Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7: No Moore Apollogies


So Apollo has been sentenced and Phaedra isn’t letting all that drama get in the way of her life. It’s Aiden’s first dentist appointment and she shows up with her mother. Apollo decided to show up and even though Phaedra isn’t pleased she smiles and puts on a brave face for the kids. You can tell that Apollo realized that this is one of the last “normal” experiences he’s going to have with the kids. They both wonder how they are going to explain to Aiden what is going to happen.

Cynthia received her Ebony magazine cover and I have to admit she looks HOT! Peter agrees. He wants to have a party for her success at Bar One. Cynthia doesn’t want Porshe or NeNe at the party because she is ridding herself of negativity

Kandi is showing her mother a house that she wants to buy her that is just down the street. Todd can’t figure out why Kandi is buying a new house when they gave her a perfectly good house 2 years ago and she refused to move into. Todd really isn’t happy with the Everybody Loves Raymond situation that is going to be happening. Mama Joyce just down the street is a little to close for comfort. The house Kandi shows her has 7 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a pool and a basketball court. What does Mama Joyce need all that house for? Kandi tells her mom that her and Todd want a baby and through clenched teeth Mama Joyce smiles and asks if she is sure Todd didn’t have a vasectomy. Kandi wants her mom to apologize to Todd’s mom for calling her a prostitute but Mama Joyce refuses, but she wants Sharon to apologize to her.

Kenya’s friend Brandon arrives for a good ole dish session. She is still crying about all the nonsense that happened at their reunion. Brandon tells her it’s time to get over it and move on, and does a pretty hilarious impression of Iyanla Fix My Life. Kenya asks him to go to Cynthia’s party and he really doesn’t want to go because he doesn’t want to run into Apollo after the whole fight at NeNe’s bedroom party last year. Brandon is in such a good place after it he can make light of it and say he just doesn’t want anymore beige on beige crime. I want to see more of Brandon.

neneNeNe is nervous at the premier of her Vegas show Zumanity! She looked AMAZING being lifted onto that stage and she slayed her stage debut! I found it odd that none of her “Friends” were there to support such a huge event in NeNe’s life.

Cynthia is looking hot at her party. Phaedra didn’t attend but Cynthia can understand why with the whole Apollo stuff going on. Cynthia explains why Porshe and NeNe were left off the guest list. Kenya shows up and introduces us to Claudia. Kandi brings up the reunion fight asking Kenya if she pressed charges and Kenya explains that its the state doing all of that stuff. Was this the right time to bring up that drama? I don’t think so. Apollo shows up ALONE and Kenya is all WTF. First Kandi is up in her grill then Apollos shows up and he is dishing the dirt on the relationship between him and Phaedra.

Kenya removes herself from the party but Apollo wants to talk to her and Kenya doesn’t want anything to do with it. He interrupts Kenya saying good-bye to Cynthia. At first he  says he just wants to apkenyaapollo.jpgologize for him lying to Phaedra about their relationship and I think Apollo is sincere. He wants to make amends before going into jail. Kenya isn’t hearing any of it. A screaming match ensues and by the end Apollo just doesn’t care anymore. Cynthia is wondering what just happened to her party.

Cynthia relays the info back to Kandi, Todd and Peter and everyone is in shock. The whole fight between Phaedra and Kenya is because Phaedra believes the lie that Apollo starts about Kenya offering to give him a blow job and now that is all lie, that Apollo admitted to everyone (except Phaedra conveniently) And now Peter is being a man and saying they all need to apologize to Kenya because they all believed Apollo and have been shunning Kenya because of him. Apollo tries “take two” on the Kenya apology. The two finally hash it out. Apollo admits to never seeing Kenya outside of the interactions with Phaedra, and the finally end it on a peaceful note with Kenya wishing him well, BUT she still wants an apology from Phaedra!

Do you think Apollo was sincere with his apology?  Can the ladies push past all this drama once Apollo is in jail? Comment below and let me know what you think. And don’t forget to check out our BRAVO PAGE for our blogs on all the Housewives shows and Vanderpump Rules plus Jon is reading all their Bravo blogs to you and they are HILARIOUS!


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