Survivor 29 Blood vs. Water 2 Blog Recap Episode 8: Wrinkle in the Plan


1_wishfulthinkingThis week on Survivor… Missy can hardly believe that Julie quit the game; her alliance had a plan to vote Josh out and they didn’t get to do that since they didn’t go to Tribal. Little does she know that the wrinkle in the plan actually saved her alliance member, Jeremy, since Jon and Jaclyn, (Team Double J), were going to side with Josh’s alliance, not hers, to vote him out of the game. Alone on the beach together, Team Double J, well mostly Jon, discuss their position in the game, going back and forth between two alliances, potentially blindsiding someone, maybe being deceitful. They didn’t go to Tribal, though, so their next move is a big move because they are going to take out pack leader Jeremy and Jon is just so happy that he and Jaclyn are in the middle instead of on the receiving end of the votes.

2_firemantochiropractorTime for Reward! Up for grabs? Survivor Taco Bar complete with beer and margaritas! Woohoo! Everyone is super excited about it too. What do they have to do to get the goods? The tribe will be divided into two teams; each team must load large, heavy puzzle pieces onto a cart, push it to the puzzle solving station, unload the pieces and put them together to form a pyramid, get to the top of the pyramid to unlock a statue and use a pulley system to hoist it up to the top of a platform to release a flag. First tribe raise their flag wins. Team Yellow: Jeremy, Keith, Natalie, Reed and Wes; Team Blue: Jon, Alec, Jaclyn, Josh and Baylor. (Missy sat this one out). Yellow has their pieces loaded quickly and zips down to the puzzle base. Clearly having all that man muscle was a huge advantage because the Blue team not only struggles to get pieces loaded, they also lag far behind in pushing the cart back and forth to get them. It’s not long until Natalie is unlocking the statue and Yellow easily wins reward… And they get to send someone to Exile Island – they choose Jon because he’s a strong dude and they think he’ll be just fine on his own.

3_nomasAt the Survivor Taco Bar it’s smiles, drinks and food all around. Reed feels bad because Josh has been talking about eating Mexican and he thinks it’s an odd group since they have a mixed group of alliance people. Natalie comments; are they supposed to talk strategy like most people do on rewards or should they just eat? Keith brings up that Julie was his pick for voting if they had gone to Tribal; he and Wes say they wouldn’t know what they would have done had they had to go to Tribal anyway. Jeremy isn’t dumb; he knows they were targeting him and this whole “I didn’t know who I would have voted for” business is nothing he’s investing in. He thinks Keith is trying to play the game, but he’s not doing a very good job of it. Aaand there’s always at least one person who over indulges on a food reward and this week Wes is suffering from #tacooverload. He should have listened to his dad and slowed down! He soon wanders away from camp to… Well… Let’s not go there. Instead…

4_itsmymomdudeLet’s go back to camp to listen to rest of the players talk about their second place prize – A Survivor Snail Bar! We also find out that Josh is thrilled to be with the people that didn’t win reward with him. He’s going to take advantage of the opportunity to put his feelers back out there with Baylor. They go for a walk and Josh is back in there with the “you owe me”, “I protected you”, yada yada yada. He just wants her to NOT vote for him or Reed, if that’s what her alliance is going to do, JUST one time; he just wants one vote from her. Baylor is feeling a bit blackmailed by Josh and she doesn’t feel that she owes him anything. SHE was taught that you should give gifts without expecting anything in return and Baylor’s a little surprised that Josh with his Christian pastor dad is standing there trying to blackmail her. She explains what her group has been saying about him; he’s just dragging her along, using her for a vote and Josh is completely frustrated by this. Baylor’s mom is just controlling her and he doesn’t think they are going to vote with the couples. He’s pretty fed up with Baylor so he seeks out Jaclyn who confirms that she and Jon are definitely not writing his name down at the next Tribal so it doesn’t matter if Missy and Baylor won’t move over to Team Broadway.

5_idolhandsMeanwhile on Exile Island… Jon is pretty lonely, but he’s glad that Jaclyn has a chance to build up her own relationships with people back at camp so no one can say she just rode his coat tails. And there’s an urn! Jon gets a clue to a new hidden Immunity Idol that hidden on Exile Island and he knows exactly where to look. While the tide is low, he goes out to the peninsula that’s on Exile and starts looking around the rocks, but he doesn’t find it. As the tide is coming up, he decides to climb around a rock formation. Up, up, up he goes and he see’s a rock that looks out of place and what do you know… Now Jon has an idol.

