now and she likes it.

6_zencarolynCome on in, guys! Time for Immunity and it’s the classic hang onto a knotted rope over the water on a small perch challenge. We all know how this goes, right? After Jeff takes back both necklaces, needing only one for this challenge, and everyone is in position it’s on. Rodney isn’t finding this easy, but Will is the first one out of the contest followed by Dan, the cuts and bug bites and his own fat ass, his words, were his downfall. Carolyn is having a great time; Seirra drops, then Rodney leaving only Tyler, Mike and Carolyn surviving to the next level. After they move down to the next section of rope, Tyler cannot hang on anymore and he drops; Mike cannot hang on anymore either and Carolyn gets her necklace back. Dan is worried because everyone has been talking about his advantage. Mike is still safe, but he is not. After the challenge, back at camp, everyone congratulates Carolyn, who is so excited, but she has so many options for moves right now. Carolyn suggests to Sierra, Rodney and Dan that they split the vote between Mike and Tyler, girls vote Tyler and the boys vote Mike, who will also vote for Tyler.

7_sittinprettyDan thinks it is a great plan, but Will voted for him too. Mama C says not to worry. Dan isn’t going anywhere. Privately, Carolyn isn’t against voting for Dan, he’s a good choice too, but so is Tyler. Speaking of Tyler and Will, they have a chat privately and they both want to vote for Dan. Tyler does not like that three people have advantage in the game in the form of idols and that second vote that Dan has. Tyler wants to split the votes between Mike and Dan to get rid of Mike’s idol and Dan’s advantage, and Dan, in one swift move. Elsewhere, Carolyn is chatting with Mike who confirms that he is voting for Tyler and she see is as a good opportunity to side with him, but she’s just not sure. Elsewhere later, Tyler has talks with Carolyn about voting for Dan. If they don’t get rid of the advantage now, it will come back to haunt them. Carolyn definitely sees the advantage of getting rid of Dan, but Tyler is the only one who knows she has an idol. He can blow up her game so… She’s not sure what she’s going to do.

8_byebyeTylerTo Tribal! Everyone on the Jury is looking so fresh and clean! Jeff confirms that Mike has his idol then Mike confirms that Tyler and Dan should be worried and Mike is loving it. He’s got fireworks, Pepsi and popcorn – he’s great! Rodney wishes he would share some of that soda and popcorn! lol So blah blah blah let’s just get to the meat and potatoes. Everyone knows that Dan and Tyler are the top two targets. Dan’s advantage is discussed, Dan had definitely been approached, but he doesn’t know if anyone knows what it is. This is definitely the perfect Tribal to make a big move, Seirra knows a big move is going to happen and Tyler doesn’t think he’s going anywhere. To the votes! After Mike plays his idol, of course, the votes are: Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike – Does not count – Tyler, Tyler and that’s enough! Next time on Survivor… The majority alliance is OVER and Mike is going to try to form a threesome with the remaining ladies in the game. We’ll see how that goes… And next year, WE get to vote on who gets a second chance to play and it’s awesome! So excited for THAT! Can’t wait for next season!

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