Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7: Nice to Metria


After all the drama in New York with Todd’s mother, she comes home to new drama with her mother at her Aunt Nora’s cook out. Word has gotten to Mama Joyce that Kandi was bashing her boyfriend and mama is not happy! Aunt Nora and Cousin Weenie bring Mama Joyce and Kandi in the same room to “talk” things out. After some back and forth they find an uneasy peace….FOR NOW.

Demetria.jpgSeven episodes in and we are finally introduced to Demetria McKinney. She’s an acquaintance of Cynthia’s. She’s looking for some models from Cynthia’s agency and she hopes that this is the beginning of a beautiful (and profitable) friendship. Demetria is having a release party and asked Cynthia to bring some friends. Cynthia brought up bringing Kenya and boom, it’s dropped that Kenya MAY have dated Roger Bob, Demetria’s boyfriend.

Kenya is getting new publicity shots taking and brought along Cynthia for advice. Claudia joins them and brings up that she was invited to a Roger Bob’s party. Kenya says he’s a good catch and Cynthia is quite quick to mention he’s taken by Demetria. Later on Kenya ends up in Roger’s office talking about him producing a new project for her and mentions how they’ve been linked to each other. He does admit that she is his lady and Kenya is shocked.

Neneshair.jpgNeNe is finally launching her clothing line on HSN, because what celebrity doesn’t have a clothing line these days. With her launch at midnight she is struggling to stay awake! Good news her cold shoulder tunic sold out. Good for you NeNe!! CONGRATULATIONS! But what’s with your hair honey???

Kandi gets together with Phaedra and they talk about how she is going to tell her little ones about Apollo going to prison. Her relationship with him is tense. Kandi brings in her cousin Melvin to give advice to Phaedra. Phaedra really isn’t loving have to talk about her personal business with Kandi or a stranger but is thankful for Melvin’s advice to just be honest with them. At 4 though is honesty really the best policy?

Cynthia and Peter show up to Demetria’s video release with Kandi, Phaedra and Claudia. They are all talking about Demetria’s relationship with Roger and Porshe and Kenya show up. Here I thought we’d have an episode with no fighting! Demetria finally meets Kenya and it was awkward until Kenya flat-out said she is not into Roger Bob except for all the money he can make her. She can have him in every other respect. Then Apollo shows up and Brandon (Kenya brought him) actually hugged him after last seasons fight. When he got to Phaedra it was super awkward. She looked a little scared. He pulls her from her pack and wants to talk to her but is a loud, crowded club really the place Apollo? He wants to know if they are going to work on their marriage and Phaedra is closed off. Then he throws his arms around her and she looks like she wants to disappear into the floor. Kenya is loving the spectacle. After a late start Demetria’s video finally plays….kind of…. we got video and NO SOUND. First Roger Bob is a no-show, then the delay and now no sound. Poor Demetria, her video release is a bust. Cynthia points out they should have had it at Bar One!

Will Apollo and Phaedra work out their marriage issues before he goes to prison??? Don’t forget to check out all our Bravo coverage on our BRAVO PAGE. There are written blogs and Jon is reading us the ladies Bravo blogs and they are hilarious! You don’t want to miss them!


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