6_rudeboysbeGONEThe next day Wes is really regretting all the food and drink; the Survivor Taco Bar was not a very rewarding experience for him. Wes didn’t sleep well the night before because he kept waking up to poop. And there was farting and burping and Alec wishes he could do that and he would make sure Baylor could smell them. Jeremy is not impressed with Keith, Wes and Alec at this point and neither am I. I wasn’t impressed with Alec a long time ago, but I was giving Keith and Wes the benefit of the doubt. Jeremy thinks they are rude. Missy agrees that he and Jon are the only gentlemen around camp; the rest of them are pigs. Sure, when Jeremy’s at the firehouse they get a little rude, but once a woman is around it gets shut down. The rudeness continues at dinner time. Apparently the Three Little Pigs are always pushing the girls out of the way to eat first. After dinner Alec orders Baylor to go throw away the food trash and Keith orders her to help him get firewood, which she does, both things. Keith is very vocal that if Baylor was HIS kid she’d have been whooped about seven times already that day, which Momma Missy is not too pleased to hear. THEN Alec orders the girls to be sure to keep the fire going making the remark that Natalie will do it, but he doubts the others will. When the boys walk away, (yes, calling them boys because real men don’t act that way towards ladies…), Baylor, Natalie and Jaclyn are not happy. Jaclyn is especially annoyed because, um, don’t they need her and Jon’s votes? She tells the other ladies that THAT comment just lost their votes because Jon will vote however she wants him to. I guess we’ll see about that when he gets back from Exile.

It’s almost time for Immunity, but first… Alec and Keith are talking about the plan to vote out Jeremy. Keith wants to touch some bases with some people, like Jon when he gets back and probably Jaclyn because she’s been chatting with Baylor all day. Alec is certain there is no need for that because Jon’s definitely riding with the boys and she’ll be down too; he’s feeling very comfortable. Jon knows Jeremy’s a threat and Jaclyn will do whatever Jon says. As long as Jeremy doesn’t win Immunity, they’re good.

7_themapplesTo Immunity Beach! It’s time for a memory game to test the minds of the Survivors. Jeff will show the group a series of symbols and they will have to repeat the sequence back to him using picture cubes. After drawing for spots and a very cool “cubes being tossed across the sand” sequence, the first round begins and Jon is out on the second symbol, Reed is out next on the third in the first round. Wes and Alec follow with the wrong answer on the fourth icon in the first round. Second round begins and Baylor is working hard to remember the sequence. Natalie is out on the first symbol followed by Baylor on the second then Jacyln on the third symbol taking the number of players down to four. When the next icon is revealed, Josh and Jeremy have the same icon, Keith and Missy also have the same icon, but a different one and they are wrong leaving Josh and Jeremy to battle it out on the last symbol aaand… Team Broadway and the Three Little Pigs are going to have to find a new target because Jeremy. Wins. Immunity! Thank the Survivor gods!

8_soprettyWhen everyone gets back to camp, there are some of congratulatory words for Jeremy and a lot of very unhappy faces. Jon and Jaclyn share another hug during which Jon tells her that he has the idol. It’s subtle when he does that I didn’t even notice it the first time I watched the show and Jaclyn has no reaction at all; very smooth. And everything is hinging on them tonight; Jeremy wants to take out Josh, Josh is upset that he can’t take out Jeremy and Jeremy really hopes Team Double J will swing to his side of the fence… Or he’s going to have to keep winning Immunity to stay alive. Later, Team Broadway is discussing who their new target should be with Alec and Wes and it looks like young Baylor is their prey of choice. Alec knows Keith wants to vote her out and Wes confirms that he’ll be good with that. If only Baylor would have came over to Josh’s side! She didn’t, though so she’s got to go! As long as J and J are going to vote with them everything should be okay, but if not, Josh knows that he’s the one going home at Tribal Council.

