Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5: Episode 5 Blog Recap


We start the episode off back on the yacht with Kyle’s family and Yolanda. David had last episode called Yolanda and informed her that Bella had gotten a DUI. Yolanda goes on to explain that Bella was at a friend’s house and had some wine before driving to a nearby gas station. She breaks down expressing her feelings of how close it hits her heart because of her father dying in a car accident.

We finally see more into the life of Eileen. When she was working her niece Annamarie stayed with them to help as nanny. They sit down to go over her lines from Young and The Restless. Elieen and her son Jesse head over to the CBS set to check in. We see flash back photos to baby Jesse on set while Eileen was filming. Eileen chats with couple co stars and talks how she just finished with Days of Our Lives. She loves being back on set.

We see Brandi for a hot minute. She is in studio for her podcast show. She has Vivica A Fox as a guest and expresses how she is trying to make the show more family friendly. Brandi express how cursing gives her a high. She tries to stay not so unfiltered but hard with Vivica dropping F bombs. (Guess Brandi isn’t the only one who loves to curse!) 

Lisa V is packed and ready to go to Palm Spring’s to receive her star! She had asked her maid to wash Giggy clothes which she did as well as Giggy. Lisa seemed very taken back that Giggy got a bath! (Does he never bathe?) Also learned that they have a swan that pecks Ken in their moat! Lisa V only invites Lisa Rinna from the group. Rinna showed up looking amazing as usual. They have a dinner with a couple of Lisa V gay friends. They discuss Lisa helping of the gay community and  awkwardly turns the convo to Rinna who then talks her confusion of getting a Brazilian wax. The next day we get to see Lisa get her star.  Her son Max comes who is dating a women 13 years older than himself which Lisa isn’t a fan of. Pandora and Jason arrive making the family unit complete. They arrive to people in Pink and Lance Bass giving a speech for Lisa. Was all beautiful and Lisa seemed genuially happy to be there cause ya know 14 people unanimously choose her!

The day before Brook’s big day Kim takes her ex husband Monty to get a pedicure. They reminisce old times from their wedding day and Brook being born. Was sweet moment to see how great of friends they are. We also see flash back photos of their younger years. Kim has really risen this year looking and acting amazing! Kyle and her family arrive home early the day of the wedding. Having a lagging morning Kyle calls Kim to ask what Mauricio should wear. (Really kyle….The day of the Wedding to ask this?)  Have a sweet moment with Kyle pumping up Kim for her big day! It’s finally here and we get a glimpse into what Brook’s wedding day was like. Everyone starts to arrive at Kathy Hilton’s House for the wedding. The sisters (Kyle , Kathy & Kim) talk outside about their excitement and we get a great shot of the 3 hands locked walking inside. We seem some beautiful shots of Brook getting ready and the Groom Thayer waiting excited to see his bride. everyone’s dresses were beautiful and they day seemed amazing.


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