9_frustratedSpeaking of Jon and Jaclyn… They go off to have a little walk/chat; Jon wants to know how things were while he was gone. Jaclyn tells him that she doesn’t like the guys anymore, at all. They completely disregarded her while he was gone and the three of them are a huge threat in Immunity challenges; she can’t win against any of them. Jaclyn doesn’t understand why they don’t vote them out first. They can win against Missy, Baylor and Natalie easy! Jon is still worried about Jeremy in the Final Three; he’s a firefighter with two kids struggling to get by! Jaclyn isn’t’ so sure that he would beat them in the final, but Jon knows this is a game and you can’t let your emotions about other players get in the way of playing it. Before they can discuss further, Reed joins them on the beach and lets them know that everyone wants Baylor out; she doesn’t do anything and she’s annoying. Reed leaves them alone again and Team Double J is just so confused as to what to do. Jaclyn thinks that Jon is thinking way too far ahead, which is stupid, but he’s just really worried about Jeremy and everything is just so up in the air and she’s not sure what’s going to happen.

10_momdudemomLater, (or earlier, really who knows when these conversations happen – editing!), Missy asks Keith where he stands and if he would even consider going against Josh. Keith tells her that Baylor doesn’t do anything, he’s seen her with one piece of wood in her hands over the last six days and when she doesn’t want to do anything, Missy jumps in to do it for her. Well doesn’t Keith protect his son too? Oh no! Not like that he don’t! Oh no… Not like that. Not with Wesley. And Missy is just so over all of this gunning for Baylor business. So Momma tells Baylor that she’s the target; Keith just told her point blank, which is so stupid – you don’t tell the mom that you’re voting for the daughter. Missy really needs to go talk to Team Double J because if they aren’t on their side, they are screwed. A talk is had between Jon and Missy, but Jon still isn’t convinced. Jaclyn feels way more comfortable with Missy and Jeremy, but Jon is just so worried about Jeremy! No matter what happens at Tribal Council, Team Double J is going to have some shade thrown their way.

11_bigdumbanimalLet’s go to Tribal! After everyone settles in, Jeff immediately looks to Jeremy for some input; we all know you wanted to win Immunity, but did you feel you needed it? Absolutely. Josh, same question: Oh yeah. Definitely Josh was feeling the pressure to win. Jeff asks Wes about alliances and whether or not the sides are known within the group. Wes is pretty sure that everyone knows that he and his dad are with Alec, Josh and Reed. Well, if they weren’t sure before, they are pretty solid on it now… Jeff asks Jeremy if that leaves him with Missy, Baylor, Natalie, Jon and Jaclyn. Jeremy isn’t sure, but it could mean that. Jeff now turns to Jaclyn to see where they are; they are in the middle, which is interesting. Jeff remarks that wow, they’ve been the swing vote for many Tribals now. Jon isn’t sure why and Natalie feels protective over the original Hunaphu and she makes a point to call out the boys on their behavior with Jaclyn when Jon isn’t around and yeah, she feels disrespected around camp. Missy points out the frat house mentality around camp with some of the boys. Keith says they aren’t at the Hilton and gas happens.

12_cheesburgersSo… the battle for Jon and Jaclyn continues right there at Tribal. It is pointed out that they are a strong couple with a lot of power. Neither side says they are going to turn around and vote for Team Double J to leave the game. And it’s time to vote! As the votes are cast, Natalie is so nervous. Me too, girl! Oh my god, me too! I love Josh, but I really want Jeremy’s crew to be safe; I was not happy with how the rest of the men were treating the ladies, which was not how ladies should be treated. Especially on Survivor, a little respect goes a long way. Jeff goes to tally the votes; no one wants to play a hidden Immunity Idol so he starts reading off the votes. Baylor, Josh, Baylor, Josh (with an unhappy face), Baylor, Josh, Baylor, Josh, Baylor, Josh… So it’s all tied up with one vote left aaand… Sorry, Josh… Looks like Alec was wrong about Jon having so much control over Jaclyn and I’m starting to like Jon a little more. They aren’t even married and he’s in the “happy wife, happy life” mindset… Not that the wife is the only one that should be happy, but when you’ve got a bunch of dudes being disrespectful to her… Yeah. Good move, Jon.

Next week on Survivor… Uh oh, Keith! Reed found your Immunity Idol clue! He’s in desperation mode and he’s about to stir up the pot and cause a little chaos. Yes, Baylor, I think it’s about to get crazy on that island. Next week will be a fun one! If you can’t get enough of your favorite reality shows you are in the right place! Check out our Amazing Race coverage, Bravo show coverage and so much more. There’s something for everyone here! And if you plan on doing any holiday shopping through Amazon, please use our link! (Just click the words to go directly to Amazon and shop to your heart’s content). It really helps support everything we do and we really appreciate all of that support. Thanks!


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